Addicts Poll Question: How Would You Rate 2017 in TSTO So Far?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re nearing June and that means the year is nearly half over…so I thought it’d be a good time to take a look and see just how 2017 stacks up for TSTO.

So far in 2017 we’ve had the following:
Homer the Heretic
Lunar New Year
Around the World
Valentine’s Day
Rommelwood Academy
St. Patrick’s Day
Secret Agents
Pin Pals

2 big events and a whole lot of mini events. So…

I’ll share your results in a post on Monday, while we all wait for the next big thing….

Thoughts?  Feelings? Share them below! 🙂

63 responses to “Addicts Poll Question: How Would You Rate 2017 in TSTO So Far?

  1. The events are good over all, yes, they are for the most part and many start getting bored as it just becomes routine, the tasks are now shorter then they use to be which is a good thing.
    With that said.. the mini events seem to be much better than the main events that have happened this year.
    The game seems now to be more of content buying then actual event. There is only so much you can put in your town before it warns you that you have surpassed the 6,600 items and your game starts to slow down. I have noticed this in some of my friends who have a ton of items and it’s slow moving around in their towns.

  2. Tony Da Tiger

    The game’s been great so far, but I wished they could’ve done more with Flying Hellfish rather than just offer us a Gill deal at a ridiculous cost.

  3. It’s been a while that I wanted to voice my feelings about events, now seems a good time so here goes.

    The first event that I actively played was whacking day back in early 2013 if I’m not mistaken although I was tapping before that. Over the years my reactions towards events went from: hooray! to oh no, not another one already 😒

    In my opinion, I think that there are way too many events. By events I mean the month long ones. At first when the mini events (two weeks long) were introduced I loved the change of pace. Now EA sticks them between events! There’s practically no down time between events. I used that time to place the new buildings and decorations and rearrange my Springfield. Since we barely have any free time my inventory is full of things that I don’t have time to place them. I still haven’t finished placing items from the casino event! With the current format that works on blocks of four hours I just log in, tap NPCs do the mini game and log out and repeat four hours later. Because this format requires us to log in to tap often if we want to get all the prizes, I get so tired of it that I do it as fast as possible in order to get it over with. When I earn a new building or decoration after earning a set number of points I just put it in an corner and leave. I used to love building my Springfield and investing time to make it look good. These days it feels like a heavy chore. I blame it on event fatigue. Usually I get tired by act 2 and wish the event would end with the act.

    I miss the old level system with three events a year (Christmas, Halloween and one for summer). Also the events are too long, two weeks would be enough should EA wish to continue putting out events one after the other. It would be a nice change to put more variety. I’m tired of the same formula being used over and over which makes the events all the more bland. Remember the Stonecutters? It stood out because it was different than the usual tap the spawning NPCs. Daily missions and mystery tasks made it fresh and original. Tap Ball and Clash of the Clans had us compete with other players instead of the usual visit your neighbours towns to tap NPCs or buildings.

    To be honest, I don’t enjoy tapping like I used to. These days it’s more out of habit. As a result, I don’t appreciate the events anymore. Don’t ask me which one I liked most because they all feel the same. Sure around the world gave us interesting buildings and decorations, but I haven’t had the time to appreciate them since we had spies invade our Springfields. Eventually I’ll make a nice arrangement haha!

    As for crafting, I like the idea that players can choose what and how many decorations and buildings we can add to our towns. The spin the wheel from a Christmas event left me with a sour taste, I didn’t get the items that I wanted… I’m not a fan of the luck of the draw like we had with a previous Easter event.

    What I’d love to see is a stage and have musical guests play. There have been so many musical acts appear in the series long run that there is bound to have something for everybody to enjoy. I understand that there must be a lot of legal issues that would prevent such an event to even take form. Just thinking of all the great bands and artists that could hit the stage makes my eager fingers tingle with excitement!

    I’m glad for all of you tappers who are having a fun time and wish you all the best. Sorry for the length of this reply I didn’t think it would be THAT long!

