Friday Filler- When EA Actually Makes Life EAsier!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

I am amazed. Really, really, really amazed (sorry…with this administration, it is hard not to use the word “really” a whole lot of times in a row…like a really, really, really, lot of times in a row).  Where was I? Oh. Right…

I am amazed that EA actually didn’t mess up one of the biggest weeks of my recent history, by forcing me to tap wildly throughout what should have been (and was) a tap-free weekend. It’s very, very, very rare. Really.

What did I do?  What did I think of the update (that I mostly skipped)?? What could possibly have taken me away from donuts and ding-dongs? Read on…

In all of the years (coming up on 5) I have been playing, I can only remember maybe one or two days that I didn’t log on to tap (mostly because there was no cell service). But, this past week, starting with last Wednesday…I hardly logged on at all. As in…I mostly missed the entire Superheroes 3 update…outside of finishing the quest-line and getting my “reward,” (which I’m not sure I got, because I never looked).

I think the Super Heroes 3 mini update was perfect…mostly, because it was so easy to skip. Thanks EA!

Guilt? Nope. I just did  the daily challenges…did the monorail…collected my donuts…found Maggie, and moved along in the questline…which in my opinion was really, really, really (really?) lame. Fallout Boy trying to be a bad guy? Pffffffttttttt…didn’t buy it. So…yes…even though I was quick-tapping past most of the update, I did read the dialogue.

I’m not even going to go into a recap of why I found the introduction of “Senor Ding Dong” to be so incongruous with the theme of the update. But, I guess he does wear a cape. Really, really, really, really stretching it…but, I guess I get it.

I saved my donuts. I am pretty, pretty, pretty, sure (homage to Larry David), that this next major update will be amazing…and truly donut-worthy. So, the sprinkles I saved by not caring about/buying anything from this update will get me off to a great start on something I might actually want.

So…what was I doing with my time???  For those who may have missed it…Katie, (aka daughter #3 who works for CBS in NYC), had her amazing, “epic” wedding this past weekend. It was wonderful.  

If any of you felt a slight shift in gravity over the weekend, it was half of New Jersey flying out to the West Coast…consuming vast quantities of Willamette Valley wines and Micro-Brews…and flying back to New Jersey this week. Did I say “epic?”  It came off without a hitch…including assembling the huge pergola and “wall of lights” that I had to design, build and transport.  I’ll post a couple of pics at the bottom… but the “pro shots” won’t come for a couple of weeks.

I may have discovered the “next chapter” of the metamorphosis of Cranky, in that I wore a hand-tied, silk bow tie. I loved the challenge of learning to tie it…and combined with my neatly quaffed goatee, it added a “What’s next? Opening a fried chicken franchise, and wearing white linen suits?” chapter to my life.

And yes…ALL of the huge backyard (insanely complex for a “one man show”) list of projects, were completed…with days (3) to spare!  When we did the tour of the demolition during one of the recent “Addicts Live” shows, it was just junk, the giant pile of gravel, and most of the projects were still just on paper.

But, 2.5 tons of gravel…a ton of sand…three loads of lumber…two pallets of pavers, and about 120 “CrankyOldGuy” old-man-hours behind a wheelbarrow and assorted power tools…and the new shed, the paver patio, the new hot tub cover, the wedding pergola, and a load of cleanup, were complete (along with a raging bout of poison oak, which I got clearing room for the shed).  I tapped through all of it (fueled by prednisone).

Which makes me skipping most of the Superheroes update all the more unusual.

Then, just when I am done ignoring the Superheroes…BOOOOOM!!! We have a cannon!  Gotta play the cannon…as it feels like a preview of the next HUGE EVENT!! Could it be…Homer-Palooza???  Will they bring back Bleeding Gums Murphy as a hologram the way they did with Tupac at Coachella????

BRING ON THE NEXT EVENT!  I’m rested…my tapping fingers have healed..and I’m ready to spend my sprinkles!  Whoohoo!!

