And now…A Word to Our Sponsors!

No boob jokes in this post. No CAPS (except for that one), no play on EA with word’s like rEAlly!  I am just going to keep this post simple, and to the point.


As silly as this game is, and as serious as some take it, and as much as I want to diagram jokes for some of the “literalists,” that can’t see that I am poking fun…almost all of the time… I am giving you all a respite to simply say, THANKS (sorry…caps key was locked), for once again stepping up and changing lives.

Emma, our stalwart project manager, sent me these pics today- and I wanted to share them with you- because a good number of you stepped up to help us reach our goal for this round of School Supplies quickly.  In addition, I wanted to show a couple more pics of the Water Tank that you all helped fund, in action…

I defy you to look at these faces…and actually worry about something as silly as getting a digital baby T-Rex.  But, of course…most of us are happy to do both!

Thanks so much…we are changing lives, in ways that political leaders seem unable to do.  This community rocks!!!

That’s Emma in the white shirt…making sure everyone gets their allotment of supplies for the term.

Delivering these boxes into the jungle is no small fete! It takes more than a handful of trips on the back of a motorcycle to get them there!

I love the subject matter of these teaching charts!


This is one of the primary teachers…checking off the inventory.

Some of the students getting ready to do their “vocational training” by learning to farm in the garden area they have created next to the playground.

The Water Tank/Rain Collection system we built is running at full capacity of 5,000 liters a week!  During the rain season, even just a couple of days of rain can fill it up!

Again!! My thanks to all who participated!  You are doing something that matters…and changing lives!

In Peace, Hope and Love,

27 responses to “And now…A Word to Our Sponsors!

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how some can do so much with so lIttle, while others are noting but a whirlwind of waste and destruction.

  2. Touching pictures… the world needs more men like you 👍

  3. Why cant you have a charity for needy american children?

    • We get that question a lot. We are involved in several domestic charities, and as a member of Rotary, I head up two local ones. Uganda…and so civic all Buyijja, is ignored by everyone…including their own government. We do what we can there…because we can. People in Buyijja live on an average of a dollar a day…compare that to the lowest domestic welfare recipient… I think you get my drift.

  4. Bravo Patric !
    It’s awesome !

  5. Thank you for being such a wonderfull human being! It is so easy to do good and make a difference in this world. Congratulations with reaching your goals in making a big difference in people’s lives. I did the same in Fiji. We brought with us lots of new school supplies and excellent condition second hand children’s books. We gave them to a whole class in Dravuni Island. The kids were soooooo grateful. They sang their national anthem for us and it was heart warming to feel their happiness. We can all make a difference. No matter how small, we can change the world this way for the better. Thanks God for the good people in this world, to compensate for the angry ones who aspire to destroy instead of building. Keep it up Patric, you rock Man! 👍😀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    Thank you for the pictures Patric… it warms my heart to see what a difference even a little bit from many people can do 😍 Keep reminding us… it’s too easy to forget, when we are at times knee deep in whatever life is throwing at us. GmaDar 😊

  7. It is nice to see that these children value simple stationery. I wanted to pass down my stationery to my cousins as I am not in school anymore and they did not want to accept. They want nice new stationery

  8. such great pics – they are so heartwarming. is there a website to check out the progress being made? somewhere to donate on a regular basis? I think the first time I donated for the well, it went to your page. if you have a site that tracks progress & accepts donations, that would be great

  9. Amazing! These kids are going to change the world for the better, because they’re engaged and learning.

  10. This made me smile! 🙂 The kids look so happy.

  11. Words are insufficient to express how I feel looking at these photos. It’s a visual equivalent to Burt Bacharachs What the World Neeed Now. Most of you will not know to whom I refer and that’s okay.

  12. OrdinarilyBob

    Thank you for the update Patric, and thanks for the opportunity to help!

  13. Great pictures! Thank you for this update. It was a complete pleasure to contribute to such a good cause and will hopefully make a huge difference and improve the lives of the children in Buyijja.
    Best wishes to everybody for the future.
    Jackie x

  14. Patric, thank you for this update. My heart is full seeing these kids receiving such badly needed school supplies. I am grateful I am in a position in which I could make even a small contribution. Thank you for everything you are doing to help those in need live a better life.

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