Welcome Super Safi!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

For those of you who watched Addicts Live last week, you’ll know that we announced that Safi is now part of the Addicts team!

You may know Safi from the comments, as the creator of the Bracket Battle Challenges (you’ve all come to love) and even more popular, the writer behindt he super crazy detailed Kwik-E-Mart Farming post (free donuts anyone), as well as a host of other posts (he’s been writing guest posts for us for years now)!  He’s definitely detail orientated and totally into the stats and math behind the game!

We’re incredibly excited to have Safi join the staff more regularly and help out when he can!  So be sure to pay Safi the same respect in the comments you would any one of us!

Welcome aboard Super Safi!  We’re thrilled to have you as part of the team!

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  1. From another Canadian, welcome !!!

  2. Bienvenu! Welcome! Woohoo! Safi!
    I still do not quite understand the KEM concept. I will have to get into it eventually. Thanks for all that you do

    • Turn on the collider. Build KEMs. Tap the checkmark to finish the build and collect lots of XP (which helps fill up your XP meter, which levels you up, which earns you a donut or, once you’ve reached Level 939, a set of bonus boxes). Sell the KEMs back to recoup 25% of what you paid for them. Repeat building, collecting, selling every four waking hours.

      To maximize the effectiveness, do everything you can to increase your bonus multiplier (and hidden bonus XP-only multiplier, by building and placing Springfield Heights buildings).

      The concept is actually quite simple….what can be a little tricky is figuring out the right number of KEMs to build that allows you to keep your cash level reasonably stable. There’s a spreadsheet out there, but you can do it by trial and error, too.

  3. Congrats Safi! Great job! Amazing! Awesome!

  4. What a great addition to the leadership of our lives! I always love your posts in every way. Congratulations and Thank You!

  5. Safi, you’re Major League now! Congrats!!

  6. Glad it’s official! Congrats, Safi! You’ve been great at answering everyone’s questions for a while now. And your bracket polls always have interesting results. Thanks for your hard work!

  7. Congrats, thanks for your posts nice to have you as an “official” part of the blog team.

  8. Nice one Safi. Appreciate everything you do already anyway.

  9. Sooper Dooper Safi ♡

  10. Dude, I always knew you were a part of the Addicts team. I’m just glad it’s now official.

    Congrats Safi!!!

  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    Yay Safi! Love the avatar 😊

  12. Awesome! You’ve always been so kind in taking the time to answer my questions. A great addition to the team!

  13. Welcome Super Safi

    Thanks for all the easy D’ohnuts 👍👍👍

  14. Congratulations Safi. I have enjoyed your comments over the years.

  15. How wonderful! Congratulations Safi, well deserved and about time. 😉 I love the super Safi avatar.

  16. Really nice addition! Welcome Safi!

  17. Welcome! Glad to see it’s official.

  18. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    Nice! Safi is awesome 🙂 Reading his stuff has been a major help to me and is always enjoyable

  19. Congrats from Nova Scotia! Love the bracket battles and thanks to your KEM farming posts, I’ve saved lots of real $$$! Merci! 🙂

  20. Congrats Safi! I’ve certainly been enjoying all your posts! Keep up the good work. 😀 RachelS

  21. Safi, great to know you’ve officially joined the Addicts Team!

    I have recently benefited personally from two of your posts regarding Jam Sessions (on why some characters can only jam at certain venues) and KEM farming (played TSTO for 2 years but only discovered this past 2 months, mainly because I finally have accumulated $30M and wanted to find an alternative to get more donuts, instead of Blood Ambulance farming). Very in-depth stats and thoughtful analysis! Thanks!

  22. Félicitations Safi. Je suis ravie pour vous (on peut tutoyer maintenant?)….💜X

  23. Very smart to give us a taste of your writing while holding out for a good contract. I’ve been getting worried by Alissa’s getting too old comments, hope this helps (the stress not getting older).

  24. Congrats Safi! Missing you in the banner playing an instrument. 🙂

  25. Amazing and well deserved. Keep those posts coming :p

  26. Any info on the new character/building combo?

    • As always, there’s a SIB coming.

      For my 5 cents (we stopped using pennies in Canada a few years ago because the cost of copper had gone up and it was costing more than 1 cent to make a 1 cent penny, so now our smallest denomination is the 5 cent nickle – so instead of my 2 cents, you get my 5 cents), Lt Smash doesn’t help with Jam Sessions or the event. He has an annoying 4 hour task similar to Norbert and Arnie Pye, that if you tap the screen on his flying drone, you’ll automatically be taken to Classified Records. He has some fun dialogue. If you’re a premium player and have donuts to spare, go for it. If you’re a farmium, get it if you like him (personally I loved the Party Posse episode). If you’re freemium, pass.

      • So that’s what I’ve seen in some neighbor’s game. I tapped it and it said “Join the Navy”. I admit, it is fun to see in others towns but a hassle when it’s in your own and you’re trying to do something. Congratulations on joining the writers here. I really like your articles.

      • The good thing about Lt. Smadh’s drone is that you almost need to right on it to be zapped to Classified Records.

        My sister returned from 5 years in Australia when her husband was transferred back to the USA. There are no pennies there. Instead, the price is rounded down or up to the closest Nickle. Apparently, you get used to it.
        Me, I long for my defunct, departed Penny gumball machines.


        • I wish! Trying to collect my KEM farm, that damned drone took me away, like, at least four times, maybe five. LT is now joining Arnie and Norbert as the three charters I’m mostly keeping on their 24-hour tasks, so they’ll stop annoying me. (I’ve also been sending the Rabbi on his 24-hour task a lot, but that’s just because I like to watch him play chess. 🙂 )

  27. Can we ask him to not flash that ugly undershirt though 😂

  28. Welcome, Safi! 😎

  29. Congrats Safi!

  30. Welcome!!! Get better soon

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