Turbo Tappin’ Homerpalooza: Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Wowsa!  Homerpalooza has made a big ol’ splash in Springfield!  What better way to cap off the summer than with a huge music fest in Springfield?!  Complete with not only the character we’ve all been dying to get in our games but another Helpful Guest Star in Springfield…WEIRD AL!

For Act 3 of Homerpalooza you’re tasked with working your way through the Hip Hop Vibes in Springfield…including Jam Sessions, funding Weird Al’s bedazzling habits, making it rain money in Springfield and stopping Homer from getting pecked to death by Jay G’s Goose…

As was mentioned on the run down post  Act 3 of Homerpalooza runs until September 12th (when the whole event ends), and you’ll need a whole lotta bling to get things started….

Don’t forget the Questline will help you get some bonus prize currency…so make sure you complete it to earn that extra currency…

Let’s take a look at the quick walkthrough for the third (and final) Act of Homerpalooza…

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Build the Hip Hop Stage- 14,600 

Completed Task Earns 25  10xp

Straight Outta Dumton Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Krusty Jam on the Hip Hop Stage- 4hrs

Completed Task Earns 25  10xp

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 3
Homer starts

Unlock Rappin’ Bart- 83,200 

Completed Task Earns 25  10xp

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 4
Milhouse starts

Make Bart Practice a Show- 4hrs, Earns 125, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 25  10xp

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 5
Milhouse starts

Make Bart Jam on the Hop Hop Stage- 4hrs, Earns 50

Completed Task Earns 25  10xp

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 6
Lisa starts

Reach Level 20 and Build Town Hall
Make Springfielders Propose Festival Round Ideas- x5, 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp Freemium and $420, 105xp Premium

Completed Task Earns 50  10xp


And just like in Act 2, once you finish the Act 3 Questline (complete Pt. 6 of Straight Outta Dumbton) you’ll have a chance for Bonuts! Yes, for every 15,000  you collect AFTER completing the questline (questline, not the prize track) you’ll have a chance for 1, 2 or 3 donuts!

Pro Tip: If you tap “Do It” on the More Hip Hop task box it’ll take you to where fans are in your Springfield.  Great way to find them quickly, aside from our other tips we wrote about here.

What are your thoughts on the Act 3 questline of Homerpalooza?  Any items you’re excited about getting?  Which premium items will you be adding to your musicfest?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

52 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Homerpalooza: Act 3

  1. Finished act 3 a couple of days ago but despite continuing tapping fans and doing musical acts haven’t gotten any bonuts. Really bummed about that.

  2. I’ve just reached the finish of Act III and got Cletus’ Monster Truck, however without Manager Cletus outfit. Does anyone know what else needs to be done to get it?

    • Check your inventory perhaps. I immediately had the outfit and had his quest pop up. Did your quest pop up? Perhaps going to the task in the task bar and clicking “Do It” will find the costume? As mentioned elsewhere, he is a premium character in that skin, so let’s hope you can find it yourself. If not, you’ll have to contact EA.

  3. ACT 3 👎

    Not worth it (for me) 👎
    2 Character Skins + 1 Building + 1 Decor (not even counting 3rd Stage) 👎

    C’mon EA !
    We got a New Character for ACT 1 / ACT 2 😐

    Better off Kem Farming

  4. Anyone else cheated out of the rebate when buying the observatory?
    Y’all said in the vault post I’d get 20 donuts back-FakeNews?

  5. I’ve been playing this game since the 90s, and this is the worst event since the meteor killed all the dinosaurs! And why isn’t there anything else to craft? This is preventing me from complaining about how stupid the excessive number of things I have to craft to use up my useless crafting currency are and how they are all going into storage along with all these event prizes i’m going to complain about not winning if I don’t log in every 4 hours including while i sleep.
    And why are all my neighbors quitting? This must be the end of this stupid game – good thing since I haven’t had any downtime to allow me to complain about having to wait for an event to start.
    And why won’t Weird Am hip hip?!
    And where’s my calendar?!

