Songs in the Key of Springfield: Homerpalooza Edition

Monseiurs, Madames, Mademoiselles & Music Maestros,

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As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Well the launch of Homerpalooza has finally brought a musical event to our games and erased a potential ‘mistake’ as Nietzsche called it.

A big part of the Homerpalooza event are the Jam Sessions. But did you notice what songs your characters are jamming to on the Rock stage, Pop stage, and Hip Hop stage?

While the song that plays while you jam makes no difference, I’m sure some of you are curious to know what our characters are jamming to. Can you guess which song they are parodying?

I’ll start us off with the Rock Act, where The Stabfour “Let It Bleed” is a parody of The Beetles “Let It Be” (one of my favourite songs, if not THE favourite, by the Fab Four). Now it’s your turn.

NOTE: I’m sure some of you could figure out every parody. But to give more people a chance to comment, can you please try to limit your responses to one song from each Act.

Here’s a list of Rock songs from Act 1, listed alphabetically by band:

  • The Stabfour   “Let It Bleed”   =   The Beetles   “Let It Be”
  • Blinky 235   “What’s my DNA Again?”
  • Cletus ‘n’ Brandine   “Droolin’ Banjos”
  • Ear Poison   “Bells on a Hill”
  • Jefferson Duffblimp   “Surrealistic Pilsner”
  • Kodos and Sons   “Space Oddities”
  • Les Rock Stars   “La Vie en Rock”
  • Otto Band   “Rocky Mountain Superhigh”
  • Radioactive Head   “Nuclear Karma Police”
  • Sadgasm   “Margerine”
  • Sadgasm   “Politically Incorrect”
  • Sadgasm   “Shave Me”
  • Snake and the Dudes   “I Fought the Law”
  • Sungazer   “Hopin’ For a Dream”
  • Sungazer   “Me, Myself, and You”
  • Sungazer   “Journey to Tomorrow”
  • The Inbreeders   “Cornin’ Ball”
  • The Sideshows   “Back in Back”
  • The Talking Neds   “Psycho Preacher”
  • Van Houten   “Married with the Devil”

Here’s a list of Pop songs from Act 2, listed alphabetically by band:

  • Babes on Board   “Bigger Than Jesus”
  • Bowlararama   “Cruel Gutter”
  • Bumblebee Gs   “Que el Buzz es all about”
  • Cat Lady Perry   “I Kissed a Manx”
  • Four-Eyed Boyz   “Audio-Visualize”
  • Frink Sinatra   “New Dork, New Dork”
  • Globex   “Hammock District”
  • Lady Chainsmokers   “It’ll Kill Ya”
  • Lunchlady Dora   “Corn This Way”
  • Moe Szyslak Connection   “I Won’t Survive”
  • Moe Szyslak Connection   “Moe, Moe, Moe”
  • Party Posse   “Drop Da Bomb”
  • Party Posse   “Let’s Re-Up Tonight”
  • Party Posse   “Silent G”
  • Party Posse   “Special Girl”
  • Rag ‘n’ Bone Scotsman   “Not Human”
  • Springfield Gorgers   “Landslide”
  • Spuckler Family Singers   “Moonshine River”
  • That’s a Paddlin’   “Meme and Bobby McGee”
  • The Smitherses   “Boyfriend in a Coma”

Here’s a list of Hip Hop songs from Act 3, listed alphabetically by band:

  • Alcatraaz CFP   “529 Problems”
  • Ayn Rand Tots   “The Humpty-Dumpty Dance”
  • Boyz in Blue   “Fax Tha Police”
  • Bulliez with Attitudes   “Lunch Money”
  • Chalmers the Rapper   “Skin-NER!”
  • Jay G   “Monty Burnt”
  • Jay G   “Rhyme Crime”
  • Lil’ Skinner   “Mo Mommy Mo Problems”
  • M.C. Birthday & the Good Time Gang   “Blow”
  • M.C. Safety   “In Da Crosswalk”
  • Notorious C.B.G.   “Nuthin’ but a G String”
  • Old M.C.   “Busta Hip”
  • Pray-Z   “California Lovejoy”
  • Rappin’ Rabbis   “Goyz n the Hood”
  • Squeaky Voiced Teens   “Big Pimplin”
  • The Black-Eyed Nerds   “My Bumps”
  • The Legitimate Businessmen   “Whackin’ Day”
  • Wheezer feat. Milhouse   “My Retainer”
  • Willie and the Mops   “Push It”
  • Yeastie Boys feat. Duffman   “Oh Ya”

NOTE: Again, I’m sure some of you could figure out every parody. But to give more people a chance to comment, can you please try to limit your responses to one song from each Act.

