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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Don’t forget voting is open in the latest Bracket Battle!  Pick your favorite buildings to advance!


So, this week it was out with the old and in with the..old? Yes, we saw the return of Superheroes this week.  Don’t worry though, just a small little update with mostly items to purchase.  We suspect the next big thing will hit us in August…what do you think it will be?

How was the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting? Can you believe July is almost over?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

285 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Has anyone heard anything about Matt Groening’s new cartoon that’s going to be on netflix? I just found out about it today. It’s called Disenchantment.

  2. Anyone else notice Dr. Colossus’s 1-hour task (I think it was “Mope”) is gone?

    • Yes – happened when the superheroes stuff came back. No one knows why (it’s been discussed in many contents in many posts since it happened), but I’m guessing it was just a coding error or something.

    • My”mope” task has returned

  3. I just want another event to start already. Time Travelling Toaster ended at the end of June for me (I finished 6 days early) and it’s coming up to a month without a major event. Pride and Superheroes Return were only mini-events, and while they were pleasant enough I’d still like to get back to a proper event.

  4. Got the jet engine bike in my vault today! I have seen you guys talk a lot about it so I had to pick it up!

  5. Has this site or has anyone gone through cesil terwilliger’s new tasks, the ones u buy?

    • yes and i can tel you that it’s just a bunch of decorations. No reason to actually go through with these tasks unless you have loads of money to burn. No special tasks, no bonus increase, no new skins or characters….

  6. The whale is in my vault. I’ve always wanted to pick one up (I’ve been playing since the tail end of the Clash of the Clones event). Of course I just spent most of my donuts picking up everything I missed when I had to stop playing a week into the Superheroes event last year. Hoping I can grind 170 donuts with my KEM farm in the next 6 days. So much for having a stash when the next big event hits…

  7. BellyShirtBrandine

    Still waiting for Jub Jub in my vault…..

  8. So I have a task that just won’t go away. It is Mona’s complain about the living task and it is left over from Valentines like two years ago I think. Apparently I need Maude to come this task and she is nowhere to be found. Is there any way for me to clear this or am I just stuck with it there until the off chance that Maude is made available again. It is driving my OCD crazy.

  9. Second time in a row the Vault has stunk! What a huge let down. :'(

  10. I can’t find the full post about Road to Riches. When I do a search, I only get the question corner from May 31, which references the full post. When I click on the tag cloud, same thing. I’m sure it is user error on my part…

    • hasn’t been written yet.

      • Ah. Thanks for the answer. Thought I was somehow searching incorrectly. Was trying to figure out if these were worth the $$$ since, unlike most people, I am not awash in in-game cash.

        • Unless you are rolling in the 💲💸 millions, I would leave these items for another time…they have no bonus % or any other return…they are really just fun little money pits for those of us (who me?) who should know better, but don’t. They aren’t going away anytime soon, so no stress there😎.

  11. Keith1Roon991

    Couple of thing popped into my head this Tuesday morning,

    why doesn’t the 3d printer print out anything,
    Does anyone have an area in there game were they put all the little
    games in the game,
    Why does this webpage stall and crash when I tap it,
    Why does my game crash when I visit neighbours,
    Rewards of 1000 or 2000 on a daily challenge or Springfield hights
    currency pointless.

    The end

    • The question about the 3D printer is a good one. I really liked when we were able to grow rose bushes at the farm.
      I dont put the games all together because it isnt asthetically pleasing.
      I find this website stalls a lot and takes forever to load. I assume it is because my tablet is three years old.
      I agree about the Springfield Heights rewards, especially when you are maxed out. I do have one infant town (6 months) that still appreciates 1K and 2K.

  12. In my store this morning under the ‘new’ category I see the ‘spooky cabin’ for 20 donuts. The info for the description says $200 20xp /12 hours +.5% bonus. However, I already have 40+ of these (same name, picture and payout), but they don’t impact my bonus if I store them. Which is correct? Anyone else seeing this I their town?