    • Lol…
      I did the calendar but didn’t realize you were mostly kidding until the last line….

      • 100% kidding – all the way.
        Not a bad event at all, just can’t believe the consistently negative feedback that always shows up when we hit the home stretch of Act 3.
        Games ARE supposed to be fun, right?

        • Sometimes I think that, for some folks, complaining is half the fun, especially when I see the same people complaining how bad each event is, and, yet, for some otherwise unfathomable reason, they’re still continuing to play the game.

      • 100% kidding – all the way. Spent too much time reading the threads

  6. I have 2 towns. My first unlocked Krusty and Maggie and my other one only unlocked Maggie. What’s wrong with this?

    • Maggie automatically unlocks right at the end of Act 2, as soon as Act 3 starts. Krusty Burger as a venue has to be earned and unlocks once you unlock the second prize in the prize track – the free land token.

  7. Blinging OUT the Hip Hop Stage! 🙂
    Lots of great gear from Da Heights to use on this venue. A couple from the Space Event, (glowing plants). Some goodies from the Casino Event. Got me some hot tubs and nonsense back stage ( and even some over priced statues from that Claw-grab mini-game) My Jam looks like a video straight out of Yo! MTV Raps! (the 90’s just called, they want their bling back….) I knew hoarding would pay off… 😉

  8. So after unlocking the hip hop stage, I have now exactly the number of characters to fill all stages (of course when figuring out the best configuration in regards to genres). When I unlock the next venue, it will be pointless, as I just dont have players for it. When I unlock Bart’s skin, it won’t make a difference, as he is already used in pop, so the new venue will make a difference only when I unlock skin for Cletus. The only players so far offered that I dont have are Otto (I had him from before and wasnt gonna spend that amount for just a skin) and Alcatraaz (I haven’t decided on him yet, but I’m inclined to pass as I have already bought BGM, Leon and Sungazer duo during this event). I had Rockstar Maggie from earlier.

    I don’t even want to imagine how players, who cannot afford (or don’t want) to buy extra characters, and new players, who aren’t levelled up to have all the “normal” characters, feel about filling all those venues.

    • Unlocking Bart’s skin may make a difference because, remember, there are a couple of venues that randomly change what kind of music can be performed there.

      • but its not another jammer, it doesnt matter if i use him on pop or hop, there always will be two (after getting cletus one) spots left, purely because the number of spots is greater than number of jammers

        • Exactly & to be honest you will still collect all the prizes if you do not fill up all the stages. As long as you tap regularly.
          In the 2nd act I did not really pay too much attention as to where I placed my characters & still finished with 2 days to spare. So no sweat this Act either.

          • Yeah, you definitely don’t need all the characters. I don’t have three of them, and despite that I’m already 1/3rd of the way to the final prize at just under 48,000 bling. Just keep tapping, jamming, visiting 10 neighbours, and dropping lawyers.

            • On the flip side, with limited tapping ability for the past week, having all the characters (except for Weird Al’s hip hop ability and three two Act 3 hip hop skins) has allowed me to, surprisingly, end up *ahead* of the calendar by the time I got home. This ability to play stress-tree has been the best thing about turning farmium – much more than even being able to buy stuff that I probably wouldn’t have been too upset to have had to pass on, if free donuts were still hard to come by.

          • Well, my complain wasn’t about finishing the prize track, it was about the abundance of stages. The krusty burger venue is basically useless, unless one has bought every single premium jammer, and for many people the same goes for several venues.

            What I think they should have done, is have fewer stages, but open more spots at the stages according to the number of jammers we have. So instead of having 3 main stages with 4 spots and several venues with 2 spots, there could have been fewer smaller venues that would have initially 2 spots, but extra spots would open with your progress.

  9. Anyone else’s Weird Am thing not update for Act 3? It’s stuck on Act 2 for me.

  10. This is easily the most uninspired prize track ever. Seriously, two flippin’ skins?? Those better earn at premium rate. And don’t get me started on the Weird Al prizes. I’m not even going to bother with those. I’ll just grab all the bonuts I can and then I shall forget this act asap.

