Homerpalooza 101: Jam Sessions for Act 3

Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield! That’s right the rock fest has begun! One key aspect introduced in Homerpalooza is Jam Sessions.

NOTE: This post is the conclusion to Act 1 – Rock and  Act 2 – Pop ~ Jam Session 101’s….

Jam Sessions:

So in this event, similar to a few events in the past (TapBall, Superheroes, Halloween come to mind), you’ll be tasked with sending characters on a secondary task.  In this case it’s Jam Sessions.

From the Event Hub or in the top right of your screen, click on the stage icon to send characters to Jam Sessions.

Jam Session Stages:

Jam Sessions are conducted at four various stages in each Act. In Act 1 – Rock, Jam Sessions were conducted at the Rock Stage, Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, and eventually The Simpsons House (if you unlocked it in the prize track). In Act 2 – Pop, Jam Sessions were also conducted at the Pop Stage, Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, and eventually Springfield Elementary (if you unlocked it in the prize track). Finally in Act 3 – Hip Hop, your Rock characters (identified by the logo) and your pop characters (identified by the  logo) will continue to have Jam Sessions at their four respective stages. However, you’ll now also have Hip Hop characters (identified by the  logo) that can have Jam Sessions at the Hip Hop Stage, Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, and eventually Krusty Burger (when you unlock it in the prize track).

As you may have noticed, Moe’s Tavern and Kwik-e-Mart are listed as venues for your Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop characters. Every time you go to conduct a Jam Session at these two venues, the game will randomly assign whether the stage is a venue for your Rock  characters or your Pop  characters or your Hip Hop  characters. The game will only show you the characters that can jam on that stage at that time. It will also be indicated at the bottom of the event hub whether the stage is Rock, Pop, or Hip Hop. As it’s random, you could have one of nine possibilities for these two venues:
1) Moe’s Tavern = Rock, Kwik-e-Mart = Rock
2) Moe’s Tavern = Rock, Kwik-e-Mart = Pop
3) Moe’s Tavern = Rock, Kwik-e-Mart = Hip Hop

4) Moe’s Tavern = Pop, Kwik-e-Mart = Rock
5) Moe’s Tavern = Pop, Kwik-e-Mart = Pop
6) Moe’s Tavern = Pop, Kwik-e-Mart = Hip Hop

7) Moe’s Tavern = Hip Hop, Kwik-e-Mart = Rock
8) Moe’s Tavern = Hip Hop, Kwik-e-Mart = Pop
9) Moe’s Tavern = Hip Hop, Kwik-e-Mart = Hip Hop

Jam Session Characters:

Various characters can Jam (perform on stage) to earn more event currency.

In Act 3, Rock characters that can jam at any of the four Rock stages are the same ones from Act 1 that have a blue icon next to them, and include:

  • Homer
  • Apu
  • Rev. Lovejoy
  • Dr. Hibbert
  • Lisa
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy
  • Shredder Stevens
  • Freddy Freeman
  • Rockstar Maggie
  • Nick Delacourt
  • Peter Dabbruzio
  • Rockin Otto
  • Weird Al

In Act 3, Pop characters that can jam at any of the Pop stages have a pink icon next to them, and include:

  • Lisa
  • Bart
  • Milhouse
  • Ralph
  • Nelson
  • Alaska Nebraska
  • Leon Kompowski
  • Maggie
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy
  • Rockstar Maggie
  • Weird Al

In Act 3, Hip Hop characters that can jam at any of the Hip Hop stages have a green  icon next to them, and include:

  • Lisa
  • Apu
  • Dr. Hibbert
  • Milhouse
  • Rappin’ Bart
  • Krusty
  • Maggie
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy
  • Alcatraaaz
  • Weird Al

4 characters can jam at the Rock, Pop, or Hip Hop Stage, while only 2 can jam at Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, Simpsons House, Springfield Elementary, and Krusty Burger. If you fill a stage, you get 200 bonus event currency ( in Act 3).

