Addicts Blogiversary: All About YOU! 4 Years Later

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So here we are, 4 years and 10 days into the start of TSTO Addicts & what a wild ride it’s been!  We’ve had faces come & faces go (and some faces come back again), but through it all we’ve been your #1 go to site for TSTO info & for that we are truly thankful.

In honor of our 4 year blogiversary we asked you guys to tell us a little more about yourselves.  We wanted to learn more about who you guys are & what your tapping habits are & we wanted you guys to learn more about each other! (we’ve done this for every Blogiversary as well) And, as always, you guys came through and we learned some interesting facts about you!

As always you guys blow me away by the number of responses to the poll & I’m even more blown away by the stats!  So I’ve been tinkering away compiling all of the data and putting it all into fun graphics and charts & now the time has come to share those results with you! (and shout out to Pat for helping me with a big chunk of the graphics)  So let’s break it all down, shall we?

Curious about how things changed over the years?  You can check out the 2016 results here, 2015 results here, 2014 Results here & our 6 month results here..

First let’s take a look at the age breakdown:

Once again most of you are in your 30s and 40s, last year was the first time it shifted from 20s and 30s.  We’re all getting older together…

Much like TSTO itself, it looks like there are still more Boy Addicts around here than Girls.  We gotta get on this ladies!  Invite your friends, TSTO isn’t just for boys…remember we’ve got Shredded Ned! 

I still love that so many of you are tapping, reading and working!  I’m totally one of you (especially if you add blogging to that list, considering I’m writing this post while at work lol).  And it looks like Brooders is still buying rounds for everyone at Moe’s! 

Looks like most of you have been playing TSTO for over two years (or Forever!)…love love those long time tappers, just like us!  (and this makes total sense as we see the community “grow up” along with us…)

And of course….

Careful up there!  Wook is very protective of his Cheetos…

A big chunk of you are Hybrid players.  But I am surprised that there isn’t a lot more of you that are Donut farmers.  It definitely INCREASED from 2016 (when only about 17% of you farmed those donuts) but still not as high as I thought it would be.  Interesting to note that the number of PREMIUM players has stayed about the same.  Even with all the donut farming opportunities.  Perhaps those that spent money in the game, can’t be bothered spending the time to donut farm & will always spend money in the game?
Either way, it looks like EA certainly isn’t losing money from the increase in free donuts.  Interesting. 

Oh and…

More About You…



Our US readers still dominate the top spot, but it looks like we’ve increased our European readers by 2%.  And those from the land of Oz have ticked up slightly too.

Oh And….

Your Best and Worst


Stonecutters keeps its top spot as your favorite TSTO Event.  It’s held this spot every year except for 2015 (when Superheroes, the original, took over).  What is it about Stonecutters that y’all love so much?  The pure awesomeness!  And EA has NEVER come close to creating an event that’s as loved as Stonecutters…maybe they should try. 

Your second favorite major event?  The 2016 Casino Event (8% less popular than Stonecutters).  Third favorite?  Around the World 2017, followed by Homerpalooza (yup the current event), followed by Superheroes 2015, then Monorail, then Halloween 2013, then Whacking Day, and rounded out the top 10 are Clash of Clones & Halloween 2015. 

Details for all of these events can be found here (except Whacking Day, we weren’t a site back then)

For the second year in a row, a new event took over for your LEAST favorite Major Event.  (2016 it was TapBall & 2015/2014 it was Easter 2014)
You guys REALLY hated the Christmas/Winter event from 2016.  By over 5%. And quite honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of covering it either.  We briefly talked about it on the latest Addicts Live (I hated it so much I actually cursed about it!) but we’re really going to get into it this Fall on Addicts Live.  So stay tuned for that.  Hopefully, I’l have my dollars ready for the swear jar!
Next least favorite event?  Easter 2014.  Everyone’s still bitter about those darn eggs!  BUT, and this honestly isn’t directed at anyone, EA did give us a super cool tool with that event.  The Bunny Zapper.  Where you could scroll around your screen and collect all of the bunny tappables pretty quickly.  I really wish it was a fixture for all events.  That one was fun.
Spots #3 and 4 are a tied between Tap Ball AND Time Traveling Toaster.  Surprisingly you guys weren’t a fan of Homie and his toaster. (despite the pre-event excitement).  And rounding out the top 5 Superheroes Sequel.  Much like in real life..the Sequel is never as good as the original. 

In 2016 EA announced there would no longer be traditional Level Updates for TSTO.  Instead they would be replaced by “Mini Events”, like Springfield Games.  Here are your thoughts on the “Mini Events”…

Looks like you guys still love those mini events.  Honestly, I do too.  They’re fun to cover.  Nice quick 2 weeks. New content.  Fun dialogue.  Good stuff. 

Deep Space Homer is still your favorite Mini Event.  And it’s your favorite by A LOT.  Over 10%.  There’s something about your first.  (OK so Thanksgiving 2015 was technically the first one, but Deep Space Homer was the first non-holiday themed one)
Next on your list was Pride 2017 (which is interesting, and you’ll see why in a minute), followed by Pin Pals, Homer’s Chilliad and rounding out the top 5 is Springfield games (narrowly beating Rommelwood Academy). 

Your LEAST Favorite Mini Event…

Ironically Pride 2017 was your second favorite Mini Event, but also your LEAST favorite Mini Event. And it was your Least favorite by a good 6% margin.
This was followed by Rommelwood, Springfield Games, Valentine’s Day 2016 & Pin Pals rounds out the top 5 Least Favorite.
So what does this tell me?  You guys are a strange group! lol

I love that most of you have been with us from the start, or close to it!  It means a lot to us that so many of you have stuck around for the last 4 (!!) years & we’re so thankful for the support!

And Finally

Bottom line of all of this?  You guys are awesome and we loved getting to know more about you!!!  Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about each other too!

Special thank you to everyone who took the time to do the poll!

What do you think of the results?  Are you surprised by any of the numbers?  Do the results for favorites and least favorites surprise you? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

55 responses to “Addicts Blogiversary: All About YOU! 4 Years Later

  1. Time traveling toaster was, without a doubt, the biggest disappointment. They could have done so much with it, but they punted. I started playing during the Stone Cutter event. It seemed so fresh and exciting. I guess there’s nothing like your first major TSTO event. Ahhhh. I wish I could have won everything during the Stone Cutter event, but I had so few characters to play with. I never thought then that I would ever get to where I am now. And, yes……I’m still shocked at how few people farm for doughnuts. It’s all about the doughnuts people.

    It’s been a fun ride so far. I hope EA ( and TSTO Addicts) keep it coming.

  2. How does the group define “artists”?

  3. Nice to see Mexico represented!

  4. I don’t think there are enough Old Tappers left to remember the Horror of Valentine’s / Easter Past (earn a token, spin a wheel for lame prizes)!😅

    Halloween is still my favorite Events (sorry you Noobs missed out on prior Thanksgiving Events that were funny), Stonecutters is my favorite Event that’s not tied to a Holiday!👍

    Let’s see if EA will listen to Tappers regarding what we want for Halloween / Christmas (I had fun last year, even though the Pagan – Wiccan theme was underwhelming due to not enough Springfield Character participation)

    • I remember those events where you had to spin the wheel. It was fun, but a little bit frustrating when the wheel stopped so close of the prize you wanted!!

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