  13. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Three hours to a new Vault- sending good karma thoughts to all

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Rats! Best thing in my Vault is a Shiva Statue with a net cost of 30.
      Forget about “tomorrow”, I’m 🎶 singing “next week, you’re only a week away”
      On the bright side, I get to build up my donuts for the next EXPENSIVE offering.

    • Thanks for the thoughts, but they didn’t work….I just got by far the worst vault yet…four items (Murderpuss, Shiva statue, boardwalk fountain, and hot air balloon), none of which I want. (I do like the balloon a bit, but I already have one of those…two, if you count the Globex one, too. And the fountain isn’t terrible, but it’s easy overpriced, even at a discount, and I have nowhere to put it.)

      So it looks like this week is gonna be a dull one, game-wise. I’m pretty much done with all of the superheroes stuff, having gotten everything I wanted from the mystery box and having finished all of the questlines for them…might just have to cave and go back to the mystery box to get fruitbat man out of boredom, once Burns is done with his rail yard tasks for the week.

      • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

        Yep, got the same bag of stuff, except instead of the balloon (last week for me) I believe I have an ambulance.
        So, looks like we hoard donuts, emulate Mr. Burns as it were.

      • Hmm guess the vault contents aren’t *completely* random, because I also got Murderpuss and boardwalk fountain (other 2 were Mayflower and Stiletto Sculpture). No characters or interesting buildings, so yeah pretty bleh this week. ‘Course, that just lets me save up more donuts for Halloween. 🙂 Though I still grabbed the Mayflower, and will probably collect some fountains so someday I might come up with a nice design with them. And gotta have at least one Murderpuss around… 🙂

    • Since I bought most of the stuff I wanted a long time ago, I haven’t bought a single thing from the vault so far. You could say, it is disappointing every week…

  14. To my Neighbors…… i thank You those few of those of You that go out of Your way to visit my town…. to the large group of those You that do not find the time….. i ask…. why did You ask me to be Your neighbor if You are not going to visit?

    Is there something You dislike…. should i have more street lights?..
    or maybe i should have Skinner’s mother sweep the street more often? I knew i should have bought the Ice Cream Truck…. come on… give me a clue…

    Or maybe i didn’t send out an invite…. if that is it….. here it goes….

    Dear Neighbors You are cordially invited to visit my town anytime of the day you wish…. there is no toll… come as You are…. Hope to see more of You visiting and enjoying your selves as i have so many times visiting Yours….

    Thank You for Your time….
    Debra McL
    Town name Girlchid

    • I used to visit my neighbours on a daily basis but I must admit that has tailed right off.
      Maybe watch what happens when an event hits and see if you get the visits when it really benefits you(if EA bothers to do it that way round again)
      I do try a lot harder to find the time during events when it will benefit my neighbours.

  15. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    It’s cool how Bart is in his Alex from Clockwork Orange costume when he is telling his story at the “Spooky Campfire”. I just got my free Spooky Campfire in the area where you buy items for the Superhero event. Now I want the Moe skin where he is dressed as on of Alex’s Droogs/gang members. I hope they offer him this Halloween somehow. I saw him in one of my neighbors towns and he is killer

  16. No outstanding tasks and mystery boxes in my game. So I am just trying to earn more donuts when I am free. Watched Spiderman Homecoming last tues. Aunt May is the most beautiful lady for me in that movie. Between this and Wonder Woman, I prefer the latter as it involved me emotionally.

    Back home in my projector room, I watched The Boondock Saints. Interesting to see Daryl of The Walking Dead in it, looking young and fresh. The show was just ok for me but I did like the use of practical effects of blood spurting in the 90s.

    Also watched a Korean film, Master, about a pyramid scam crime. The lead is the A-list Korean actor who played White Ninja in GI joe or the liquid terminator from Terminator Genisys.

