A Memorial Day Moment

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In the USA it is Memorial Day. A day when Americans remember those who fought for our country and freedom that are no longer with us. A time to mourn the loss of those no longer with us, but to also appreciate all that have done for us to protect our freedoms. Tapped_Out_American_Flag

A few years ago Wook took the time to lay out his thoughts on Memorial Day as a Veteren of the US Air Force, definitely worth the read and can be found here.

Take the time and enjoy the day my friends, but please remember why you get to enjoy the extra time in the first place.

To all our readers who have served or continue to serve in our US Armed Forces (and Armed Forces around the world), thank you.

If there is someone special you’d like to honor in the comments, please share.

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  1. Although I wish that days like this wouldn’t be necessary, I still have the utmost respect for all those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, fighting to make the world a better place. Memorial day (“Volkstrauertag”) over here is in November, always on a sunday, and very quiet.
    It is a day of remembrance for every man, woman and child who ever died in a war, all the victims of persecution and terrorism regardless of origin, but also a day of hope for peace and reconciliation.
    Admittedly it has a bit of a checkered history over here, got moved around a lot, and sort of “hijacked” by the Nazis during WW2, and, by extension, all the neo-nazis who are still around now. Another reason to never forget…

  2. Here is a chance to say Thank you to all american soldiers who served to free France in WW2. I will be visiting the Normandy landings beaches this week-end, as well as American cemeteries.

    Nicolas from France!

  3. Don’t know many veterans personally, but I read a poem once that really stuck with me, known as the Soldier’s Poem:

    ” And When he gets to heaven,
    To Saint Peter he will tell;
    One more Soldier reporting, sir.
    I’ve served my time in Hell! ”
    – PFC James A. Donahue.

    It’s a short and simple poem, yet I feel that it really says a lot. No matter how many stories we are told of war and the life of soldiers, only those who have experienced it will know its reality. Anyone who has served as soldiers in wars, conflicts, times of crisis or whatever you want to call it have my utmost respect. You are braver, stronger and better than many of us can ever dream of becoming.

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    My better half is a Vietnam vet. I support him fully because he did what his country told him was the right thing to do. His many scars (physically and emotionally), will follow him forever. He was a mere 18 when he was drafted, and served 27 years for our country. Whether people agree or disagree with what was right or wrong, they all deserve our respect. Thank you Wookiee and all others who serve/served or support/supported our military.

  5. My father served in the army during Vietnam, he was in Germany. My mothers boyfriend died in Vietnam. My grandfather and his brother both served in World War 2. My uncle was in Korea and another uncle was in the Marines. Thank you to all who have served, especially to those who gave all!

  6. Laura Santana

    My brother in law Matt was a Sargent in the Army and enlisted after he graduated high school… after 9/11. He served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and they never left him… he passed away on April 3rd…. we used to message each other about TSTO, and I sobbed after he died as I read through our messages and he asked my advice about certain strategies and characters. He was in charge of my sister’s Springfield Heights expansion… I haven’t played since he died, and I won’t be coming back to the game. It makes me think of him, and I can’t do it. Rest in peace, Matt.

  7. Thank you to all who have served, I and all my family honor and appreciate your service and sacrifice.

  8. I can never find the words that truly express the gratitude I have for our veterans. People truly do not understand what they went through or are going through just so we can go on with our daily lives. Movies like Private Ryan and Band of Brothers do a pretty good job of it, but if you talk to a veteran and hear it from their mouth it is truly something to behold. In my line of work, on occasion I get that privilege, and most of them WW2 vets. Every veteran that comes to me it is an honor to go shake their hand, tell them thank you for all they sacrificed and give them a hug. You would be surprised at how far a simple jesture like that will go. Then one day a few years ago I had the extreme fortune of meeting a vet from Omaha beach invasion. When we were done I went to his room and just sat down next to him a listened to his stories. I remember just holding his hand as I just broke down and cried with him. I just can never imagine being in a situation like that, but those group of kids knew what they had to do and knew what they were about to face. They just bowed up and did it. If any of you ever make it to New Orleans I urge you to visit the WW2 museum and you will see why they are call “The greatest generation.”

  9. I can’t wish you a happy memorial day knowing what it is about. The best I can do is wish you a good memorial day, hoping it’s not too late for that. My most sincere respect for your fallen soldiers.

  10. Keith1Roon991

    Armistice Day UK, lest we forget

  11. My step father just passed away May 3rd…he served his country honorably and was a POW twice. He is missed something terribly, especially today. Thank you to everyone, past, present and future for your service.

  12. My wife’s great uncle was a member of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team in WWII, and he passed away about 3 weeks ago. If you don’t know much about them, look them up. They were an all Japanese-American unit who fought in Italy. They rescued the Lost Batallion, and are the most decorated unit, per capita, in US military history.

  13. *salute to Wookie*

    I.gotta say, it’s an honor to shake the hand and that k any veterans I walk into….and definitely more of an honor to remember those past present and future that sacrificed are sacrificing, or will sacrifice everything to make sure that we as Americans live the life we are able to live…..

    So to all those lost past present and future, thank you, and I salute your sacrifice.

    • Sometimes it is difficult to connect the dots to those that have fallen or sacrificed for our freedom. Salute to all that gave everything for the life we enjoy…

      Every living thing on earth is in the same boat of life that just wants to enjoy the experience of being. The sacrifice of so many that we honor today perhaps should send a message to the world. All living things are equal in spirit. All living things don`t want war and violence.
      Every living thing just wants to enjoy being free to be what they are for the time they have. How simple would it be to put down weapons and fears and shake the hands of a neighbor that is in the same boat of life that we all are.

      How enjoyable would life be if we just said, “Let`s work together and create what every living creature on earth dreams of, from butterflies to chimpanzee. That is what our fallen heroes and those that sacrifice so much give to our remembrance today.

      Dominance and power is so yesterday… Let our fallen heroes be heroes and bring PEACE to every living creature on earth… Should a life lost not bring upteen lives saved???


  14. Don’t post here much but would like to honor those who have fallen from battle. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

  15. We Dutch have our Memory Day (Dodenherdenking) on May 4th.
    It is also the day that my father died, just after the 2 minute silence 😭

  16. Happy Memorial Day to all the TSTO Addicts …
    We had our Victoria Day last weekend here in Canada

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