TTT Egyptian Era Excavation Site Prizes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time to Walk Like an Egyptian through time as the Time Travel Toaster has flashed us into the  Egyptian Era!  We’ve got roaming Pharaohs, Sarcophagus, Temples and Pyramids!

You can tell EA is trying to do a few things different with this event…for starters it’s a week shorter and there are more prize elements, but it’s really the Excavation Site that people are digging…see what I did there? 

The Excavation Game has Tappers everywhere talking…about the best strategy, how many moves they can find the Gem in and apparently it’s become almost as addicting as this site !;)

So let’s breakdown the details of the Excavation Site changes that rolled in with the Egyptian Era….



As a reminder we broke down, in great detail, the how tos of the Excavation Site during the Prehistoric Era here. Not much has changed for the Egyptian Era, except instead of fossils now it pays out Papyri and the prizes have changed. 

Now let’s breakdown the Egyptian Era Excavation Site Prizes…

These prizes are just for the Egyptian Era and they will reset when the next Era hits…

There are 5 total prizes….

3 Egyptian Pillars (3 )

Burning Tree (9 )

Egyptian Sundial (16 )

Skinner Sarcophagus (23 )

Abu Simbel Temple (48 )

And here are the quick details for each…..

3 Egyptian Pillars
Vanity +100
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach.

Item: Burning Tree
Tree-Hugging +100
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info: 
Can be placed grass|dirt|beach. Always animated, fire moves,  Comes with some dialogue..

Flanders: Oh my stars, it’s the burning bush!
Lisa: It’s a burning tree, actually.
Flanders: Just let me have this one, okay, Lis?  I try not to crap all over your Buddhism stuff.

Item: Egyptian Sundial
Vanity +100
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach.

Item: Skinner Sarcophagus
Vanity +100
Nada, at least for now
Tachyons When Placed:
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach. Comes with some dialogue when placed..

Skinner: Simpson! How dare you vandalize this priceless artifact?
Bart: Because it reminds me of you.  Which is kind of sweet, when you think about it.
Skinner: It is?  I don’t really see how…
Bart: Yea, well, I’m already running away.
Skinner: So you are.

Item: Abu Simbel Temple
Vanity +200
Build Time: 4hrs
$300, 30xp/24hrs
Tachyons When Placed:
1100 (when built and cleared)
Other Info:
Can be placed on grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach, does come with a short questline. 

Pyramid Scheme Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Lisa: Is that one of the temples of Abu Simbel?!
Homer: Yup. I left the other one in Egypt ’cause, you know, nice guy.
Lisa: How did you possibly get it here?
Homer: Ask Sky Finger.  Anyway, what’s done is done.  Might as well make a little cash.  Abu Simbel maybe would have wanted it that way?
Make Homer Charge Admission to the Temple- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Lisa Be Horrified- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Mr. Burns: Smithers, when I die, you’ll bury yourself alive with me, like the ancient lickspittles of old, won’t you?
Smithers: Do you really have to ask, sir?

Pyramid Scheme Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: Dad, I can’t believe you’re CHARGING people to see this historic landmark.
Homer: Really?  It seems like something I’d do.
Lisa: It’s a priceless Nubian monument, that’s survived earthquakes, flooding, and the test of time for thousands of years.
Homer: I hear what you’re saying, sweetie. Ten bucks a head!
Make Homer Charge Admission to the Temple- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Springfielders Visit the Temple- x3. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp premium

Homer: After careful consideration, I’ve decided to do the right thing and donate the temple to the museum.
Bart: Why the sudden change of heart?
Lisa: He was up late last night, watching Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy.
Homer: That mummy is standing right behind you, Costello!  Turn around!  Turn around for God’s sake!

And that’s it my friends!  The details behind the Egyptian Era changes to the Excavation site!

Thoughts on the Egyptian Era changes to the Excavation Site?  Thoughts on the prizes?  How far along are you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “TTT Egyptian Era Excavation Site Prizes

  1. Hint! Build a small road next to your excavation site! It’s where neighbours land when they visit..and if you have a road there, the tap things will also be there! 🙂

  2. One week shorter? Is this true, or is this a Sci Fi event left over?

  3. Egypt decorations giving me alot of problems in how to fit into my overall Springfield town. Seems abrupt. Interested to know how you guys did it!

  4. Whats the best way to earn money i barely have 1 million…

  5. kris Steedman

    Btw, if you rotate Moe’s cavern he tends bar outside the cavern

  6. So chuffed to get Abu Simbel in the game, truly awe inspiring place 😊 I love Egypt

  7. I already earned the Skinner Sarcophagus ….

    You know I want the Abu Simbel Temple (I’m not spending Bonuts to get it, just Digging every 4 Hours) ….