Star Management:

The more frequently you send characters, the better the character will get (i.e. Practice Makes Perfect), and as a result, the more event currency they will earn. The goal is to get your characters to 5 star performers to earn the most event currency possible from each Jam Session, as higher star ranks earn more rewards from Jam Sessions.

Each character has a base star value:

Star Ranks Characters Currency Payout
1 Star Homer, Apu, Rev. Lovejoy, and Dr. Hibbert 25
1.5 Star Weird Al Yankovic, Nick Delacourt 37
2 Star Lisa, Bart Mihouse, Ralph, Nelson 50
2.5 Star Bleeding Gums Murphy, Shredder Stevens, Freddy Freeman, Rockstar Maggie 62
3 Star Maggie, Alaska Nebraska, Krusty 75
3.5 Star Leon Kompowsky 87
4 Star 100
4.5 Star 112
5 Star  Alcatraaz 125

As shown above, 1 star characters earn 25 event currency. 2 stars earn 50 event currency, 3 stars earn 75, 4 stars earn 100, and the maxed out 5 star characters earn 125 event currency.

When sending characters, you get 200 bonus event currency for filling the stage, so best to fill those stages up.

Upgrading Characters:

Each character requires 80 star points to rank up to the next half star. Each Jam Session awards the character 5 star points. So it takes 16 Jam Sessions to be upgraded to the next half star. Alternatively, you can spend 1 donut per 5 star points (or 16 donuts to level up a complete half star) – though we never recommend spending your precious donuts to do so.

Time commitment wise, it takes 4 hours per Jam Session, 16 Jam Sessions to upgrade half a star, so 64 hours to upgrade half a star. Homer, Apu, Rev. Lovejoy, and Dr. Hibbert will require 8 half-star upgrades to reach 5 stars, so that’s 512 hours or 21 and a third days of practice. This time commitment is reduced by 64 hours for every half star a characters base star rank is higher than 1 star.

Tips and Tricks:

Be sure to check out the Act 1 post for Tips and Tricks; including filling your smaller stages first, completing the task for free after 3 hours and 36 minutes, and lining up all 8 stages to have fans migrate there.


And that’s it my friends. A few quick tips to make Jam Sessions in Springfield rock, pop, and hip hop….

What are your thoughts on Jam Sessions? Have any other tips or tricks you can share for Act 3? Rank up any Act 3 characters yet? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


54 responses to “Homerpalooza 101: Jam Sessions for Act 3

  1. If I send maggie to jam with rockstar maggie will there be a collapse in the space time continuum?

  2. different tip for you.. If you don’t WANT to pull all your stages together (i have put the 3 large ones in a sort of arena), but the Simpson’s house and other small venues are part of my Springfield that i don’t want to pull apart so i’ve positioned my 4 teleporters beside them so i can “jump” from venue to venue to collect fans 🙂

    • You can also just tap on the Stage Icon (upper right corner) and us that to go to each stage and performance venue. When you go to each one it actually moves you to that location. Pretty simple.
      This way you don’t have to move your transporters around if you use them to get around your springfield in normal play.

  3. Safi wrote an amazing article every Tapper should read if you want to maximize your Jam Earnings per 4 Hours ….

    You can appreciate what EA offered up (New Characters vs NPC’s, New Buildings) – but EA also deserves to be called out on Act 3 (Character Skins / Decor are not a motivation!)

    I’m Kem Farming before Halloween 2017 starts – grateful for Act 1 & Act 2 (thank you for Weird Al) but Act 3 is meh!

  4. Am I the only 1 who thinks they should have at least 1 character to play hip hop?

    • But all these characters listed in the post can play at Hip Hop venues:
      Dr. Hibbert
      Rappin’ Bart
      Bleeding Gums Murphy
      Weird Al

    • I for one dont see the reason for all the stages if we dont have the caractures to fill all the spots 😠

  5. I have been doing the auto select but dont have enough caractures for the last 2 stages krusty and moes? Am i doing something wrong?

    • Do you have all premium characters? The only way to fill all 22 spots on all the stages is if you have all the premium characters, including BGM, the Sungazers, Rockin’ Otto, Alcatraaaz, Leon.