    Finally I also watched Ghost in the Shell (2017). It is a great film for me. I did watch one anime of it and it is interesting to see characters appearing as live action. The visuals are awesome and I like Scarlett’s portrayal. I think she has been typecasted in such weird roles including the ones in Under the Skin, Her and Lucy

  17. Don’t know if this was mentioned but so far I won 2 homer barbarian statues but they are not in my inventory , Took a screen shot of the second one for “evidence” lol Are you only allowed 1? As I have the original one or possibly a glitch? TIA : )

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      It’s a glitch. You are only allowed one unfortunately. It happened to me with the Barbarian Statue too and I have heard others complaining of it as well. Also, the same thing happened to me with the Sir Love-A-Lot bear in the “Claw Machine” game when I won my second. It sucks! LOL

      • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

        I received the Bear, and it is in my store own next to the first one.
        However, I believe that it does not have a bonus.
        Scared to store it to confirm.

        • They switched the bear so it is no longer unique. The change was made when the superheroes sale started last week. It’s good because now I have a reason to play the claw machine.

          The statue however remains a unique item.

    • Yes, they’re unique. Sloppy programming.

  18. ThatOneWeirdTap

    Even though I’m enjoying the the downtime, I would of loved it if they did a yard sale and returned all the Gil Deals, even recent ones, that only appeared once but on discount, and even some items from the Clash of Clones would of been nice, and Stonecutter items for those who missed them, but that’s sadly not what we got. 😞 Can’t wait for the next event though, wonder if it gets me to buy donuts again. 😀 Anyways, happy ‘Munday’ everyone! 😂😂

  19. Moderators. I love my vistors shirt. My question is Is there anyway to upload the design to Redbubble? They offer so many more options for ie tot bags, cup, longsleeve shirt, phone skins etc. Also they don’t have min order no they will print 1 offs. I would love to get a phone cover.
    This could be a great money making opportunity for yas. Yes i know u say we don’t want to make money off this site etc but i say why not. U spend so much of ur time unrewarded & server costs but wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded for all that time. Getting paid to do something u love is everbodys dream. U don’t have to ram it down our throats with marketing but i think u people should. U peoples give us a place to chat, connect with other addicts etc. Please give thought to this.
    By the way i am not an employee of redbubble however i do have my photography on their. Food for thought

  20. Ok after reading another post here, i have been waiting for Dr Nick in the vault but have not been offered him yet whereas another player said they had. Is the vault different for everyone? What was in everybody’s vault at da mo? I have forgotten grave, jet bike, dmv limo & purple funzo. I bought a jet bike but passed on the rest.

    • Yes. I have four games going and what get in the vault is different on each one.

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      My vault is: DMV Limo, Purple Funzo, IRS Drone, and Plato’s Republic Casino. My wish list is a Forgotten Grave or Dr. Nick offer

  21. I’m grinding away on my SH. I find it annoying (and time wasting) that once I’ve bought an item, when I go back in to buy a second one I get sent back to the beginning of the SH list. Is there a way to stop it from doing that? A few times when I’ve been building it has stayed on the item purchased when I go back into the store but I can’t figure out the pattern. Thanks.

    • Scroll through to the item you want, close the store with the “x” in the upper right corner (don’t go back to the previous menu), without buying. When you go back now, it should open on the same spot. You can buy as many items as you need, the shop will stay on that spot each time you open it.
      Works like that for me, anyway. 🙂

    • Next time, before you buy, exit.
      What I am saying is that you get the item in the viewing window, then exit the window without buying it. Then the next time you open the window it will be there.

  22. Someone please explain this to me:
    The Spooky Cabin is now a premium purchase for 20 donuts and you get a .50% bonus %. During the Halloween event I crafted a hundred or so of these, and none have a bonus %. Shouldn’t my reward for playing so long (since 2013) be that my old stuff gets a bonus % if it’s later made available for sale for a premium?
    With no more levels, money doesn’t matter so much anyway, right? Just a pride thing lol

    • So unfortunately whenever EA brings back a craftable, typically only purchased versions generate bonus, while the craftable versions remain decorations without bonus. Many examples of this, the first of which (if I’m not mistaken) was the snowmen versions of the Simpsons few years ago.