    My biggest gripe is in order to level up the Panini Press? Tapper’s are stuck having to Craft​ too many times (which means you’ll be storing lots of stuff post Event)🤔

  8. I like the burning tree and sarcophagus best. But nothing to get overly excited about.

  9. Thank you so much Zarmanto! I could kiss you! It worked! How have I not thought of it myself! Bart and Martin are back in town! I am off to bed now as it’s 23.37 in Western Australia. 👍👍👍👍👍😄

  10. Can’t believe we have Abu Simbel in the game! Amazing place 🙂

  11. Oooooh! Here we go again! It redownloads the whole game again! Speed is fine on speed test. I never had this problem before! Weird! 🙃😫😖😱

  12. Thanks for the tips Zarmanto
    I have not thought about storing the buildings associated with the characters. I will tey it now and fingers crossed that it works! I will let you know 😀

  13. Keith1Roon991

    47/48 gems collected, then main prizes, doing OK so far with this level, off topic can’t get the water to connect to the dam dam any ideas

  14. I still have not recovered Bart amd Martin. My game seem to be reloading a lot lately too so maybe it’s EA trying to fix it?!? It takes a long time to reload the whole thing, what a nuisance. The game slows down for the last two prizes, ok I am ahead but it still should not slow down. I hardly managed two rounds of bonuts on the first part, usually I got about 6 rounds of bonuts in. This time round I am just worried about getting all the prizes and getting ahead for the pirates, as I will miss three days of the last challenge as I go on holidays. I hope that I will manage to get it all. I am addicted to get all the prizes. On freemium too!

    • Have you tried storing the buildings associated with the two characters, and then placing them again? (That would be Bart’s Treehouse and the Springfield Library, respectively.) That should theoretically pull them off of the stuck tasks.

      As for the reloading… in my experience, that’s usually related to bad internet connectivity. You could have that issue on cellular data when you have a poor signal, or when you’ve maxed a soft-cap for the month and are being throttled by your carrier… or you could have that problem on WiFi when there are too many people streaming videos or the like over your internet connection. (Those are just a few examples, of course.) That’s not to say it’s impossible for the problem to be on EA’s end… I just think you should verify your end first, just in case. Consider running a speed test, to see how your connection is performing, and that’ll give you some clues to what might be going on.

  15. Just won the Temple this morning, well ahead of schedule. Mind you, I do have the premium characters, but I have this feeling that knowing the optimal search pattern (thanks to DaPimp and Alissa) is also a huge factor in being able to finish this particular prize track within the allotted time-frame.

  16. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Nothing on this, but I will say that the new Midevil Mystery Box is underwhelming.
    Maybe Lisa and the Castle
    Maybe the Black Knight

    Off to shower and off to Surgery for bumpectomy – back this afternoon evening, hopefully 😂

  17. Can we wait to do the quest until after the event is over? I hate to take Lisa away from producing shovels.

  18. Off the topic, it looks like, in game cash has been a limit, mine stuck on 4294967295. is this a glitch?

    • I’ve never let my in-game cash come anywhere close to that; I usually start spending down when I get to about 50 million. A quick math check shows that the variable for that value is probably a 32-bit address space: 2^32 = 4,294,967,296… so yes, it looks like there is a limit, based on your reported experience. You could file that as a bug report with EA, if you want — though, I doubt that very many people have ever hit that limit.

      Personally, I think you should just go ahead and spend down that cash, to gain free donuts:

      First, if you have the XP Collider, make sure it’s turned on; it’ll be well worth the few donuts it costs.

      Then, go buy a bunch of Jet Engine Bikes, to increase your bonus. I would personally buy as many as you have donuts for, given how much in-game cash you currently have. (It’ll increase the proceeds from the next step.)

      Then, go buy truckloads of truckloads of rat trap delivery trucks. You’ll get to watch your level-up bonus trigger over and over again, after you finish placing a bunch of them. Personally, I only buy as many as forty trucks at a time, before selling them all back and doing it again.

      As much in-game cash as you have on hand, you should probably also buy some more Jet Engine Bikes with the proceeds from the first two or three rounds of trucks. And have fun spending all those bonuts! 😀

      • It’s not really a “bug” so much as a cap/limit on cash. In fact, it was half that amount (2^31) just a few weeks ago, and there was excitement on the EA boards for the few people that were in that stratosphere of cash.

        I suspect they are going to leave it there, given the complexity of going beyond 32-bit storage, and the small # of people impacted. And really, what’s the point?

    • How are you able to accumulate so much cash? I’ve been playing since nearly the beginning, and I’ve only gotten above one million once. Don’t you buy land and decorations? And now that I’ve finally started KEM farming, I’m often below $100,000.

      • I`ve played almost from the beginning, farming and endless collecting money, almost everyday collect twice, I’ve had 3000+white house, and been framing for donut about 1.5 years, my Conform-0-meter is 5046.90%, money collecting become easy after 1000%, and yes, since the 939 level been released, my XP collider is always on. Just a long time player and don’t know why I`m still playing it, just a force of habit I guess.

        BTW, Thanks for Alissa for this wonderful site, not much a talker, but its been a very useful, quick responding site. Keep it up.

    • The 🍺🍺🍺 are on you 😊

  19. Thanks for breaking this down Alissa! Were there changes to the dig site payout at all? I seem to be getting less than I should… Thanks!

  20. Hey you addicts! Great job as always 🙂
    I have the 30%+ upgrade and only get 40 papyri. Is that right?

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