Meanwhile…planning for wedding #2….in February…is ongoing. Sheesh. “A Father’s work is never done.” I won’t be retiring for years. But gosh…the bride was beautiful.

The Insane Dad…who worked 8 hour “real work days” along with 8 hour manual labor days.


Lower Deck Torn Out… let the hauling of 2.5 tons of gravel begin!

The Finished result…5 days before half of New Jersey began to arrive!

Project #2…Build an 8x16x12 shed (tiny house)…Ali’s fiance, Ryan…earning Father In Law points on “Roof Raising Day.”

The finished shed… already full of my overflow of tools!

The poison oak bush (superimposed) that GOT me. I cleared all of the small stuff…and missed this huge bush…that I rubbed up against for a week. Nice. I was covered with welts like this over 7o% of my body. Luckily…not the parts that would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY have been bad…

Final Projects… Wedding Pergola and Wall of Lights…
The Pergola after construction…gluing and painting… ready for transport.

the Pergola “Team” with the Groom, my friend Dave supervising, and Ryan working.

The finished result…and a beautiful bride!

It’s a tradition for me to write and produce a song for each of my daughters for the “Father of the Bride” dance. Katie and I are choking back tears through smiles…

Ryan and His Mom for their dance…
The Willow Heart in the “wall of lights” first made an appearance at my oldest daughter’s wedding in 1999. It is now a good luck charm…



50 responses to “Friday Filler- When EA Actually Makes Life EAsier!

  1. Holy cow, you have been busy!! Nice work on all the projects! Glad the weather cooperated and it wasn’t in the 100s like it will be in the Valley this week. Get ready!!!

  2. My, you scrub up well Patric! And your daughter looked so beautiful. Congratulations. Kiwikitty88

  3. Very risky hiring a deadhead for construction. Unless youre building a brokedown palace!!!!!

    • LOL… too funny! The fact is…Dave is one of my longest-time friends. He used to write for a music newspaper I owned back in the 90s, and now he is the head council for the Dramatist Guild, with a schmancy office on Times Square in NYC. His Dead Head proclivities are a throwback to his time on the West coast…and he “reverts” when he comes out here. It is hilarious… On a trip to the beach a couple of days after the wedding, I rode with him, and was subjected to hours of “Dead Channel” on SIRUS. Torture. I am just not a fan. I like Working Man’s Dead…and some of American Beauty. Period. I mean how many times should someone have to listen to “Sugaree???” We have had hours long debates on why Jerry should have left the rest behind…and how the burden of being the head of a huge expectant corporate entity with a zillion people looking “for a miracle” probably did him in. But…yes…Dave is a Deadhead. And I did not trust him with a power tool.

  4. Great stuff, thanks for sharing such a special occasion with us. 👍

  5. Congratulations to your daughter and family, Patric. A labour of love, but sure looks to have been worth it.

  6. Thank You Patric! I really needed some good news right now!

  7. Mazel tov to the happy couple 😁🥂🍩 (and wow on your construction job!)

  8. WoW…. thank You for sharing…. nice when people share a slice of their lives… i just started making sure to read seems so many are a family here.. not just game players….

    You and Your daughter looked lovely…….

  9. Something weird today..

    Been keeping myself right about 5 million in game cash and farming kems.

    All the sudden I think “how am I under 3 mill all the sudden?!”
    I look again and.. Omg, it’s under 300,000

    Very very odd!

    • You’re probably accidentally spending money on Roads to Riches, spending money to send Cecil on those tasks.

    • Have you started the Road to Riches quest? Be careful when selecting Cecile’s tasks as they take a good chunk of your money!

  10. Why all the non tsto bs for? This site is n has become half nonsense very annoying to scroll threw to find what I’m needing n look in for.

    • First, a news flash for you… THERE’S NOTHING GOING ON IN THE DANG GAME RIGHT NOW.

      And if it bothers you that much (not like it’s hard to skip 1 dang post.. not even a post. An image and a paragraph or two), then by all means, find another TSTO site to go to.

      • Amen, sistah! And an extra huzzah for allowing the sour grapes to ooze through, Alissa. As much as I hate ignorant trolls, I hate censorship more.

