Should I Spend Donuts on the Returning Pride Content?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Apparently the recent Time Travel Event has caused EA to lose their calendars because a Pride Update has hit our games..a month late. Naturally with all event, mini or not, our stores are stacked with premium items tempting us to spend those sprinkles! 

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add any of the returning Pride content to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks…


All returning content leaves stores July 18th

Item: Pride Billboard
5 Donuts
.25% Bonus on all cash and XP
What Does It Do?:
It’s a billboard, that’s about it. 
My Opinion On It Now:
Meh.  It’s 5 donuts.  If you like it get it.   Otherwise pass.

Item: Valentine’s Day Cooling Towers
25 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate..NET 5 Donuts
What Does It Do?:
Nothing, it’s a facade for the Cooling Towers.
Previous Post: Cooling Towers
My Opinion On It Now:
Meh. It’s 5 donuts.  If you didn’t get it and wanted it, grab it.  Otherwise pass.

Item: Havana Private Home
60 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 40 Donuts
$300, 30xp/12hrs
What Does It Do?:
Building, has a task for Bumblebee Man and Cletus.
Previous Post: Havana Private Home
My Opinion On It Now:
Opinion remains unchanged from previous post even with the rebate.

Item: She She Lounge
60 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 40 Donuts
$300, 30xp/12hrs
What Does It Do?:
Building, has a task for Patty, Helen Lovejoy & Ruth Powers
Previous Post: She She Lounge
My Opinion On It Now:
Unchanged from previous post.

Item: Two-nicorn
70 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 50 Donuts
Nothing, it’s an NPC
What Does It Do?:
Throws up Rainbows when tapped.  If you have Furious D he has a task with him.
Previous Post: Two-nicorn
My Opinion On It Now:
Unchanged from previous post. It’s an NPC, but the fact it throws up Rainbows makes me giggle.

Item: Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe
150 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts
$200, 22xp/8hrs (Roscoe earns at a premium rate)
What Does It Do?:
Standard character/building combo
Previous Post: Steel Mill and Roscoe
My Opinion On It Now: BUY.  Anytime you can get a character/building combo for 100 dounuts…BUY and this is no exception.  Great price and fun character.

And there you have it my friends, the returning premium content round up!

What are your thoughts on the returning items?  Which will you pick up or pass on? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

86 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Returning Pride Content?

  1. If you missed Anything last time that’s back at Discount? Buy it – especially Building-Character combos (a shame this years Premium Decoration has low Bonus %, not worth getting even if they would turn my Pride Springfield into a genuine Las Vegas Fruit Loop – which is the nickname the Vegas LGBT Community gives their fun zone)🌈

  2. I bought the She-She Lounge for the 4h task for adult springfielders. I’m wondering if i storing patty in storage (to make sure i don’t finish the questline) is a good idea? Would it affect the questline in any way?

    • storing patty means storing both sisters and their building… that’s an option if you want, but i’ve found that setting patty on her 24 hour task mostly keeps her out of the way. if you don’t like seeing her smoking a cigarette in your town all day long, could even wait for her to walk behind a building or tree before setting it.

      fortunately, if you use the job manager, patty won’t ever get assigned that way because her task for the she-she lounge questline is yellow. and if you ever do accidentally assign her to her questline task, just make sure to put her into storage and bring her back out to cancel it… as long as it doesn’t finish, the task won’t complete.

  3. I can’t decide between She She Lounge and Arnie Pye, who is in my vault at the moment. They’ll disappear at the same time and I don’t have enough donuts for both. Any thoughts? Do Helen and Patty’s She She tasks pay premium?

    • she-she lounge, hands down. never complete patty’s task in part 2 of the questline, and you can forever send most of your springfielders on the 4hr task to party at the she-she lounge, ALL with premium payout. this is one of the best hidden strategies in the game… or fetishes, as pimp likes to call them.

      • But it’s boring!

        • speak for yourself sandra. boring is having to clear 200+ thumbs all around town every time i check my game. ultimately, consolidating most of those to one building, all with premium payout, allows me to have more fun in my game, because it’s means less time collecting and resetting tasks, more igc to convert to donuts, and more time for designing. that’s what i enjoy about playing this game, not worrying about what tasks makes my digital characters happy.

          • Well of course I was just speaking for myself! I enjoy all of the things that you mentioned, but I also enjoy seeing some of the fun animations, too. I guess I just like a mix…sometimes it’s nice to be able to send everyone on the same task (for the reasons you mentioned), but most of the time I enjoy seeing my town buzzing with various types of activities. Chacun son gout! 🙂

  4. Furious D is 100% always on his 16-hour task following around two-nicorn in my task because I just think it’s hilarious for some reason.

    Finally getting the She She Lounge for myself this time.

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    Furious D does have a 16(?) hr task to follow two-nicorn that pays like $1600

  6. I already had them all except for the Havana Private Home and I’m not sure how it ties to this event. Right now, even with the rebate, it is looking like a pass for me. All the other items are unique (1 only per town) except the billboard. Perhaps I’ll get another one of those, not sure.

  7. I put my billboard in front of my escalator to nowhere because Pride goeth before a fall.

  8. mydadlookslikeFlanders

    I smile whenever Roscoe says the work hard play hard line. That’s one of my favorite Simpsons moments between Bart and Homer ever. Hilarious

  9. The facade for the Cooling Towers does do something, it bellows out pink smoke. I have everything but the Havana home.

