Excavation Payout Potential Issues..

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Popping in with something real quick…a few of you are reporting it appears that your Excavation Papyri payouts have decreased.  I did a little digging around, and the base is still 36 Papyri (that change was made June 2nd) BUT it appears that somewhere along the lines the payouts have dropped when it gets to the multipliers.

My Panini Press is fully updated, which means I should have a 50% increase on my Papyri payouts…so it should be 54 each dig (50% more of 36), but instead I’m getting 47.

It appears that this is a bug of some sort.  I don’t see any intentional changes in the files.  The base is still 36 and the upgrade payouts still increase by 10% to 50%.

The bottom-line, you’re not going crazy.  Something is going on, but it doesn’t appear to be an intentional change. Seems like it’s a bug and hopefully EA will correct it soon.

(Note: there was an update yesterday.  That update increased the Excavation payouts for Specimen and Tachyons…did not touch the event currency payouts)

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  1. Is finding maggi having a glitch??? Mine kept on scrolling to the bottom of my map twice in the game, found maggi but wasn’t able to click her while my map scrolls. Anyone having this problem?

  2. Twice now I have not found the statue of barbarian Homer in the inventory after excavating. Actually I had won one back in that event and that one which I had put in the pier is also not there?

  3. Recently found out that after the event when it gives you shovels every 2 hours you can store and replace the excavation site to get 12 shovels , comes in handy when your looking for castle parts

  4. Has anyone else been taking seemingly twice as long to get treasure? For the 1st round and seemingly 3/4 of the way through 2nd I got a sneak peek of stones by using the 3,5,2,4 method of excavation to much success. I just started the act 3 and blew through 100 shelves and only have 4 treasures. Each one I didn’t see anything until I hit all the 3,5,2,4 and the corners plus some. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help!

  5. tamara-jayne86

    Is anyone else having trouble visiting neighbours? When I use the arrows to move to the next neighbour my game crashes…it only started doing it today, yesterday was fine

  6. Why they don’t fix it? Still getting just 40 Papyri (+40% payout on excavation site). So frustrating!

  7. Seems like i’m getting way fewer papyri if I find the gem early than if I really have to dig…
    Maybe 200ish if i find it in 5 digs or less, and more like 400ish if it’s closer to 10…
    Maybe related…?
    Like Alissa’s original, and presumably mistaken, comment about taking longer to get the gem for more rewards…
    Possibly not so mistaken?

  8. I haven’t been able to excavate anything since late Monday night due to my game freezing when tapping on the squares. I reported it (along with a lot of other glitches) to EA early on Tuesday morning and am still waiting for a decent reply.

  9. Maybe they are using the same math where premium characters earn “twice” what normal characters earn.

  10. Well it might be a bug we’re all suffering from, but since the last payout change (thanks for the tachyon and specimen increases EA), my papyri payout from excavations has dropped. Whatever the files say my game is giving me 31 plus the % boost – my panini press has upgraded boosts since the other payouts increased and all of my calculations are consistent with a base payout of 31 papyri. Boo for this EA! So we’re back to a 5x a day event for freemium players 🙁 Those daily challenges are going to be very important for me.

    • I agree that this isn’t a bug but another nerf. I have the lowered payout as well. It seems to wide spread to be an accident. And recent daily challenges for me have been shovels, so it’s even worse.

  11. Maybe they wanted to increase the payouts but someone made a typo

  12. And what about “Pirate Treasure”? I have max level in Springsonian Museum but still cannot craft “Pirate Treasure” nor “Grog Barrel”.
    I got enough specimens but it says “Earn this item from the Excavation Site first”.
    How can I do it?

  13. I keep on Digging knowing that it gets me closer to the Prizes earned via excavating and levels up the Panninni Press (currently at Level 13) … but it’s obvious EA isn’t making it easy to earn Event Prizes this time – that’s fine, instead of Bonuts? Keep earning Shovels for the next Act (there are other ways to earn Bonuts that doesn’t require so much tapping every 4 hours)!

    We’ve come a long way since Community Prizes ( remember those?)

  14. Should we save some shovels for the next 2-3 days while waiting a fix? I sum up the loss to about 500 fossils so not detrimental…

  15. Payout goes up, payout goes down. I just keep on digging and digging. ⛏

  16. Digging around in the files Alissa? Find any old EA fossils? 😉

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