Homerpalooza Removal Update is Live (New County Fair Mini Event Coming TOMORROW)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time for Homerpalooza to officially be removed from our pocket-sized Springfields!

Yes, the app store update to remove the event is finally live…

So check out your app store to download the removal.  As far as what’s new with the removal…..

Not much.  No new, real, content.  The fans/lawyer are now part of a premium NPC pack you can purchase…

For 50 donuts you can have permanent reminders of the Homerpalooza Event wandering around your Springfield forever….

I’m not going to do a Should I Buy on these.  They’re NPCs…you like them, but them.  You don’t pass. They’re purely for aesthetics in Springfield, no real benefit to your town. They do come with some dialogue (and they’re animated when tapped)

Groupie: So, does anyone remember where we parked the van
Hipster: As the most dedicated fans, I was assuming we would be the last to leave so it would be the last vehicle in the lot.
Millennial: I thought we took a –
Lawyer: *clears throat*
Millennial: *Smart device ride-share service.*
Lawyer; Phrase approved

And they complete their own character collection group…

Now as far as What’s Next?

It does look as if there is a County Fair Mini Event scheduled to start TOMORROW September 13th.  

And of course…you can see a sneak peak at what’s coming…

So for tonight, this is it.  But look for a new mini event to hit our games tomorrow, bright and early!

What were your thoughts on Homerpalooza? Get all of the prizes?  Excited for what’s next? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

68 responses to “Homerpalooza Removal Update is Live (New County Fair Mini Event Coming TOMORROW)

  1. Update is not working for me. I’m stuck in the app store unable to open my Tapped out. Very frustrated! I tried logging in earlier and got the update available notice. It sent me on a circular which brings me back to the same screen. Sent a message, anyone else struggling?

  2. I play Tapped Out on my tablet, and after the last update my game has switched from tablet to phone view. This means that the zoom levels are a lot closer than before (can’t see as much of my Springfield as I used to do) and the HUD / icons are a lot larger than they used to be. Happened a couple of times during Homerpalooza, but I fixed it by restarting the tablet. This does not work anymore. Has anyone had the same experience?

    • Same with my Samsung S7. The dialogs are hardly to read, icons are very small. Allthough I like the possibility to zoom in more than before the update menus and text are just too small.

  3. I updated my game and now it won’t open. Just says “Can’t connect to server”. Come on, 😣 I want to play!

  4. Sigh. My vault was changed once the take down update occurred… after a period of time filled with annoyance, frustration, and sadness, I decided to go on living and move forward. Surly the items I missed will return another week. I started saving donuts for the items in the new selection provided. Mini update occurred and I happened to check my vault – the selections have changed again!

    Dang it EA! “I’ve got no time for your demented parlor games!”

  5. My update also made me able to zoom out really much in tsto… Is this just a bug for me och is this really happening?

  6. I was wondering why my hootinany barn was giving me 6 ribbons instead of cash this morning. Must be part of the new state fair mini event 🙂

  7. Just cleared my town, and got a brief glimpse of a rosette/ribbon pickup from one of my buildings. Disappeared too fast to get a good look, but I think it said 6 rosettes. Intriguing!!

  8. Most of my premium choices are gone after the update. I was thinking about getting Quimby’s girlfriend and the hotel. But she’s not there. Has this happened to anyone else?

  9. I guess that the County Fair event currency must be ribbons. I noticed that, after the take down update, the Hootenanny Barn is now earning 6 ribbons instead of regular currency every 4 hours. I was curious what this currency glitch was from. Makes sense that a fair would use ribbons.

  10. Hope we get the Carnies!

  11. My Hootenanny Barn is already paying out 6 ribbons every four hours.

  12. My Hootenanny Barn is generating Ribbons already

  13. “T” is for her tooth filled mouth…..

  14. Maybe I am grasping at straws here, but am I the only one getting a Harry Potter vibe from that update description in the App Store? Magical maladies (St Mungo’s), the clash of colliding colors (when Harry and Voldy duel)… There have been many Harry Potter references in the Simpsons, including a THOH segment Wiz Kids in THOH XII… Please oh please let there be a Harry Potter themed THOH event!!!

  15. Au revior Hoomerpalooza!!

    I won’t be adding the music fans/lawyer to my town. A tiny bit tempted, but seeing the Quimborghini & Laura Powers in the Vault, I will be going for them.

    Characters for the Fair look interesting. I think that is the little girl with eyelash implants? 😀

  16. WTF, I guess I would have spent the 3,000 plus tickets or what ever they were to buy stuff, I was going to load up on fence and other things, but I guess not now! At least that was the plan, I thought the end date was still a couple of weeks away! Oh well…
    Just FYI… I love this site!

