Should I Spend Donuts on Alcatraaaz and his Mansion?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield!  That’s right the Hip Hop fest has begun!  Our stores are now jam-packed with premium items just tempting us to drop our sprinkles on!

Of course with that limited-time label, it can be tempting to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Alcatraaaz and his Mansion to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this C.F.A. rapper to your town…

Character: Alcatraaaz
Building/Decoration: Alcatraaaz’s Mansion
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts
Earns: $500, 45xp/24hrs
Indolence +10
Jam Star Rating: Starts at 5 stars

Leaves stores September 12th

-Helps with Jam Sessions, and starts at a full 5 stars
-While the kind of beat a dead horse with the questline, it is pretty funny dialogue
– Will use his mansion for all of his indoor tasks

-Pricey for a character/building combo, especially a one-off character/building
-Does not have a 4hr task, outside of using the Hip Hop stage.  Not sure if this will change after the event or not, but as of now you can’t send him on a 4hr task via the Unemployment office

Final Thought
A fairly typical premium character.  He’s got a set of tasks and a questline, but there’s nothing really spectacular about him. Although he is voiced, which is nice. It’s nice that he can Jam, if you need help.  And really nice that he starts at 5 stars.  But beyond that, he’s just another over priced 1 off character.  (I do like his mansion though…)

Freemium players, I’d pass on this one.  Just not worth spending your donuts.  At this point, Alcatraaaz is the last premium character for this event, so either save your donuts for Halloween or spend them on BGM, if you haven’t already. (Also, i do think we may be seeing items that left the store return again so you may want to wait until next week before you do anything.  Again, this is me thinking, so don’t shoot the messenger if it doesn’t happen)

Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and as I premium player I can tell you I’ll likely pick him up (I do really like his mansion, it’ll go well in my Springfield Heights mansion area…if I ever finish it).   But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before he leaves our games for good (or for now).

Here’s a look at his tasks…

Alcatraaaz’s Permanent Tasks:


Task Length Earns Location
Raise His Sneaker Game 1hr $105, 70xp Outside/Visual*
Enjoy His Financial Security 8hrs $420, 105xp Alcatraaaz’s Mansion*
Watch Padz on the Shoe Closet Plasma TV 12hrs $600, 150xp Alcatraaaz’s Mansion
Hang With His Entourage 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Alcatraaaz’s Mansion

He can Jam for 4hrs on the Hip Hop Stage

*GLITCH ALERT* Alcatraaaz’s 1hr and 8hr tasks are bugged.  Currently, his 1hr task does the aniamtion for his 8hr task (which is to go inside Alcatraaaz’s mansion), while his 8hr task has his 1hr animation (visual task for Raising his Sneaker Game).  Hopefully, it’ll be corrected soon.  Just looks like the coding is flipped. 

What are your thoughts on Alcatraaaz and his Mansion?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring them to your Springfield? Did you already?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

46 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Alcatraaaz and his Mansion?

  1. I bet a college (football?), mini event will be coming after this event. Might want to save your doughnuts for that and/or Halloween. I will get Jay G though.

  2. Alcatraaaz and his Mansion

    If you have the space (Mansion is huge)
    If you need the Jam Character (it’s voiced – yes!)
    If you got 150 Donuts / Bonuts to spare
    It’s a no brainier !👍

    If you’re easily earning from Jamming
    If you’re not happy with Act 3 Prizes
    If you’re better off Kem Farming
    I’m right there with you!😐

    • Okay, I passed on the last two comments you made about “better off KEM farming,”but since this is third time you said it, I have to ask, “why is it either/or”? How does KEM farming detract from your ability to buy premium stuff, like Alcatraaz?

  3. My brother bought him and was angry he wasted his hard earned donuts. A definite no . Just sooooo expensive. Maybe for say 90 or 100 .

  4. What is BGM?

  5. Nahhh… too far outside my “real Springfield” model.

  6. Alex - aabcampos2

    Don’t know why… but his house reminds me a prison….

  7. I’ve been debating this, was waiting for this SIB. At first I was like… Why not? Then you reminded me Halloween is coming up! By far my favorite time in Springfield. This year I want to be sure I have enough doughnuts for everything. EVERYTHING.

  8. These SIB posts crack me up. Just think if this was a Stock Market or Bradford Exchange blog. The amount of work you all do is staggering, as I used to tell Tony, “You’re GRrrrrrrate!”

  9. I bought Alcatraaaz. The character & the house are very cool looking. I’ve set the house up in Heights with the gold brick wall surrounding it & the Bling Cup out front. Need some more blingy stuff to give him! Might put some gold tree’s or something in there.

    I do love his line about the flatscreen TV in his shoe closet 😀

  10. I already have Jay-Z’s mansion and other mansions, so likely skipping this one. I am also doing fine with the event currency, so do not need for that.