  11. Whew. The end-of-event complaints are coming fast and furious. Some things never change.

    Except for the weak event storyline (which has become a regular criticism from me) this event has been marginally better than Secret Agents and a whole lot better than TTT. This event has leaned heavily on visual tasks which has been great and I’ve enjoyed the fun song lists for the jam sessions as well as building a festival area. Normally I’d gripe about skins on the prize track rather than characters but I’ve been wanting Tapped Out to give us a skin for Cletus so the game gets a pass from me this time.

    On the negative side, visiting neighbors and dropping lawyers has been a pain and three acts of time-consuming Weird Al tasks seems unnecessary. I’ve also missed not having a mini game included in the event.

    Overall, Homerpalooza hasn’t been without its flaws but this has been the second best major event of 2017 behind Destination Springfield.

    • Agree with most of this. The Weird Al tracks are a total waste of time….500 bling…really !!! This could have been a fun part of the event but may as well have closed after Act1.
      Love the detail in the stages though, certainly a plus for me & a couple of worthwhile characters. So all in all not a bad event but looking forward to a bit more from EA in future events.

  12. Is it just me or am I unable to do any of Weird Als Hip Hip task. It’s still sitting on the Pop tab and evey time I press the Hip Hip one it saying to wait and see whats i store. My characters aren’t on tasks then either.
    Any idea?

  13. When/how does the 3rd Weird Al bit trigger?

  14. I loved this event. I’ve always loved this game, so when they do the same things again and again, I’m ok with that. I love it!

  15. The worst event ever! Been a fan from the beginning. You succeeded in alienating me from playing your game again.

    • So one bad event is making you quit? Why not just ignore it and wait for the next one? Or do you play only for the events?

    • You’ve been playing since the beginning and consider this the worst event ever? Even worst than last Christmases Pagan event???
      I love this event, and I’m having fun with it.
      Amazing how the programmers come up with all these ideas every few months.

      • What about easter 2014? That’s certainly worse

        • Maybe because I was still a fairly new player at the time or maybe because it happened too long ago to remember well but I enjoyed that event. I mean, that was the event with the bunny stunner. How fun would it be to have that for this event? Call it a stun gun to zap all the unruly fans! ⚡️😀

        • Hey, give him a break! It’s an opinion and he’s entitled to it – as are all of you. I think this event sucks; you all think it’s brilliant. Fine. Let’s just agree to disagree.

          • Are you yelling at me? Because I’m not attacking anyone. I just said certainly Easter 2014 is worse.

          • I’m not yelling at anyone! I just have an addiction to exclamation marks! I thought they would make what I said sound more authoritative! It’s something I’m working through! Medication and quiet contemplation helps! I previously had an issue with question marks, but I think that has been resolved? Oh, damn?

          • Somehow I get the feeling that those who,thus far have responded to this particular thread are not among the 4%ers (I think that is the correct number from the Addict survey)
            Time to get up, let my wife sleep, and head down to ‘coffee’ with the neighbor.
            Retired, and relatively, STRESS FREE!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ve only been playing since April this year, so I don’t know much about previous events…but aside from being a bit drawn out, I don’t see what’s so bad about this event??

      Getting BGM, Leon, Alaska, Rachel & Alcatraaaz is pretty sweet.

    • Hang in there! Take a break. Just keep telling yourself “HALLOWEEN IS COMING…”🎃🎃🎃

  16. Why are we chasing our tails for skins ??
    The previous events and the first acts of this gave us full characters ( and some odd skins and NPCs ) but not this time – or did I miss something ?!
    Wish I could trade crafting tickets for something with a bonus % boost or reward $ value too, who wants a few hundred useless spotlights ( or am I just being cranky ?! )
    Guess I’m playing purely for Bonuts, then…

  17. Just bought the observatory in the vault- no rebate-cheated out of 20 donuts-rip off

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