    • Auto select is not usually the best way. Always fill the two slot stages first and use the characters that can only play one style first then two then the ones that can play all styles can always play on what’s left. I have everyone playing this round and have no one left to play on my hip hop stage. I have some premium not all.

  6. I have 3 stages with no one to play them in act 3. I need a better strategy!!

  7. Give enough the number of slots… should we even bother unlocking Weird Al for hip hop?

    Seems like characters required would be better off collecting regular currency.

  8. Just got my ALL THINGS VINYL prize – 24 build time.
    Tomorrow 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Tomorrow 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  9. My only question is… How does Safi get all the info I need in one post? I find myself searching replys for an answer I require. I bow down to Alissa, Wookie and Cranky ol’ Guy. Great post Safi. (I miss Bunny)

  10. Seems a bit unfair for freemium players; 22 open slots and only 16 freemium characters. How many donuts to buy the rock sign, the jazz hole, the mansion, and probably-more-than-one-try at the hyperstage just to get the other characters? That’s a lot to ask. Without them, way fewer bonuses and way more difficult to reach the end.

    • That’s the way most of these games work. They entice you to spend in order to make your path to the end easy. The nice thing about EA/Tapped Out compared to other “Miniature Inc”-like games is that even if you are freemium, you can attain all the prizes with hard work. You don’t HAVE TO be a premium player to complete the event prize track. While freemium players will miss out on as many rounds of bonuts as their premium counterparts, completing each Act is not that difficult. I’m a farmium that has a few of the premium characters. I’m currently 3 characters short, but already have 54k of the 144k bling required (37%) under two days into the 14 day final Act.

      I wouldn’t call it “unfair” at all. Our premium counterparts that pay for the donuts are the ones who are paying the developers who made this event. If anything, I would argue that it’s “fair” that they have an easier time for being the ones spending money to support the game.

  11. Hard one this with 8 stages, haven’t filled them yet, tried all ways I think, still ahead and should complete although only tapping 3 times a day at the moment

    • I fill smallest stages first using only those with dedicated stages (e.g. homer and lovejoy for a small stage). Then I work backwards up to the larger stages. Usually what I have left is the characters that can go on multiple stages and can fill them up. So far I have been fairly good at getting the stages filled with all 22 characters.

  12. I find it less complicated to fill the non-changing 2 person venues first …simpson house, springfield elem, and krusty burger…all with single capability performers. Then I fill my rock stage, pop stage and hip hop stages as far as I can with single and then double performers (but not Wierd Al and Rockstar Maggie…this will make sense in a minute).
    One of the last two venues ( KEM or Moes) will alway get assigned the “triple threat” performers, Lisa and BGM as a set, since they can play anywhere(and soon Wierd Al will also be in that category).If either KEM or Moes is Hiphop, they will always go there first, since I have fewer hiphop performers. If you do it right, the last 2 slots will go to Wierd Al (pop/rock) and Rockstar Maggie(pop/rock)….easey peasey. 😁
    A note: This will not work if both KEM and Moe’s are hiphop, actually nothing will since we don’t have that many hip hoppers.

    • That’s a great strategy, but it also won’t work if the last two venues are hip hop and pop combined or both pop (not just both hip hop). There are 7 rock-only characters (4 Sungazers, Otto, Homer, Rev. Lovejoy). If there are only 6 rock spots (Rock Stage and Simpson House with no random venues), ultimately 1 rocker has to sit out no matter how you configure the other venues. I was looking at the issue the wrong way earlier: it’s not too few pop/hip hop performers; it’s too many rock-only ones. No matter how you slice it, there have to be 8 rock-specific spots to use all 22 characters.

      • It will still work if the last two are hiphop and pop or both pop…or any combination except both hip hop.
        1st venue – Lisa and BGM can do either hiphop or pop or rock.
        2nd venue – Otto and Rockstar Maggie can do either pop or rock.
        You’re right about an extra rocker… can’t do anything about that…I sometimes have Homer out of the jamming entirely.
        I will also still be short one hip hop performer for the stage if Moe’s or KEM calls for hip hop performers, but that will change down the road.

