Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield!  That’s right the hip hop fest has begun!

As with almost all events, neighbor actions play an important role (some events more important than others).  So let’s breakdown the neighbor actions available for Act 3 of Homerpalooza, so you can know all you need to know to earn that precious event currency and unlock all the Hip Hop prizes…

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I broke down all of the big details on neighbor actions in this post during Act 1

Here’s the info about Neighbor Actions for Act 3….

Honestly, I feel like I could just write THE SAME AS ACTS 1 and 2, then end the post.  But I’ll break it down…

What Are the Neighbor Actions For Act 3?

You’ll still have the TWO types of Actions available for this event…tapping Fans and Lawyers. I broke all of those down in great detail during Act 1, so I won’t go into it again.

You’re still allowed to tap and clear 3 fans/neighbor’s town that you visit in a 24hr period.

And it’s still only allowed 30 Actions/Day that will pay out event currency. 

As a reminder, that’s not 30 neighbors/day with 3 taps each.  No, that’s 30 Actions/day.  Meaning 10 neighbors with 3 days each (or 30 neighbors with 1 tap each). Not a whole heck of a lot, at least compared to other events.

Here’s what they pay out for Act 3…

Each fan you tap, until you’ve maxed out your currency taps, will earn 15 guaranteed.  100% of the time the Fans you tap in a neighbor’s town (For those first 30 actions) will drop 15 .  (so that’s potentially 450/day from fan tapping in neighbor’s towns).

This is up from 10 during Act 2, and 5 from Act 1. 

So what about tickets (for crafting) and lawyers?

For every fan you tap in a neighbor’s town (for those first 30 actions) there’s a 25% chance they’ll also drop 8  (for crafting)…incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

This is up from 4 during Act 2 and 2 during Act 1. 

And the lawyer drops remain the same.  For every fan you tap (for those first 30 actions) there’s a 20% chance it will drop 1  (Lawyer)….incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

As a reminder:
-No, you do not have to leave fans untapped in your town for your neighbors to find.  Clear all of your fans at any time in your own town, it won’t impact your neighbors.

-No, tapping fans in your friend’s town won’t impact the number they see in their own town. And no, it doesn’t add any benefit to their currency total.  Tapping fans is purely for your own benefit.

-And finally, yes.  Yes, it sucks finding them in a friend’s town to tap.  I 100% agree with you, totally sucks.

As far as Lawyer drops go…they are unchanged from Acts 1 and 2.

Lawyers payout 12 and 2  100% of the time for each one.  If you find one in your town and tap it you’ll earn 12 and 2  for each one you tap (and the neighbor that placed them there will too). And if you place one in a friend’s town you’ll earn 12 and 2  for each one they tap (or don’t tap).

Basically look at every lawyer you have as 12 and 2 , and every lawyer you see in your town that you manage to tap as 12 and 2 .

There’s still a 4hr timer on the Lawyers once dropped in a neighbor’s town, or your own town.  Once dropped you (or your neighbor) have 4hrs to find them.  If you don’t clear them in 4hrs you’ll miss out on the 12 and 2  you could have earned from tapping (clearing them).  HOWEVER, your neighbor will still earn 12 and 2  regardless if you’ve tapped their lawyer or not. (and you will too if you dropped one in a neighbor’s town)

A Reminder: Other Springfield has a 24hr timer.  So if you drop them there you won’t get credit on them for 24hrs.

And I think that covers all of your burning Neighbor Action questions for Act 3.

What are your thoughts on the neighbor actions for Homerpalooza? Getting the hang of Lawyer dropping? What’s your neighbor strategy? (personally, I’ve only been dropping lawyers, too tedious and not worth it to tap fans in their towns) Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

33 responses to “Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 3

  1. How do you send tadpoles to the other Springfield?

  2. I put 183+ lwayears in my friends town in one sitting got nothing out of it as I haven’t got the rewards and it have been more then a day

  3. I haven’t seen any lawyers in my town for all of act 3. I play 8-10 times a day. Had to reload the game from playstore twice because it hung constantly. I’m pretty sure my 50 friends have dropped lawyers at some point. I got lot of lawyers in act 1 and 2. Weird.