    • No. For quite a while now, EA has been coding crafed items as distinct from premium items, probably for the very reason you mentioned – players managing to craft large multiples of certain items. Unique items crafted or won in an event that are later released as premium items usually do receive the bonus percentage associated with the premium version. But items that weren’t unique during the event are not awarded the bonus percentage that items newly re-released as premium have.

    • Tennis courts

  23. did i get drunk and hide a bunch of QEM’s on myself or did the initial price go up $1000?

  24. I am really enjoying this extra downtime, firstly because long events are getting exhausting, secondly because now I can listen to the lovely default music, hehe. I guess it´s silly, but I really like that music.

  25. I have a problem that my fairy kang has completed a 4 hour task but I can’t collect the money and it’s not showing completed in the top left corner what should I do ?

  26. I thought there was gonna be a rebate offer on the snake log thingy. The other thing odd is that it wasn’t offer along side the other event stuff, I had to search the whole store to find it.

    • There was a rebate.Sixty donuts with a rebate of fifty I believe. Excellent deal for the bonus %

    • I read somewhere that if you have already owned one from previous events, this incredible one item deal will not be offered to you

      • Oh man, really?! Well that truly stinks. 🙁 Thanks for the help.

      • Boooo😩…as they sing in the Bond film🕶…
        🎶One log is nottttt enough🎶

        • I though you could buy multiples of those on previous occasions, or am I mistaken? At least during the original release – Whacking Day. Not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me, or if they changed it to unique.

  27. Anyone have an idea for an on vacation-no wifi- etc symbol or sign that could be used so neighbors know we haven’t quit? I get all my neighbors from this amazing site (thank you for all your hard work) and was wondering if it might be possible to have a common sign that we’re out of town. I used my “junk” to write on vacation, but lost a lot of good neighbors. I was out of wifi range for about 5 weeks. Can’t blame them, my town is huge and they might not have seen the message or maybe it didn’t matter. Any suggestions for next vacation?

    • Before you leave, you could try moving your Simpson house to an empty area and writing “Back on xx/xx(date)” with shrubs…that will let them know you’re not gone for good.

    • It’s frustrating, right? I have said this before. I used to play a game called Mystery Manor. What was cool about it is they gave you a wall where you could gift your friends things they were missing and needed to progress in the game. But you could also chat with them on your wall. If you were going on vacation, you could put a little airplane logo next to your name. You could also make an announcement at the top of your wall. But it was great for general non game chit chatting. I’ve met so many incredible people from all over the world from my old wall. I really wish our game had something like that.

      • I was just thinking about the number of things I have in inventory which are not sellable… it would be good to have a way to trade / swap 😊🇬🇧

    • 5 weeks is a long time. Most avid players would have thought that you left the game

  28. If I only spend google rewards credit for donuts and scratchcards, am i freemium or premium player? By the way, did i missed out? I’ve been waiting for Dr. Nick to arrive via vault.

    • I bought him the week before last from my vault, nothing of interest to me in this week’s vault. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? And whether I should save 🍩🤔

    • I am waiting for Dr Nick to. I am pretty sure he has not been in the vault yet. Please EA. I clean up with my napkin

    • I just bought him via the vault update today hehe..

  29. So frustrated with the daily challenge mystery box reward – I now have my 7th Lard Lad. Wish there was a way to trade them in, even for pennies on the donut.

    Grouchiness aside, I’ve been loving the Vault, snagged some must-haves at a discount, and the events lately have been pretty decent.

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      If you are discussing the 6 Donut Cost Mystery Box,
      I have ~60+ Lard Lad, and I recall some here stating that they have well over 100 in storage.