  10. We work hard…We play hard.

  11. There seems to be a problem in some games right now that won’t allow you to purchase donuts. According to the threads EA is aware of the issue but has not given a timeliness to be fixed. I already missed out on a vault item i wanted to get yesterday and am worried I might miss out on the pride items and vault items I want this week as well.

  12. I didn’t buy anything for this event.

  13. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t want anything that vomits anything in my town, not even rainbows. But, other than the twonicorn (and Roscoe and the Steel Mill, because I already had that), it was a clean sweep for me! 🙂

    My vault was a bit underwhelming again this time…. I’ll probably pick up Arnie Pye, but Chester and his unfinished shed? What the heck am I gonna do with that? But I know I’ll probably cave and get him before the vault changes again….but I do draw the line at the Funzo that’s in there…my town is a no Funzo zone! 😛

    • Well neighbour. The unfinished shed goes next to the work bench which forms a demonstration area for the mom and pop hardware store.

      • great minds fam….

      • That’s exactly where I was thinking of putting it, actually! But it will require a bit of reshuffling for me to make a space there.

        Great minds think alike, huh? 🙂

        • Actually, on rereading the comment, it’s not the same idea I had…my idea was just to put the unfinished shed next to the work bench, which I have next to the garage of an appropriately (sorta) sized house. But I like your idea, too!

    • I got Arnie Pye in the Vault, too, and bought him immediately … i’ve always been jealous on people who have him fly around their towns 😅

    • If you have Furious D, it’s worth getting the Twonicorn. His sixteen hour task to “admire Twonicorn” pays at a super premium rate, and also shuts down the vomiting completely.

      • Maybe… But I don’t do 16-hour tasks much, and I do like to stand Bart to ride Furious D during the two 4-hour tasks during my work day. But it’s a thought… (What’s the time frame for the vomiting task? I’m being lazy and not looking it up myself right now, so don’t feel you have to respond, unless you know the answer off-hand…)

    • Chester and his shed went right next to Lincoln’s cabin once I got both of them. Abe would be busy splitting rails (to finish the shed) while Chester sleeps.

    • Interesting! I think I might have a similar vault coding as you! I have Arnie, Chester Dupree, Purple Funzo and Hot Air Balloon offered currently. The last round all I can remember is I had the piece of crap car.

      I wonder how many iterations of the coding there may be or if it is indeed “random” at all.

      • Sounds like it….I had the piece of crap car in the last go-round, too. I’m waiting (somewhat) patiently for the chance to get Maison Derriere, which I’ve been waiting for since they first started with this vault thing. So, of course, it hadn’t appeared yet. 🙄

        • *hasn’t appeared yet

          • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

            It “hadn’t” appeared at the time of either of your posts, and, apparently
            It “hasn’t” appeared yet

        • I don’t want to disappoint you but I don’t think Maison Derriere is in the vault at all 🙁 it’s in the main part of my shop at full price. Might come up on sale in an upcoming event though?

          • yeah you are correct, maison derriere will NOT be making an appearance in the vault…. and the vault goes til september.

          • OMG, you’re right! I just looked back at the vault post and it’s not on the list. I don’t know where I got the idea it was!

            Thanks for saving more from continued disappointment. 🙂

    • With this vault I have Chester in it and I to am wrestling with whether or not to buy him.

    • i now have two funzos in my town… 😱

  14. Ajax Steel Mill (or Roscoes Quest to be precise) gives at Part 3 the chance to send most of the Springfielders on a 4 Hour Task which earns Premium Income (260$). If you never finish Roscoes 12hour part of that Quest you’ll be able to send them as often as you want to. Earns a lot of Cash and 90% of your Characters will be on one spot, so collecting money is quite easy. And the unemployment office can be used to send them, after sending them the first time manually. This also works with the She-She Lounge, except that you can send less characters there.

    • mydadlookslikeFlanders

      Awesome info! I realized this too late, but anyone who can do this should IMO

      • Nah – while I see the benefits, it’s more fun for me to be able to see my characters doing lots of different tasks.

  15. The Ajax Steel Mill is a steal at that price
    (I paid the full price when it was offered the second time)

  16. For those thinking about Ajax steel mill and Roscoe, just wanted to add that I go him last year, also for 100, and he’s been one of my favorite characters. I love his visual tasks, and there’s nothing quite like partying down with Roscoe, Smithers, and Duffman outside the steel mill dancing!

  17. I got the She-She lounge the last time it was offered and I am keeping the questline on the 4 hour “party at the She-She lounge” for almost everyone except Patty and the children. This way the majority of my town has a 4 hour premium task. Also I love it when I tap it and they all come out at once.

  18. Samuraigeezer

    Still no John… zzzap… zzzap… zzap…

      • ThatOneWeirdTap

        John is the guy who saved Homer when he was being attacked by reindeer with the Annual gift robot if I’m not mistaken. 🙂 And zzzap zzzap hehe 😛

    • Still can’t understand how we’ve had at least THREE pride events and still no John. He’s my #1 most wanted character.

      • Think it might be a voice thing? I know some folks were voiced by actors that won’t release the rights to EA. Of course, they could release him unvoiced, but that would be no fun.

        • I think they intentionally hold off on releasing certain “key” charters so that the game will have legs. If they released all of them early on, then, down the road, the game would only be left with more minor characters to release and interest could drop off. So, in this example, gotta save something juicy for a future pride event!

    • mydadlookslikeFlanders

      It’s hard for me to believe he still isn’t in this game… I think he is the most interesting and funny gay character that has appeared on the show. Even more than Smithers

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