In addition to guessing what one of the Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop songs are above, please share your 1 favourite song from these three genres of music. What is your favourite Rock song? What is your favourite Pop song? What is you favourite Hip Hop song? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

28 responses to “Songs in the Key of Springfield: Homerpalooza Edition

  1. Just as a sidenote and a shoutout for the length the developers go (thanks guys), when the game is played in other languages (like Brazilian Portuguese), there are some parodies of songs in that idiom as well.

  2. FYI: It was Frink Sinatra for “New Dork, New Dork”, but great job on the list!

  3. Anyone whose music tastes extend to stoner doom should check out a Melbourne band called Dr. Colossus – all songs are Simpsons-inspired but not performed in a “quirky” sense – this is straight-up stoner gold! New album The Dank just out; it and previous releases available on Bandcamp (can I say that, mods?). Great cover art too!

  4. I think you missed one. Lunch lady Gaga Corn This Way which is clearly “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Perform this Way.

  5. I am just curious, and maybe someone can help me out here. I was wondering if the stages will stay after the event has ended, because I tried to put them in my inventory but cannot do it unfortunately. Anybody might know something about it? Thanks in advance:)

  6. Well, just goes to show what you can miss with the sound turned off all the time. 🙂

  7. Sadgasm “politically incorrect” = Nirvana “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge In Seattle”
    Sadgasm “Shave Me” = Nirvana “Rape Me”
    Sadgasm “Margerine” = Bush “Glycerine”

  8. @IndianaUnderwood

    Sadgasm, that’s not Nirvana, right? Rape me/shave me, margerine/marigold,. Rocky mountain high is easy! Talking heads/talking Ned’s,

    Lol @ Yeastie Boys and Notorious CBG.

  9. I LOVE The Smiths’ “Girlfriend in a Coma” although talk about creepy lyrics

  10. Radioactive head-nuclear karma police=radiohead-karma police
    The black-eyed nerds-my bumps=the black-eyed peas-my humps

  11. Van Houten Married to the Devil = Van Halen Runnin’ with the Devil
    Moe Syzlack Connection I won’t Survive = Gloria Gaynor I will Survive
    Nuttin but a g string = Nothing but a g thing

    Favorite songs is tough for me, could change tomorrow. But:
    Rock- Metallica Enter Sandman
    Pop- Tiffany I think we’re alone now
    Rap- MC Lars Hey There Ophelia

  12. Rock:
    The talking Neds: Psycho preacher–
    Is “the talking heads: psycho killer”

    Bowlararama: cruel gutter–
    Is “Bananarama: cruel summer”

  13. So simple yet so evocative: “And as I climb into an empty bed … oh well, enough said.”

  14. I wont answer this one, but like “Boyfriend In A Coma” it made me smile too: The Inbreeders “Cornin’ Ball

  15. Jefferson Duffblimp “Surrealistic Pilsner”
    Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow

  16. Here is a couple songs I like, and thought the parody names were funny.
    Rock: Blinky 235 “What’s my DNA Again” parodies Blink 182 “What’s my age again”
    Pop: Rag’n’bone Scottsman “Not Human” parodies Rag’n’bone man “Only Human”

  17. Blinky 235 “What’s my DNA Again?” = Blink 182 “What’s My Name Again”, Cat Lady Perry “I Kissed a Manx” = Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl”, & I could name the correct song for a couple of hip-hop parodies, but not the artist. I’m terrible w/names. 😀

  18. Seeing this post gave me an idea, I wish that E.A put more effort into this event it had the potential to be one of the best or close to it. You could have had rides, food, prizes, the entertainment. But It would have been really cool if the event featured the songs that the characters have performed in the show or even characters have some as tasks, you could add the Jewish old guy with his pants down singing his task, Homer with “everybody hates Ned Flanders”, Kirk with “can I borrow a feeling”, stone cutters “we do” Mr. Burns singing “see my vest”, or Nelson signing his classic version of “joy to the world ” as he tries to entertain Lisa. Oh and cant forget the kid at the Springfield talent show ” my ding a ling”. (Awesome) I could go on and on cause almost every character sings something at some point these characters and bands like the “Be sharps” could’ve sang songs we’ve heard on the show. The parodies E.A put together and that Safi lists above are funny (and thank-you for putting together the post). I just had a thought and decided to share. Thx.

  19. Rock:
    Drooling Banjo’s = Dueling Banjo’s by Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith (from the movie Deliverance)
    Que el Buzz es all abou=What’s the buzz from Jesus Christ Superstar
    Hip hop:
    Not my cup of tea ☕️

  20. Being a newer smiths/morrissey fan….boyfriend in a coma made me chuckle…..hubby HATES morrissey…lol

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