Predictability and Speculation, It All Comes Down To Timing…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I couldn’t help but notice yesterday when Superheroes 3 hit many of you expressed disappointment that it wasn’t a major event.  You were expecting EA’s usual format..big event, mini event, big event…and it didn’t happen this time around.  Instead we got an “old school” update.  Some new dialogue and a bunch of items in the store.

For those of you confused as to why EA’s not following their traditional format (Big event, mini event, big event)…I talked about this in the comments earlier this week, let’s do a little forecasting and speculation (really any excuse to bust out my crystal ball..)…

I truly believe the timing of everything comes down the annual THOH Halloween Event.

We all know there will be a Halloween Event coming in the fall.  There’s always a Halloween Event, and no reason for them to stop now.  Halloween is a BIG deal in The Simpsons.  In fact Season 29 is slated to start with the THOH episode being it’s Season Premiere.  Sorry, guys I was going off old info, THOH won’t be the premiere, but it’ll air later in Oct.  So we know Halloween is coming.

We also know that major events run from 4-6 weeks & mini events for approx 2 weeks. If we had a major event hit now it would end somewhere between August 15th and 29th.  Let’s assume, for arguments sake it would be 6 weeks and ends August 29th.  That would be followed by a 2 week mini event, which would end right around September 12th-13th…that’s WAY to early to launch a Halloween Event.  They would need some kind of filler to buy them at least another 2 weeks before they can launch Halloween…or a precursor to Halloween. And Season 29 doesn’t start until October 1st, so that’s even to early to see and Episode Tie-in.

So here’s what I think…this is their filler to buy them that week and a half they needed.

So what does it mean?  Well my speculation…

We’ll likely see a BIG Event on August 1st, which will probably run until at least September 5th, maybe even the 12th.  Let’s assume the 12th.  We’d get a mini event on September 13th, that will last until the 26th.  Which will be followed by an Episode Tie-In for the Season Premiere (we always get one for the premiere) on the 27th, this tie-in will serve as a precursor to the THOH 2017 Event.  And Halloween will likely Launch on October 3rd…and probably run until November 7th, maybe the 14th.  (which will be followed by Thanksgiving for 2 weeks and then Christmas event).

And that will round out your 2017 in TSTO…

Hopefully this analysis helps calm the frustration of some/many of you with this little update hitting.  Enjoy the downtime.  Redesign your Springfield.  Reconnect with your family.  Catch up on some sleep, before the 4hr cycle catches up with all of us once again!

What do you think will be next?  What are your thoughts on my timing analysis? Plans for the downtime? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

158 responses to “Predictability and Speculation, It All Comes Down To Timing…

  1. I’m curious, can we get (randomly) Petroleus Rex within the 60 donuts box along with Tar Pits? It dropped from 175 donuts to 60 donuts and the dino doesn’t appear on the image…

    • Yup – he was the first thin igot I from the mystery box! I’m going through his questline right now.

  2. I’m actually happy this was a mini event. I was stuck in Virginia visiting my parents, & their wifi is based off of the Dish network. Cause they have limited amount of wifi per month (& another fact my husband had to use their wifi for work & either used up all their internet ability/ or almost crossed them over to paying more[i don’t understand Dish and their internet plan]) I was SOL for 6 days. Just got home today after spending 3 hours in a traffic jam in Pennsylvania with no air conditioner, 3 tired and hot kids, & a husband pissed off cause there was no other way to avoid the construction going on. I have missed my Simpsons, but have learned I can deal better then my husband when there’s no ability to connect to the internet and you phones usage for the month is up too (he’s a FB lover). Am I upset that there’s another mini event? Yes (cause I thought we’d have a break from the Pride month event [in the past you’d have to wait for a month or 2 before anything mini or major happened again]), and no, cause I already had most of the characters from both superheroe events that didn’t require donuts (except for Dr Crab who reminds me of Dr Zoidberg from Futurama, but I’m not going to use my 60 fermium donuts on a “chance” I’ll get him).

