Forgotten Anniversary Items Leaving Tomorrow…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that the Forgotten Anniversary items are leaving stores tomorrow, May 30th 2017…so may sure you pay attention to your in-game timers before the items are gone!

What items are leaving?

New item:

Heavenly Hills Mall- 60 Donuts. Comes with two additional wings…
 West Wing  East Wing

Returning (with rebates)

Mansion of Solid Gold- 250 Donuts, Rebate 125  Donuts, NET 125 Donuts

Statue of Burns- 50 Donuts, Rebate 30 Donuts, Net 20 Donuts (2.25% bonus, GREAT buy)

Krusty’s Mansion- 115 Donuts, Rebate 25 Donuts, Net 90 Donuts

One Week Wonder Films- 100 Donuts, Rebate 30 Donuts, Net 70 Donuts.

And the Polo Field House…

 200 Donuts

After tomorrow you won’t be able to purchase them, so if you’re thinking about grabbing any of the items do so before they’re gone from our stores!

Still trying to make up your mind?  Need the Should I Buy Posts?  Here’s the Should I Buy on the Heavenly Hills Mall and the Should I Buy on the returning content.

As far as what’s next?  Well hopefully a new event is just around the corner.  And even more hopeful thoughts that EA listened to many of us complaining about the length of events these days…

What are your thoughts on what might be next?  Have you purchased any of the Forgotten Anniversary items?  Which ones? Where have you placed them?  What have you done with Homer’s Workbench?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

42 responses to “Forgotten Anniversary Items Leaving Tomorrow…

  1. I just started, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but HOW DO I GET RID OF HOMER’S WORKSHOP? I don’t like it, aha and I honestly have no interest in this event. Thanks in advance. 😀

  2. When is this time travel event coming

  3. I really wish they would offer up the items for the actual discounted price and just clearly mark it with “25% off!” or “50% off!” instead of giving the donuts back after the purchase. There’s a big difference between collecting 125 donuts and collecting 250 donuts… Or 70 donuts and 100 donuts for that matter. ( PS: I have 70+ donuts. It will not reach 100 donuts any time soon. 😛 )

  4. They should eventually bring back some krustyland stuff

    • I want the stuff I missed, like the Tunnel of Love, Kodos’ (or is it Kang’s?) ride, and, um, whatever else there is.

  5. In answer to your question about what folks have done with the workshop, right now, mine is just sitting on a random piece of available land. I would have put it in storage, but I’m guessing I’ll need it for the upcoming event, so I’m leaving it out for now. But, another indoor item outdoors…you know how much I love those, lol!

  6. I sent Homer and Marge on a Romantic Stroll after I saw Homer’s pop-up comment. That way, they definitely did something romantic on their anniversary, regardless of what the plotline says… Unless… Maybe it doesn’t count since I had to start the task using Marge, meaning Homer wasn’t the one who remembered?

  7. OMG do we get dinosaurs?!!!

    • I would like to see Dino the Dinosaur (The Flintstones) roam my Springfield. That would give Stampy someone to play with. That could give Cletus a new task to “Pooper Scoop”…

  8. Is it a play on words? Memorial Day? Remembering?
    Having great weather here which is not always the case for end of May. Have fun be safe and remember those who have served.

    • 32 Celsius in Holland 🌞🌞🌞
      A yellow weather alert for⚡️🌬🌨

      • 25-35°C is perfect weather! It’s almost the middle of Winter for me (Australia), which means “bitterly cold” days 18-25°C haha 🙂 It does dip down below 10°C overnight though, so I have my little heater blasting away (central heating is almost unheard of here).

        • We have very different ideas of “perfect” temperatures, lol! Unless I’m by a pool, your “bitterly cold” is my “perfect,” and your “perfect” is my “I’m dying….where’s the nearest air conditioned building?!?”

          • Had a hiking vacation on Iceland 🇮🇸 in 2001. The temperature was 10-20 Celsius, but the hot springs/lakes/rivers/baths had a balmy 37 Celsius. Together with our own stock of liquor 🥃itis was very pleasant 🙃

          • Haha yeah, I probably do turn on the a/c when it’s in the mid 30’s. I spoke to someone from Finland who said they keep their a/c set to 13 C (!!!) which for me would mean I have to wear 3 jumpers. I can’t have the a/c set to less than 24! It’s 22 C today and I’m wearing 2 jumpers inside haha 😛 It’s warmer in the sun, but sadly I have work to do today

            • On my holiday in South Africa I was used to 35 C+. One day the temperature dropped to 20 C max and we all broke out our sweaters, shivering forum the “cold”.

            • You’d really love having my disability, which requires me to wear shorts, year-round. (Keep in mind that, here in Massachusetts, it’s not uncommon for winter temperatures to dip into the single digits, or even below zero (Farenheit!), especially with the wind chill, with average winter temps tending to range from 0 to -4 C. Granted, when the weather’s that cold, I don’t tend to spend a lot of time walking around in it in my shorts….fortunately, I usually just have to make it to and from the car to the store/house/whatever. But I do get some strange looks and dumb comments (“Aren’t you cold?” “Why, yes – yes, I am!”).

  9. I don’t mind these items leaving. A bit too expensive buildings for me. I’m saving my doughnuts until the event.

  10. Glad I was able to get One Week Wonder Films, missed it the first time around, result 👍👍👍

  11. I hope they throw us a curve ball and start today (Monday) rather than Tuesday (or later). Also hope they throw another curveball (or a nasty slider ⚾️😄) by having a different format to the event (time travel offers so many possibilities).
    But I’m not holding my breath for either – probably the usual 30+ day 3 acts of fastballs (to take the baseball metaphor into extra innings 😄)

  12. Finally a new event!

  13. Oh man I’m so ready for this event to begin.

  14. Homer seems to have forgotten something, but what?????
    I am very curious!

    • He forgot to make a present for Marge like Future Homer told him 😉 I think the dialogue went on with “… well somebody would habe told me if I forgot something.” We recieved the work-bench-garage-thingy, but there wasn’t a quest to actually make a present ^^ I think everything is pointing towards a time travel event and I’m really excited 🙂

    • He lost his marbles 😛

  15. Is that it? Or was this a preface to a proper time-travel event?

  16. There was also a short dialogue that popped up today of Homer saying “I feel like i’ve forgotten something…” and that’s it.

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