Time Travel Toaster Prize Guide: Prehistoric Era, Prize 7 Moe’s Cavern and Caveman Moe

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hang onto your toasters my friends because we’re going flying through space and time!  The latest event in TSTO has us going wayyy back in time to when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, Pharaohs were building pyramids & Pirates hobbled around on their peg legs!

This Event is broken up into 3 Eras, with each Era containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the first Era, Prehistoric, you’re tasked with collecting Fossils () to unlock each prize!

The seventh, and final Prehistoric Era Prize awarded at 79,900 is Moe’s Cavern and Caveman Moe, because even Moe deserves a grunting, club wielding doppelganger…

So let’s take a closer look at this seventh prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 79,900 you’ll automatically be awarded Moe’s Cavern and you’ll see this message popup:

And you’ll have the option to place the Cavern in your Springfield or store it in your inventory for later.  Remember if you store it you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it (and you won’t get Tachyon credit until you’ve placed it)

And let me get this out there now, and once again…CAVEMAN MOE IS A FULL CHARACTER, NOT A SKIN FOR MOE.  

That being said….once you place you’ll see Caveman Moe’s Character Unlock Message popup:

And he’s part of the Prehistorians Character Collection:

He does come with his own questline, here’s a look at the Turbo Tappin’ Version of it…

The Caveman’s Lover Pt. 1
Caveman Moe starts

Make Caveman Moe Be Mistaken for Moe- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

The Caveman’s Lover Pt.2
Caveman Moe starts

Make Moe Serve Drinks- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Caveman Moe Tend Bar- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Caveman’s Lover Pt. 3
Moe starts

Make Caveman Moe Find a Mate- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Caveman’s Lover Pt. 4
Moe starts

Make Moe Psyche Himself Up- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Caveman Moe Go Clubbing with Cavegirl Booberella- 4hrs, Earns $435, 115xp

The Caveman’s Lover Pt. 5
Moe starts

Make Moe Drink Booooooooze- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

And here are the quick details:

Size: 11×9
Tachyons When Placed: 1,459  (Remember you have to PLACE and BUILD it in your Springfield to get the Tachyon credit.  You won’t get credit if you store it in your Inventory and never place it…after placed and Tachyons are paid out you can store it without consequence)
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $35, 3xp/hr
Consumerism +10
Other Info: Can be placed on the grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach
Animation: Caveman Moe has a visual task there

And here’s a look at Caveman Moe’s Tasks…. remember he is a FULL character, NOT a skin for Moe

Caveman Moe’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length  Earns Location
Fear Fire 1hr $70, 17xp Moe’s Cavern
Find a Mate 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Tend Bar 8hrs $275, 70xp Visual Moe’s Cavern
Be Mistaken for Moe 12hrs $420, 100xp Moe’s
Prepare for Ice Age 24hrs $600, 150xp Moe’s Cavern

At least as of right now, Caveman Moe does NOT earn Shovels.

And now, because I know some of you will ask me this given how some of you have struggled with the Prehistoric Era.  Is it worth it to spend donuts to get Caveman Moe?  The answer, as it always is, is how many donuts are we talking?

If you can get Caveman Moe (once the Prehistoric Era is over) for 65 donuts or less…absolutely yes.  Totally worth it.  Character and building, no doubt.  If it’s 110-66 donuts, probably.  Usually great prices for a character/building combo..but this one isn’t premium.  Caveman Moe (at least not now) won’t pay out premium, even if you spend donuts on him.  So that 110-66 donut mark is a probably…if you like him enough.  Anything over 110 donuts, pass.  Don’t spend the donuts..he’s just not worth it.
Of course that all being said, continue to play until the last second of the Prehistoric Era so that you can get that donut cost down as low as possible…

And there you have it, the details behind Moe’s Cavern and Caveman Moe the final Prehistoric Era Prize.

What’s Next?

Bonuts!  For every 8,250 you collect after you’ve unlocked Caveman Moe you’ll have the opportunity for 1, 2 or 3 donuts.  Beyond that it’s just waiting until the next Era (Egypt) hits our games.