    • Wow – I’ve never heard of a metered internet plan like that…yet another reason I’d never consider Dish (unless it was my only intuition, like if I had to move to the Alaskan wilderness or something). I way prefer cable, especially living in the northeast, where it snows and the snow can screw up your satellite dish.

      I’m hoping whatever event we’re in during the last week of August isn’t too intense… I’ll be away on my yearly trip to a vacation place in New Jersey where I’ll only have Wi-Fi when I’m down near the pool. (Now, granted, weather permitting, I’m hoping that will be most days…)

      That’s one of my favorite thing about no longer being “poor” in this game (in terms of cash and donuts)…when you can afford to buy the premium items related to an event, you can usually also afford to be a bit more lax in your playing. I still believe that EA makes sure it’s possible to get everything in every event without spending donuts, but they will make you work for it!

  3. I think I have just had a revelation. I just happened to time into the Simpson’s on FX and episode the dark night court is playing with all of the elderly supers being introduced this would be awesome in my opinion and would totally warrant a 323rd super heroes major event! Really hoping this happens I’m pumped!

    • I look forward to the 323rd edition of Superheroes event in summer of 2337.

      I still plan on being alive in 2337, as I’m making a conscious effort to live forever. So far it’s working.

  4. ThePirateSloth

    I really wish they’d either completely abandon the 4 hour system, or create a secondary 6/8/12 hour set of jobs that pay out similar or slightly higher currency during the events. And to take my gripe even further, stop locking the event characters to a specific pool of 10-20: still lock the number of jobs for event currency to a specific amount, but allow any character to do them.

  5. wordsleadmeon

    I’m actually excited for the downtime for two reasons: It will actually give me a little time to design some past event stuff into something functional rather than all plopped in a glob as close together as possible just to get it placed. All the way back to winter 2016 is just a mess. And beyond that I can enjoy my town’s marine festival this weekend without that nagging ‘I’m falling behind on the calendar’ feeling for missing the entire day’s worth of tapping.

    I just wish Spider-pig wasn’t a mystery box. Regretted not grabbing him last year but I don’t want to spend all my donuts on a bunch of stuff I don’t really want trying to get him. Already got one failed attempt.

  6. Stacey Rapino

    My only gripe is that my 1 hr task for Dr. Colossos disapeared. Any ideas how to get it back

  7. The posting above sounds about right I would say though in my opinion they might just forget about the mini-event you mentioned before the tie-in, because like as we see now after that tapping both sides need downtime and we just had an event (not a very good one) and a mini event (pride) now some downtime. Which i think they will follow suit again since the biggest events are coming one after the other, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Thx.

    • First, let u’s enjoy the summer, outsider.
      Walk, cycle, climb, swim, hike,……… OUTSIDE!

      • Too hot. 😝

      • I would too but smashed my C5 @ Mammoth in 1999. I am glad i had travel/work insurance. Being an Australian i was treated to the best medical care in Washoe hospital in Reno. I am so grateful to my surgeon. She rocked. I can walk again but it was hard road through a long stint in hospital and rehab. I so miss playing sport considering i was athleticly gifted.i take life easy since then. I send a loads of love to anybody that suffers any aliment

        • Edit i meant to say being an Aussie i had heard of the horrors health system of the states but i was treated with the best medical care in Washoe hospital in Reno.

          • The “horrors” of the US medical system are mostly just on the expense side, not the quality of medical care. I think the US actually had some of the best medical care in the world, which is why people travel here from all over the world (including so-called “hostile” counties) for medical care, especially when it’s something complicated or cutting-edge. But paying for it is the hard part… When my husband and I were in Paris, he fell on the sidewalk and hurt his finger. We went to the hospital, where he was seen/treated by a couple of different doctors and was x-rayed before and after treatment. The total bill came to $50 (would have been free had we been French citizens). Even with my excellent medical insurance, just the copay for a trip to the emergency room in the states would be twice that and, without insurance, the care he got would likely have cost many hundreds of dollars.

            • US Medical care is among the best in the world, which is why Charlie Gard’s parents tried to bring him here. Cost wouldn’t be so high if hospitals and drs could compete for our business, when it comes to routine things like physicals and xrays etc, without the damn insurance companies getting in the way. So much waste in the US system that we have to pay for…my husband’s still waiting for his lactation consultation from when Riley was born….

