Homerpalooza Free Donuts

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with something real quick.  Most of you are just getting to unlocking Nick Delacourt, so you’ll notice this in the next few hours or the coming days. (or you already noticed it)

For this event EA’s done something a little different (and in my opinion BETTER)….you can now earn bonuts BEFORE you’ve completed the prize track! In this case once you’ve completed the main questline, which requires you to unlock Nick Delacourt and make him Rock on the Rock stage, you’ll see the bonus round popup:

So for every 5,000  you collect after getting Nick Delacourt (and making him rock), you’ll have a chance for 1, 2 or 3 donuts!

This is great because now if you, for some reason, don’t make it to the final prize on the Act 1 prize track you can still earn free donuts!  And you’ll earn free donuts just for getting to the final prize.  Between Nick and Peter (the final prize) you’ll earn enough cuffs to go through 4 bonus rounds!

Remember, to trigger the bonus round you’ll need to complete the Act 1 questline.  Turbo Tapping version can be found here.

Pretty sweet change in my opinion!  Rock on Tappers!  And happy bonut collecting!


61 responses to “Homerpalooza Free Donuts

  1. Ill say its crap. Been using him onstage all the time, now ive been wondering where ny bonuts are after completing the prize track. Now i wasted a lot of time….


  2. Earning extra Bonuts (and KEM Farming) – thank you, EA!👍


  3. Hi.

    Does finishing Nick Delacourt’s questline give event currency or can I finish it after the event? I’d rather have him jamming on stage.


  4. Is this maybe EA trying to make amends for the gross miscalculation of the last one, where non-paying players failed to get the final prizes?


    • That’s somewhat of a misrepresentation….many non-paying players did compete the prize track, but, yes, it took a bit more effort than usual to do that.


  5. I love this feature! Best…Update…Ever! Thanks EA!

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  6. I figured it was accidental.


  7. So much premium stuff guess they had no choice lol


  8. I feel I’m really struggling with getting enough cuffs up to final prize. As of today, I’m about 3000 cuffs away from unlocking Nick. Would be much further behind had it not been for the daily reward.

    Good news indeed. Hoping to bump up donuts count from 200.


    • Are you filling the smaller stages first in order to get the maximum bonus? I wasn’t until I read Safi’s strategy, I was always filing up the Rock stage.


  9. It feels more like Nick being the last prize (even the act 1 quest line stops with him), and everything else is more like “bonus”. Maybe this is just to make casual players feel better if they don’t reach the end of the prize track? It stresses the fact that the last two prizes are a bonus for the dedicated tappers and/or donut buyers.

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  10. Donald MacAlpine

    Hmmm. I unlocked him and completed the questline over a day ago, but no sign of this quest yet.



  11. Sweet! Ever since I bought the 2fer of Sungazers I’ve been chugging along at or just ahead of schedule to get everything, but the last couple events haven’t yielded any bonuts for me. So seeing them actually do something this kind is insanely awesome and actually makes me a lot looser gripped on them as a freemium player.


  12. I don’t have Nick Delacourt yet, I’m about 3000 cuffs from unlocking. Would you guys say I’m behind? I hope I can catch up cuz I really want the final item :/


  13. “… now if you, for some reason, don’t make it to the final prize on the Act 1 prize track …”


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