        Patric, what a fabulous job you did on your yard! Everything, even your tux, looks beautiful. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.

    • It’s not annoying, it’s very easy, even for me…..
      When you see Patric, just keep scrolling …..


      • LOL…well…let me quote our President in that reply. “Bite me.” Oh. Wait. Maybe that was the President quoting me. And yet…we moderate your comments, as if you are something special…oh well. But, one thing is for certain…you don’t REALLY pass on my posts…because you seem to comment on them frequently. Perhaps a little lesson on the word, “keep scrolling” would be in order??

    • itsnago. I’m going to give you a pass, because we have so many “Non-English as a first language” players here. But, man…really? Some very creative writing there.

  11. What a lovely picture of you dancing together! It has made me think of my own wedding 15 years ago and brought a tear to my eyes. Unfortunately my real father had passed away 10 years earlier I did not get that same special time that you and your daughter have had on such an important day. I do have the best step dad in the world and he did a great job of helping make my wedding day the best day of my life.
    You both look so proud of each other. Absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Congratulations to the bride and groom and best wishes to all for the future.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. I know how you felt, as I lost my Dad in 2012…and he would have loved this event, and the “two Ryans.” Sorry for your loss…it is events like this that make you remember and miss them all the more.

  12. WOW!! You are Atlanta fans? I am a life long ATL fan! I have a Braves tattoo!,, love you guys!

  13. I make it you will be about 110 before you can retire !!!
    Never mind it will all have been worth it. Congrats !

  14. Very nice. Bride and wedding looked fantastic. Congrats

  15. Interesting you would post this today. 15 years ago we drove to Las Vegas to enjoy a trip had won. We had been to Vegas many times so we had the buffets, shows, gambling, drinking under our belt. A very wonderful friend suggested that I throw a surprise wedding, so I did. We had been living together since 1985 and I thought it was time. She claims I waited for her to go through the change because that could have been a deal breaker. We got married at the Little White Wedding Chapel and opted for the Cherub Charriot package and cried like babies. On the drive there she expressed concern she hadn’t pack any nice clothes, not to worry, I had packed one of her white dresses, matching shoes, and her grandmothers pearls. I will save the story on how I proposed for another time. No matter the size, weddings are amazing!

    • So cool!! Trust me, Fred. i offered the “Elopement Incentive Package” many times!

      Congrats to you and you and the love of your life!

  16. Congratulations on the successful wedding and I’m impressed with everything you managed to do for it!

    If you’re ever in Massachusetts with nothing else to do, I could use a shed and deck… 😉 Oh, and no poison oak in my yard (but there is some poison ivy in one area).

  17. alex - aabcampos2


  18. Less talky more tappy

  19. very nice pergola, was that a kit or did you design it yourself ?

  20. Congratulations !!! Always a lot of work to have a wedding. I have a few acres and we have done 2 receptions and 1 wedding here. It feels like it will never be ready lol Last wedding there was over 200 people here. We just had a college graduation here with 120 people. It went well and we didnt run out of beer lol

    • This was a pretty well-mannered bunch. 130…with wine left over! But lots of mixed drinks and microbrews…

      • Hope it lasts as long as the gazebo I designed and built 35 years ago. Last time I drove by, it was still standing.
        I’ve seen fences fail in less time.

        • And one would hope that the marriage endures far beyond that! These two are a great couple…

          • Mine has – so far.
            Although the family priest told my MIL that her daughter’s marriage to a heathen Protestant wouldn’t last “She’ll come to her senses”
            (Thank goodness I still keep my wife confused)

  21. Congrats, Patric! So beautiful. 😊

  22. Wowwww. Way to make all other Fathers’ of the Bride look bad! 😉

  23. Just beautiful! Congratulations! And what a great dad you are!

  24. Great pics, great projects! And beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing. Hope the poison oak is healed.

  25. How wonderful Patric!

    Thank you for sharing the day with us 🙂
    I love weddings ♡

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