        • In Australia we have also one of the best medical systems and doctors in the world and it is free. If it is an emergency, like my accident, i do not need private health (which i have for jumping ques if it is not life threatening) it is free.
          The medical care was fantastic i will admit and the $850 the insurance cost me was the best money i ever cost as my bill cost about $350,000. My flights home were $60,000 as i had to have a private jet(the only time i will get a private jet) to LA. When i arrived everything was free. My rehab etc. I always wondered what would have happened if i didn’t have that insurance

          • Edit. Not everything is free but majority is and if u can’t pay or have financial difficulties it is generally waived. just cry poor. We have the choice of a private system where user pays or the public system where everything is generally free. in the public system there are waiting periods if it is class as non life threatening.

          • There are also about 24 million people in Australia vs 324 million the US. It’s hard to sustain a free system with a population that large. It very likely would collapse our economy.

            • Not necessarily….it depends on how you structure the system.

              • That many people, our yearly budget isn’t high enough to absorb it. You’d be raising taxes like crazy to cover it.

              • If doctors and hospitals have, essentially, only one customer, the government, there would likely be a tremendous downward pressure on costs. And costs on pharmaceuticals (which are one of the highest expenses) would likely come down tremendously. (In return, the government could be a little more generous with its scientific funding.) As I said, there would have to be major structural changes for it to work (and likely some increase in taxes, which would be offset for most folks by not having to pay for medical insurance any more or only paying a small amount for add-on coverage). I do agree that we couldn’t just take the current system and have the government foot the bill.

              • In Holland it is called health care premium. It sounds better than taxes.

            • In Holland you are obligated to have health insurance. You pay about €100 each month and you have to pay an extra €385 before the health care is “free”. Some treatments and medicines will cost an extra contribution.
              Only the cheapest medicines of its category are refunded in full.
              But I wouldn’t want to have the “care” your POTUS wants to propose.
              My NHL treatment back in 2008 would have made me bankrupt. I guesstimate it would have cost me €40.000 (€1 = $1,16)

              • That’s completely incorrect. There was health insurance in 2009 and before. No one was dying in the streets.

                Today, if you don’t have insurance you pay a fine on your taxes (which you can lie about btw, you just check a box if you have insurance or not. If you don’t you can lie and e-file your taxes. Unless you get audited, they won’t find out & you won’t have to pay the tax). So say you do that method, and go without insurance (because for a lot of people the fine is WAY cheaper than the insurance (or like I said you lie and don’t pay the fine)…if you get sick (like in your case with NHL) and you don’t have insurance you still have to pay. Of course with the current ACA system, you can buy insurance with a preexisting condition (like NHL). THAT is what’s causing insurance costs in the US to sky rocket. Not enough healthy people are buying insurance…

                What the current plan is proposing (which isn’t from POTUS btw..) is that you have insurance. It’ll be more affordable (like yours at $100 a month..very reasonable) per month, with a reasonable deductible. If you lose your insurance (because of a job etc) you’ve got a window to get new insurance. Just like everything else. You can’t buy home owners insurance AFTER your house has burned down. You can’t buy car insurance AFTER you’ve totaled your car. Insurance is a risk assessment pool, which is what keeps the costs lower. Some people at low risk (younger people, healthy) and some are high risk (those with diseases/disability and the elderly). Costs are successfully lower when you’ve got the risk pool with a majority of healthy people with not a lot of high risk. What the current law (ACA) is doing is creating risk pools where healthy people (younger people) aren’t buying insurance because the cost is way to high, and if they need it down the road they buy it when they’re sick…so the risk pool is a majority of high risk people. Thus causing the costs the sky rocket and the level of care to go down.

                What needs to happen (among other things) is the cost of insurance needs to come down so that the risk pools become more stable..and healthy people buy insurance again because it’s too stupid not to.

                AND contrary to a lot of news reports about 22 million people “losing” insurance with the new plans. The CBO is scoring that based on the assumption that over 19 million people won’t buy insurance because there’s no mandate to buy insurance, since the plan is eliminating the mandate. You can’t “lose” what you choose not to have.