        • I usually leave Lovejoy out if I have enough Rockers, so he can work the Railyard. My game is ALWAYS in need of Metal! (Heh heh, metal…rock music…hahaha!)

          Although having nearly all my Plastic recyclers busy with event tasks occasionally is an issue (I do have Uter, so that’s something), like I said, I always need Metal, so it was kind of irksome to have to drag Krusty off the play HipHop! Poor Burns (heh) has been recycling all by his lonesome…😉

          Heavily considering Alcatraaaz & BGM right now – I even paid for donuts! 😊

  13. I fill the 2-slot venues first, then do the main stages. I fill first with jammers who can only do that music type. I do sometimes have empty slots, but it’s not often.

  14. Is anyone else finding that for being “random,” the combo is leaning heavily towards hip hop and pop? Even with all 22 characters it is impossible to fill every spot on all 8 stages (22 spots) unless at least 8 spots are rock (at least until Bart or Weird Al gets hip hop ability so there’s 1 more character who can be on either type of stage). I’ve now had 3 rounds with all 8 stages and 2 of them have left me with the dreaded hip hop/pop combo and a main stage that’s 1 character short. Is this a common problem or am I just really unlucky?

    • I’m filling all slots- except I don’t have Rocking Otto so I’m one slot empty.
      I start by using my single task characters, and then use dual talkers to fill in and finally use my triple taskers..

      It’s working for me.

      • I’m doing the same thing. I can always fill 21 spots (what you’re doing without Otto). The problem comes when you don’t have at least 8 rock spots. In that case, you can only fill a Max of 21 spots (until you unlock Bart or Weird Al for hip hop). I guess this is EA’s way of keeping the Weird Al tasks relevant after the 500 bling prize.

        • There’s actually a much simpler explanation. I forgot there are 7 rock-only characters. So assuming you have every character (all 22) unless you have at least 8 rock spots (Rock Stage, Simpson House, and at least one of the random stages), you’ll always have a rocker sitting out (and 21 of the 22 spots filled). Adding the Bart skin and/or making Weird Al eligible for hip hop makes no difference. Why then would there be any incentive for someone with every character to complete the Weird Al Act 3 quests (beyond the bling and possibly the currency if you really wanted it)?

  15. My Weird Al game didn’t reset, it still shows closed from Act 2. How to get it to reset so I can start playing it? I like to complete it quickly so I can start getting donuts!!!!

  16. ThatOneWeirdTap

    The jam sessions are okay, but it is annoying how most characters can play different genres, and that some venues are random. Sometimes I fill every spot, and sometimes there is a whole stage and venue empty. If there are the pop and rock stage left to fill, it says I have 4 people for rock, and 4 for pop; Rocker Maggie, Alaska, Al, Homer, Bart, and Apu. So if I fill the pop stage with Bart, Alaska, Maggie, and Al, thinking there are still 4 left for Rock stage, I go to fill it and I only have Homer and Apu.. I’m still sticking by not purchasing more jammers, as I can tell they will return at some point.

  17. So many characters, so many venues and venues that switch, it’s become a chore to make sure you have the right performers to fill them all out.

    • I know! I am starting to feel I need to make spreadsheets and flowcharts whenever it’s time to set up the jams.

      • I already have a sheet with all scenarios laid out 🙂

        • I keep making charts and checklists…

        • Where can I find this sheet?

          • I’m at work right now, but can post scenarios when I get home this evening.