What are your thoughts on Moe’s Cavern and Caveman Moe? Have you unlocked it yet? Where have you placed the Cavern in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


66 responses to “Time Travel Toaster Prize Guide: Prehistoric Era, Prize 7 Moe’s Cavern and Caveman Moe

  1. I can’t believe I was just 25 donuts away from getting the last prize on the Prehistoric track and forgot about it until now!!
    Thank you for posting this info – I just bought it 🙂


  2. It may have already been said, but at the end I was about 50 donuts away from getting Caveman Moe. I realized that speeding up two shovelers cost 4 donuts and generated enough currency to reduce the cost by 5 donuts, saving 1 donut each time until I won him. So speeding up shovels (and using them) brought the 50 donut cost down to 40.
    Also prehistoric plants are the best ROI for leveling the panini press. I may not get many of the craftables, but my press is down to 4 hours and that seems more important.


  3. Hi. Please help. I am not getting relics from visiting friends. Just money and XP. Has anyone else seen this. It’s really slowing me down.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Brose169
    Please add me! I need to gain last-minute fossils to get moes cavern tonight!
    I am a daily player and won’t vandalize when events are over


  5. this is the first event in a few years that i haven’t easily gotten every prize. i’ve been active but not militant about playing, and i’m probably going to have to spend 15 donuts to get caveman moe. (not a lot, i know, but i don’t have any strong desire to get “caveman moe,” either…)


  6. Having never missed a final prize, I’m hoping someone can help answer this question: does the donut price I see now for Caveman Moe continue to be available after the Era switches overnight or do I need to get him right away. Assume the former but don’t want to miss my chance to lower the donuts if I happen wake up in the middle of the night :). Thanks!


  7. Hi folks! Can I get some advice?

    Life happened, and I got behind on the Prehistoric collecting track, and I am getting desperate. (As y’all may be able to tell by my username, dinosaurs are my favorite!) I super want the Dinosaur Lake, so I’m trying to figure out the most efficient/possible way to do so. Any advice?

    I purchased the Waterfall Treehouse (nets fossils every four hours), and have done some donut-purchased shovels (because excavations net some as well). But what else? And/or what are my best bets for trying to increase my fossil intake at impossible speed?

    Also, if anyone would like to be my friend (I’m at Level 40…so not pro like many of you, but I’ve been playing a bit), my EA username is mutantdino4 (I think that’s all you need, right?).

    Anyways, much love — this site and community is incredible!! ❤


    • If you have Boobarella, speeding her up with donuts at Mom and Pop’s is a better yield for shovels than buying them in the store…other than that, visit all the friends you have and tap those dinos…that’s all you can do.


  8. At 125 donuts to get Moe. I even have the tree for extra fossils. Did start the event a couple days late though.


  9. There is no way to get Moes Cavern without spending donuts.


    • Not sure if you mean spending donuts on premium characters/items that help with the event but it’s definitely possible. I got him several days ago without spending donuts to accelerate the prize track.


      • Several days????? Ive been tapping like a maniac and no frikkin way that i got him without spending donuts. But maybe you have 400 friends and spend every minute playing???


    • It is possible. But it’s harder with this event than its been in a while. For a completely freemium player all of the following needed to be done: start on time, visit 30 neighbours a day, maintain a five times a day log-in schedule – send all 5 characters to generate shovels and clear all 80 dinosaurs from your town, and use your shovels at the excavation site. All of these together yield ~7500 fossils a day. Missing any one of these items or logging in less than 5x doesn’t work for this event.


  10. Got him yesterday. Nice decoration, funny character, a good final prize for this stage. Too bad he doesn’t earn showels.

    Wishing everone still grinding for him good luck! Imo he is worth a few donuts, if you can’t earn everything in time. Just like Alissa said, imo totally worth up to 60 donuts.


  11. I didn’t get sergeant Skinner during the first act of his event. I didn’t want to spend the donuts, I don’t remember how many but around 100, I believe. Later I regretted not having him, and when he came availabe again I still payed about 100 for him, but now there was tank thrown into the mix too 🙂

    So I’d echo Allisa’s advice: collect until the very last and if the number of donuts is quite reasonable, go for it. And if it’s really extreme, don’t as you probalby wouldn’t pay that otherwise either.


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