              • And again…

                Let’s end this here please. This isn’t the place for this types of conversations. This site is supposed to be a happy place, free of the BS from the Capitols around the world. So enough, is enough. Any more on this topic, or any other political topic will be deleted.

          • Alissa ur rationale about population size is not valid. The healthy a population is the greater partipation rate in the labour market. The greater the participation rate the more taxes the government collects. The economic benefits has a trickle down effect on the economy.
            If the rich in ur country were to pay their fair share of tax the health system would be properly fund. Take Trump for eg. A billionaire and didn’t pay tax for 18 yrs. The system is set up for the rich. They r able run their businesses through shell corporations in tax havens and pay no tax. Thus leading to greater income disparity between rich and poor, like our country.
            Healthcare for ur population is not a want it is a right. The poor should not be punished at the expense of the rich.
            Also if u were to decrease ur military budget u would be able to funnel that into the healthcare system and provide basic services for the poorer people. I am not trying to argue with u i am trying to make u understand that if government were to spend their taxes efficiently a properly funded healthcare system is possible.
            By the way i have a degree in economics so i have a fair idea how economies work. The more knowledge i acquie the more i realise i don’t know.

            • I really don’t want to get into this here…the place, time or purpose of this site.

              But don’t take this as me conceding to you. Take it as me ending the conversation, as it has no place here & that i shouldn’t have engaged in to begin with (since it has no place here..even more so that this post isn’t the Open Thread (not that it has a place there, but this REALLY has nothing to do with the purpose of this post))

  8. Well, I play this game because I like the fact that there are always new contents and updates. I don’t mind the grind in Big updates, because that’s what made me play in the first place… grind and get the prize! Looking forward to the next Big event!

  9. I dont get ur speculation cause they can do a mini event frm now til the 3rd of August then from the 3rd til Sep.14th Main event then from the 15th til October 1st another mini event then around the 3rd start the THOH event. I mean EA will busy but why not keep the players happy if were happy there happy cause theyll be getting our money..?!?!!?

  10. Georgia Garcia

    Im not sure that ur riught on this one thats way to much time between now and the 1st of August wont EA lose alot of players/customers if they wait that long players will start closing up there games I know I cant wait that long Im getting irratated already been checking every few hours for an update? I really dont think they will make us wait tht long for the simple fact that they’ll be losing players and players= $$$… Come on EA need an update!!!

  11. I don’t really mind filler and I love the mini event’s. I just wanted to have something to while my time with because it’s raining and I have a cold 😀
    I could always go and take a look at Krustyland…. *guffaw*

  12. I too am starting hate the grind of event after event (& mini event) It’s really ruining why I play! (for recreation & being alone @ home most of the time)

    I’m retired; So would usually have time on my hands – except that my 80yo Dad has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer & is in hospital (& my Mum; The same age; Already has a heart pacemaker & can’t cope)

    I have 2 towns; The first of which was initiated within a week of the game’s inception & predates Whacking Day event (the first ever event) My 2nd town is from 2012. I’m now finding (as of the last 3 part event) If I don’t get up around 3am then Australians have no chance of finishing the event with all prizes. Normally when I’m awake I’m playing! Now I find I may need to step back into life!

  13. Personally I wish the big event was on now so that it would be over by August 21 or there about. The reason being that my wife and I go on a one week vacation every year in August to a place with terrible wifi (if you can even get it at all). No cell service. It’s a cabin in the woods. So if we’re in the middle of an event during that week in in August, I’m screwed for the event.


  15. I personally love this one. I didn’t have the kid yet, and he came as a freebie I believe. I’m trying to amass donuts to get radioactive man and his place without paying for it. Happy tapping folks!

  16. This is what I think went down.
    Homer: We’re we not supposed to start a BIG Event today?!?!?!?
    Marge: Oh, Homie…. did you not read Alissa s comment a couple of days ago????
    Homer: What comment was that?
    Marge: She did her usual calculations and said the timing is way off
    Homer: Timings for what?
    Marge: There’s too many weeks between now and Halloween to have a BIG event and a mini event…what would we do with those extra days.
    Homer: DOH…hey guys, don’t we have some leftovers from Superhero 1&2 event we can use as a filler!?!? Don’t want Skyfinger whining there’s nothing to do.