  11. I forgot about the Halloween event and was considering this character or Apu’s Apartment. I’ve had the Christmas decorations for Apu’s Apartment, in inventory, for a few years now.

  12. Purchased it around 2 am. I wasn’t sure about it when I pulled the trigger, but I love this character!

  13. I bought it because full time job and other things have made keeping up with event currency a pain….so the bonus from 5 stars is nice..

    Alison in a completionist, and I like the mansion

  14. MasterMarvel180

    I have 147 donuts, but I prefer to continue to accumulate until Halloween, if there is a vault with old prizes

  15. ThatOneWeirdTap

    I’m leaning towards no on this one, I really don’t think he is worth the donuts compared to the Jay G rebate. I’m gonna wait for him to return, we will most likely get a Music Event Part 2 as there are still lots of things to add. If he returns on rebate or not, I’ll probably pick him up when he does.

  16. On vacation with limited online access, so I got him to maximize my event income until I get back home. (Might have gotten him anyway, since I’m donut-comfortable right now, but not positive, since he’s not hugely appealing to me (although his house is nice).)

  17. I bought him! Wanted his help with the Hip Hop performances. I’m normally a freemium player but made exceptions during this event…. Bought Google Play gift cards and so far have purchased BGM, Otto/Rock Otto, Freddy Freeman + Shredder Stevens, and now Alcatraaz. I’m a bit afraid to try for the Homerpalooza mystery box. I’d really like to get Rock Star Maggie, and another TSTO tapper had posted a theory that one is likely to get whichever mystery-box item is all the way to the left on the display when the purchase is made. So when Rock Star Maggie and her building were displayed that way, I took a deep breath, spent my donuts, and got that stupid Barney blimp…. In happier news, I have given my Alcatraaz a very gaudy compound in Springfield Heights… Complete with fountain and castle walls/gates/towers.

  18. When it comes to character or character/building combo’s, and you’re either a premium or farmium player, the answer to “should I buy?” is always: Yes.

    • If you have zero interest it should be no. There’s still some sensibility to be had. Especially if you’re using cash. I put actual money in the game, i don’t farm donuts, I think before I purchase. I don’t buy every combo that hits.

      • You can farm donuts with just the level 60 characters. Good for at least one purchase an event. You may need to augment with $ if you want slot but it’s quick and saves money. I recommend for everyone.

        • To each their own on whether they go Farmium or not but I personally think that if I’ve got to log in every 4 hours anyways, I might as well go KEM farm. It seems quicker to me to KEM farm 30-35 KEM and just send all my characters on 8-12 hour jobs with the unemployment office. I play the same amount of time and get more “free” stuff!

      • Thanks for the perspective. I still don’t understand why more people don’t farm doughnuts. I’ve been doing it so long now, that it’s second nature. Just part of the game.

        • It’s part of your game. My game is more building a Springfield I like. I also don’t do it because it’s time-consuming and I don’t want a million things in my town just to boost my bonus %. My Springfield doesn’t need 100 tennis courts..only Marge has the costume for it 😉
          I put money in the game because I enjoy the game and want to support EA to continue TSTO. Just because I can get thousands of donuts for free, doesn’t mean I would. I’m happy dropping $100 in the game every 6 months or so. It’s my entertainment. My husband spends way more on his Season Tickets to the Phillies lol.
          I know not everyone can afford to drop $100 in the game, nor do they want do, but they spend less (maybe a scratch R here or there) and still get most of what they want.
          The beauty of TSTO is everyone plays the game differently. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you have to. 🙂

    • I agree that characters are the more interesting part of TSTO.
      A criteria I use is whether it will complete a “Character Collection”.
      It’s a nice feeling when I get all characters for any collection.

      Alissa, can you add that to the info you give?
      e.g.for Alcatraaaz
      Character Collection – Homerpalooza Hip Hip 2017


  19. Never heard of him….
    Normally I would splash the donuts and get a character like this just to help with the event,(that comma is for Sandra, because I don’t want to get in trouble) but I’m not doing it this time.

    Managed to get time to tap on my phone at work earlier but the combination of small screen and no glasses, had me tapping Jebedia Springfield like crazy …….he’s on an indoor task now 😃

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my neighbours, who sent me lawyers towards the end of the first two acts….and in turn I sent lawyers to neighbours who looked like they needed a little help, however……I don’t want neighbours who are doing ok to think I’ve forgotten them, ….some of you are so popular, it’s never possible to drop off any lawyers in your town as it’s always full😃


  20. petshopboy1980s

    He’s voiced on my game.

  21. He “is” voiced, which was surprising, and pretty funny.
    Talking about a “flatscreen tv…in his shoe closet”. Sorry for spoilers, but he is indeed voiced

  22. Isnt his mansion used or could be used as a venue too for the hoomerpalooza event?

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