          • I’m still at work, but answered Trevor on the calendar post. Trevor is freemium and I recommended this:

            First start with 2 spot specific stages:
            Simpsons House (Rock): Rock only characters Homer and Rev Lovejoy
            Springfield Elementary (Pop): Pop only characters Ralph and Nelson
            Krusty Burger (Hip Hop): Hip Hop only character Krusty and Hip Hop and Rock character Apu

            Then second go to 2 spot multi-purpose venues:
            Moes and KEM (both Rock): Nick, Peter, Dr. Hibbert, Weird Al
            Moes and KEM (both Pop): Bart, Milhouse, Alaska Nebraska, Weird Al
            Moes and KEM (both Hip Hop): Dr. Hibbert, Milhouse, Maggie, Weird Al
            Moes and KEM (Rock and Pop): Nick and Peter on Rock, Bart and Milhouse on Pop
            Moes and KEM (Rock and Hip Hop): Nick and Peter on Rock, Dr. Hibbert and Milhouse on Hip Hop
            Moes and KEM (Pop and Hip Hop): Bart and Milhouse on Pop, Dr. Hibbert and Maggie on Hip Hop

            Then lastly fill your three main 4 spot main stages with whoever can play on them, as you’ll definitely have empty spots.

            This method will allow you to at least get an extra 1,000 bling in 5 bonuses for filling 5 stages.

          • I assume this will work for premium players too?

            • Yes, you just have more options, but yes, exactly the same logic. Start with the same Step 1 (just substitute Hip Hop only Alcatraaz for Dr. Hibbert at Krusty Burger).

            • I just replied to gzzziy on another thread. Here’s what I recommend for premium players:

              Start with:
              Simpsons House (Rock only) = use Rock only characters Homer and Rev. Lovejoy
              Springfield Elementary (Pop only) = use Pop only characters Ralph and Nelson
              Krusty Burger (Hip Hop only) = use Hip Hop only characters Krusty and Alcaatraaz

              Now unlike freemium players who should do the multi-purpose Moes and KEM venues next and save main stages for last; premium players should go to the main stages next:
              Rock Stage = Rock only sungazers Peter, Nick, Freddy, Shredder
              Pop Stage = Pop only Alaska and Leon, Pop and Rock only Rockstar Maggie, Pop and Hip Hop only Maggie
              Hip Hop Stage = Rock and Hip Hop only Apu and Dr. Hibbert, Pop and Hip Hop only Bart and Milhouse

              This leaves you with 2 spots each at Moes and KEM and 4 characters left: the universal Lisa, the universal Bleeding Gums Murphy, the universal Weird Al, and Rock only Rockin Otto.
              If either Moes or KEM are Rock, put Rockin Otto there, and the other three can go anywhere.
              If neither Moes or KEM are Rock, you can fill three of the four slots with the other three, but one slot will sit empty and Rockin Otto will be chillin, not jammin.

  18. I earned my final Land Token and was then informed Krusty Burger was a Hip Hop venue.
    I’m only missing Rocking Otto, so now, with Star upgrades, I’m earning just under 4,000 every 4 hours. By Friday, all but my newest characters (Maggie, Krusty) should be at or very close to 5 Stars.

    So my “comletionist” side is now driving me NOT to finish the Quest Line, but, rather, to hit 5 Stars on everyone.

    I don’t think it’s possible for Maggie and Krusty, unfortunately.

    I’ll be a failure…..

    • After I earned all the prizes, I switched to always using the lowest star characters first, to build them up to 5 stars, but for some I won’t get there either. Annoys the heck out of me as well. 😉

    • Technically it is possible. It would take 10 and 2/3 days and you have 14 days to do it.

    • What I find annoying is that the only way to fill all 22x slots now is to pay for Rockin’ Otto. 120 donuts for a skin/sign was too much for me.

      • You don’t need to fill all of the slots to stay ahead on points. I haven’t filled the slots at all and am already almost two days ahead.

        • Given I have 21x performers, finishing was never at risk. I wrapped up Act 1 and 2 with many days to spare.

          The annoyance was just at how far EA is going to push users for premium purchases. Even after using donuts for sungazer, BGM, Leon, and Alcatraaz… still not enough for EA. They would still like us to buy the Rockin’ Otto.

  19. Safi thanks for the info but give me a page break 😛

  20. Your post is fairly comprehensive, thanks. My only query, is that on the start up picture of the game it shows Marge playing the keyboard, but it seems that she never actually gets a chance to appear on stage. Shame really, I’d like to have seen her rocking it out. Welcome to Addicts

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