  4. @IndianaUnderwood

    What does it mean when it pops up and says “Your lawyers have been cleared!” And it says “friends who helped you:” and lists their names… I always get a ton of currency and tickets, and it only pops up when I revisit my Springfield after a few hours away. Like, how do friends “help” other friends? Why can’t I clear them all and get this big bonus? Or is it just showing the amount I got in the past four hours and there isn’t a bonus, it’s just a pop up statement? Lol, the Homerpalooza bank statement… 😹

  5. You all do great work here. It’s rEAlly appreciated by this particular tapper.

    I wish EA would give a pop up to tell you when you have no more laywers in town – much like the fans. Been playing almost since the beginning and my Springfield is large. Sometimes I forget how many I’ve found. (Don’t get old…or chronically ill.)
    Other times, people haven’t left 10 in town (not a complaint on them) and I’ll find the 3 or 5 they left and keep looking – basically wasting my time doing so. So many other things I could be wasting my time on…

    • I only visit during an event when then are stationary target to tap. With this I Event I drop lawyers and IF I find a fan I’ll tap him/her.

      • Yeah that has been my play. Visit every 2 or 3 days. have 50ish lawyers to drop. I alternate front to back, back to front so hopefully hit everyone. Drop 2 or 3 lawyers in each town. If I see a fan, tap them. Find that by the time i have dropped all my lawyers (some towns can’t as not playing, or full) I have tapped my daily quote of fans. Maybe just me, but towns that I can’t drop lawyer, the fans seem to be huddled on the screen where it opens, towns where i can drop lawyers, very hard to find fans??????

        Maybe just luck. I haven’t paid that much attention, but just have that feeling.

  6. Ok… now that it’s act 3 and likely thEA won’t fix it at this point, there’s a great lawyer glitch on iOS that can reap huge rewards. Drop as many as you can in friends towns, then set a timer for 3 hrs 55 mins. Leave the game, but open the app every hour or so. Do not force close the game or go to Krustlyland during this time… goal is not to have a splash screen with the “synchronizing” message. Once the timer goes off, go back into your game. Once you know it has been at least 4 hrs 1 min since you dropped the last lawyer, go to Krustyland and wait for the bling/ticket payout pop up. Then go back to Springfield and tap on the Simpson house. You should get a second payout of the same amount… which means… DOUBLE BLING AND TICKETS! It’s been working for me since Act 1.

  7. When will you do a SIB ON JAY G bundle? It only has a couple days left.

  8. I only go to Other Springfield once a day and love that a message pops up in my town telling me it’s ready. I wish that would happen during non-event times also.

  9. I have almost 500 lawyers to give out but based on Acts 1 and 2 I should be able to finish the event and get Bonuts without any problems. I’m really thinking of just not dropping the lawyers or going to friends towns; sorry, but just not worth the RoT (return on tapping?)

  10. I’m confused…when going to a friends town to tap fans, you can get something from tapping the lawyers in a random town? I’ve tapped them before, out of disgust that it’s sooooooooo easy to spot them NOT in your own town!, but never saw any benefit… help.

  11. Other Springfield also is>/em> a timer!
    For it’s a chore tapping all my 101 neighbours I do the following:
    One day I begin with Other Springfield, then 9 neighbours to the right.
    Next day, when Other Springfield is ready (timer,you see!) I begin there and tap 9 to the left (no conflict with neighboreenos to the right not being ready yet).
    So I always get the blingies and tickets and lawyers ’cause I know when to start 😉

  12. As with Acts 1 and 2, I will use the “stumble upon” method to find those lawyers. Too time consuming 😡

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