  17. I’m honestly getting fed up. in my opinion there are too many events now. I used to buy all of the premium characters but now I can’t catch a break! Obviously that’s just me, but this game is just becoming a grind

  18. I really like an event or mini event for The Simpsons movie, this year is the tenth anniversary so it would be nice if something related comes to our towns. Russ Cargill was a good start.

    • Like having a “dome” feature, based on the dome in the movie. If you click on the dome icon in your Springfield or in a neighbours Springfield, it zooms out to show the whole Springfield at once.

      • And there”s a few characters that can be included. Colin, President Swarzzenegger, the boob lady…

    • Wow – it’s been 10 years??? Doesn’t seem anywhere near that long! Time flies when you’re getting old…(regardless of whether you’re having fun, lol).

  19. Tony Da Tiger

    I loved this update, it gives me a short break to recoup donuts I spent over the past few months and it turned more of the free characters I got in the past into premium characters.

  20. Need more friends that actually visit . Trying to get more items from friend points faster **********

  21. I don’t mind that it’s a mini-event at all, but was a little disappointed when I saw it was about superheroes again. Please EA, find a way to bring back the Clash of Clones content – the barbarian, skins and all three castles. (I do appreciate you letting us dig up walls, towers, and gates.)

    • Dig long and hard and long into the excavation site and you will find a complete stone castle. You “only” need four towers, a gate and a dozen of castle walls.
      Happy digging!

  22. I started just at the end of the last SuperHero’s…. so i was tickled to get Spidy Pig…. have been keeping a look out for HIM for a long time.. i spent way to many donuts on the chest…. but… was happy to do so this time….. i for one… thank YOU for bring back some oldies for us newbies…..

  23. All I know is that I love the graphics in this game!
    Every once in a while, I’ll surprise myself by finding yet another cool animation on a building or object that I didn’t realize existed!
    Kudos to the game animators!

  24. Raymond L Wright

    During the downtime, I always try to restructure my town so that I can have a bit from each update there. It also allows for a prettier overall town.

  25. Sounds like a pretty accurate prediction! Makes sense to me and will give me some to build up some cash to buy new land and rearranged some of my buildings. Glad that Superheroes is just a mini update and not a full event. I enjoyed the first two but a think a third would be a bit much.

  26. I didn’t play much in the time travel event, and I didn’t even start the Pride event, no not because of politics or anything, but because of Real Life stuff. So I’ve had a nice break, and this mini event is nice to come back to.

  27. Ok got the bit about the timing of the next big event which you first mentioned a couple of days ago. However that does not excuse EA’s laziness with this latest ” event/ sale “.
    I said myself not too expect too much.
    Shame they did not extent the Pride mini event & include a bit more content in that.
    Oh well let’s hope the next biggy is worth the long wait.

  28. Sounds good. I’m manufacturing donuts in preparation for Treehouse of Horror, so I’m happy there’s really nothing to buy for this little event.

  29. Lenroy Jenkins

    I kind of like that it gives older, infrequently used characters a chance to have more quests. For newer players and players who missed out the first time around, it’s also an opportunity to get some of the older characters. Win-win and not too tap-intensive really so I’m happy with it.

  30. Good speculating, oh Mystical One! All you had to say was THOH and now I’ll be impatiently waiting that event with Brooders! I’m happy for this down time and late start to the event. I’ve been playing very lazily lately and with vaca just around the corner I’m not ready for the 4 hour grind commitment. Vacation (OBX) starts on the 4th, so if your predictions are correct I’ll have a couple of days, plus the long drive down, to grind out what I can before I’m laying on the beach all day and ignoring my phone. I shouldn’t be too far behind by the end of vacation. Not saying I won’t check in, but I won’t be following the schedule.This down time also allows me to collect as many donuts as possible (not spending any on this mini event) and build up a bank!

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