    • I just did a check, I have 799 in storage and 1 out.

      • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

        Yep, that’s what I meant. I have 600+ in STORAGE and some have 1000+ in STORAGE.
        Rotten auto correct.

        And I have 1 Regular out,
        1 Christmas out and
        1 Special Pink (with mascot) out
        I think there is another(?) version

        • Future?

        • First Church of Lard Lad and New Lard Lad (silver)🍩🍩🍩

          • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

            That must be them. Thanks
            Maybe we can get another skin come Halloween- Scary Lard Lad?
            Complete with Quest line. I can see it now: Meet The Horrors of HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES!!!

        • 1000 lard lads equals 6000 donuts. is it worth it?

          • Lard Lads are a by-product of buying the 6-donut Mystery Boxes. The reason to buy the M.B.s is for the % boost you get from the News Vans and Itchy & Scratchy billboards. Due to the fact that 30- and 10-donuts-back is a fairly frequent prize in the M.B., it works out to a much lower donut cost per % boost (somewhere around 8 donuts per 1%) than other alternatives.

            Just going by memory (I’m done with buying MBs myself), one “cycle” in the MB prizes gets you about 9% boost (3 news vans & 3 billboards), so that would cost a net of 72 donuts on average, and along the way you’d probably get at least 3 or 4 Lard Lads. So that’s 72 donuts per 4 LLs, or 18 donuts per LL — so 1000 LLs means 18000 donuts spent. And a boost of %2250, which is high enough that you essentially can buy every premium item that comes up, and then some, with KEM farming. That’s worth it to lots of folks. 🙂

    • I don’t do mystery boxes very often. Far too often u get cash prizes like minnows ponds etc. It goes in a cycle. U r better to wait for a special to pop up like the recent t-tree. It was a bargin for 5 donuts. I bought a shedload. I don’t particularly like the lard lad i was i could sell them.

      • Statistically, you are not better off. But if you don’t like Lard Lads, then maybe aesthetically you are personally better. But nothing gives more bang for the buck in terms of donuts spent per bonus percentage then the Mystery Box.

      • So far the only thing to beat Mystery Boxes is the Hollow Log for net 10, but you could only get one of those. Over the long run, MB are less than 9 donuts per %.

  30. @IndianaUnderwood

    Opinions on the superheroes mystery box? Should I buy? Worst/best items in your opinion? I really like Fruitbat Man but don’t care for Lenny’s headquarters or whatever, seems hard to place in my down to earth Springfield. :/

    • Depends on what’s offered to you. I already have most of the stuff, so what was offered to me were The Fracker, Fruit-Bat Man, Citizen Solar & Wind Lad, the asylum, film set and Wholesom & Son.

      I ended up rolling for all of them, but the only ones I really wanted were The Tracker, Citizen Solar and Wind Lad and the film set, because if you don’t complete the short quest line given for it, you keep the 6-second premium task meant for Wolfcaste. Unfortunately, I got Citizen Solar and Wind Lad last, even though it was my first pick. I can’t say I want the asylum or yet another skin for Mr Burns when I already have the Monty Moneybags skin, but they’re not terrible items if you take them on their own merit..

      If you want Plopper, Radioactive Man and the other superheroes/villains and don’t have them, by all means, go for it. There’s more good stuff in this mystery box than bad ones, especially for 60 donuts each.

    • Most of the stuff in there is a good deal for 60 donuts, especially any of the characters. Fruitbat Man is actually one of my least coveted ones, since it’s just a premium skin for Burns, and in already have at least two of those. I tend to like interesting buildings that aren’t too big, so I was pleased to get the asylum and the book store/factory(?) (although I wish the latter wasn’t on fire).

      • @IndianaUnderwood

        Good advice. I just love the episode with fruitbat man hahah.

        Might buy $10 of donuts this payday and buy it! 😀

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