    PS. Like many of you out there I would love to see a Phil Hartman event and also add Bleeding Gums Murphy added as a playable character.

  4. Stay away from poitics! I play this game to escape all of the b.s. I will delete if it continues.

  5. I loved the “Destination Springfield” Event, that one really got me invested in the game again, designing different neighbourhoods, and even the crafting stuff was mostly useful. I much rather have small everyday stuff you can use all over you Springfield, than things that are event-related. Spy crafting was also like that, without the spy animation the letter boxes, benches etc. are just a nice addition to basic town decorations. On the other hand, the individual animations are a nice idea as well, and a lot of them are really funny.

    And like almost everyone else, I am getting more and more exhausted by the continues events. Before they got rid of the level updates, there were maybe three or four events a year, and the rest was on your own time. Now it starts to feel like you have to log on 3 or 4 times a day to do the event tapping, but after that I don’t want to spend more time to design and decorate my town. I always plan to do that during the next down time, but there usually isn’t any. Or, if there is, like between end of Pin Pals and start of the next thing, I am just happy I don’t HAVE to visit my Springfield.

    So overall I liked the themes and content of most of the events this year, not so happy with the current game play format. Either shorten the events, so we only have to do “round the clock” tapping for short times; or, on the contrary, make the events even longer, so we can slow down a little, tap only once or twice a day, or even take a day or two off without missing out on the prizes.

  6. And I wish they would lower the cost when you don’t complete an act. Usually I can get it, but my life doesn’t revolve around the game so every third event or so I miss completing at least one act. The lowest cost I’ve had is 140, but usually it’s 250+. And even more if there was more than one part to the act to complete.

  7. Current event format is getting repetitive. Obviously I don’t completely hate it, since I’ve been playing it for years. But I enjoy events more when they shake things up. Also, my favorite events ever were Halloween and holiday 2013 or 2014, the year they did the spinner wheel and the year characters were haunted. Sometimes it’s fun just to have those little random things that you can win like with the wheel. I have really liked the superheroes ones. And I liked tap ball.I like the Simpsons format more than Family Guy, but they’ve been doing the same format for like three years now. It can get really boring. And I hate crafting.

  8. Carmen schmidt

    I love the game but now most of the cash purchases are just land and trees etc. Doughnuts are too expensive since the Brexit vote UK prices have increased over 20%. Need to be able to exchange cash for donuts to remain playing much longer.

    • You can look into donut farming. After I gained momentum in the game (i.e. when I reached 400% bonus and had 150 characters, but your stats may vary) I started kem-farming. I never need to purchase donuts anymore. I typically get a few hundred donuts, up to 700, in a 24-hour run. All you need is in-game cash and (a bit of) time. There are articles on Kwik-e-Mart farming and other ways to get free donuts fast on this board and the web.

  9. I would love to see an end to events that last for a month, and would love to never have to craft anything ever again.

  10. I like that the events have been easier because it lets me play less. I still like the game, I just don’t want to play constantly. Once a day for ANY game is a lot. Have to play 4 and 5 times a day?? WHY??

  11. Great game love playing it I need more room I cannot display or build my Springfield the correct way because I don’t have enough land they have not made any available for quite some time and they keep adding more content the people at Tapped Out need to seriously take this in to consideration for all of us Veterans of the game we need more land

  12. I voted Best Ever.

    Events have been well planned and loved the myriad new characters offered. Favorite events are Spy and Around The World. Animations from Spy Event were especially well thought out, and some just hilarious. Most of all, what I loved about 2017 is EA offering classic premium characters with one new costume at a rebate! Like Hank Scorpio! Super value for our hard earned donuts! Though older players who bought at original donut price may disagree. Age old argument depending on which fence you sit.

    If I had to complain, it would be lack of new monorail stations.

  13. The Secret Agents event kinda killed it for me. I’ve been playing for a few years and haven’t felt the burn out until that event. I almost didn’t complete the Pin Pals event (and normally mini events are a quick finish for me). Actually, the only reason I finished Pin Pals was because they gave be extra time to complete the quests!

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