  17. I’m glad I can take that down. Since they didn’t have the bonus donuts going. But a mini-event tommorow? 🙄

  18. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    They should call them the NPC bundle. Sigh…. Definite pass for me

  19. Happy I splurged on event fences since it looks like they disappeared from the store. The New vault items are actually intriguing to me. Can anyone tell me the size of the cracker fountain? I was thinking of improving some of my factory spaces because they are mostly just the building with a few parking spaces and maybe some green space with a fence they are all pretty similar and awful plain. Wanna make them razzle dazzle.

    • The pack of four festival characters for 50 donuts is NPC!!!!!
      Not. Happy. Jan.

      • Did you think they were four full characters for 50 donuts? That would be completely unheard of in this game. Not sure why you’re so disappointed..

        • Well…we *DID* get the “Tourist Bundle” after Around the World, and that was 3 full characters (Premium earners, no less!) for 60 Donuts. Which was a lovely surprise, since based off previous offerings, one would assume a 3pk of characters for 60 Donuts would be NPCs…

          ( https://tstoaddicts.com/2017/03/16/should-i-spend-donuts-on-the-tourists/ )

          So, it wouldn’t -completely- unheard of, but yeah, definitely would’ve been unusual for this 4pk o’People to be anything BUT a collection of NPCs.

          T’would be nice of EA to give us more info on the store offerings in general, though. I mean, we currently have 2 Premium character+building offerings in the store, but they don’t even mention the character names…I can’t always remember every character that’s appeared in The Simpsons, you know? 😁

  20. 8am BST is when it will be released

  21. Do not want to see the fans in my Springfield! The last 16hrs waiting for the removal was annoying.. I didn’t visit neighbors so I didn’t have to search for fans. On the other hand, I kind of want the lawyer. Not that we need more lawyers in Springfield.

  22. So hypothetically, if there were to be new characters with tomorrow’s update, they could probably be seen already in a County Fair character group…

    • Hypothetically… 😉

    • How do I find my character groups? I’ve been looking for weeks!! And, can’t seem to find any help online. Please, someone, save me!!

      • It is an icon on lower left screen. Can’t remember if in move/storage setting or buy setting.

      • when you are in your town open the store, then in the far left corner of your screen (not actually in the store, but the whole playing field) there is a golden Homer statue, click on that!

      • When you’re either in the store or inventory, look at the bottom left of the screen. There’s a statue of Homer. That’s the character groups. 🙂

      • 1. Tap the Store button at the bottom right corner of your screen.
        2. Tap the gold Homer statue at the bottom left corner of your screen.
        3. You have reached the “Character Collections” screen. The collection at the very end of the list is for the upcoming mini event.

      • Ha – yes…it’s not the easiest thing to remember – took me a while before I could reliably remember how to find it.

        At any rate… Go into the store. In the lower left, you’ll see a Homer statue (trophy?). Click on that to enter the character collections. 🙂

      • 1) Select move item(s), second from lower right corner.
        2) Select Inventory box, lower left corner.
        3) Select Homer statue, lower left corner.

      • To find your character groups, tap on the build icon (hammer & saw) at the bottom right. Ignore the pop-up window and tap on the Golden Homer icon at the bottom left of your screen.

      • Hit the Store-Button (Hammer & Saw, bottom right), and when the store is open, there are two icons on the bottom left. The cardboard box is your inventory, the golden Homer statue leads to the character groups. For the new one, you have to scroll all the way to the left.

  23. Yeah, I got screwed on my Vault, too. I checked this morning and was planning to buy the Pet Shop and Jub Jub (and maybe the Observatory), and now it’s switched to new offers 🙁

    • Yeah, my vault changed to. Oh well.

    • Same thing happened to me….I was all set to pull the trigger on a coupe of things, but I was busy working and I thought I’d just deal with it tonight after work. It never occurred to me that the update would affect that! My concern is that my account is now “marked” as having gotten that set and I won’t see it again….I hope that’s not true!

    • Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t updated yet, so I went ahead and bought the cop car from my vault. Fortunately everything else in there sucks (small island, fireworks candy puppies store, little lady justice) so I would welcome new offers.

    • Yep me too. Thought I was gonna save to schell out doughnuts for Springfield sign…I guess not.

  24. Gonna have to reboot my device.
    Pictures in App Store are updated, but not my game
    Then agai, I’m on the west coast so I’m a little behind yall

  25. I was looking forward to some rest and going back to tapping two to three times a day, bit with the mini event hitting up our towns…..
    It has been intense but I enjoyed many bonuts and got four items from treasure chest, one was Rocker Magie, Sancho Bob’s skin, the Clampytheatre, and the Barney Zeppelin, quite happy with all of it. I have big crowds now scattered around Springfield, they bring atmosphere to my sports grounds and the Homerpalooza is still in full swing, despite the update. I still can send the iddle kids to play on stage for 4 hours, to entertain the crowds. Have a good night all or a beautiful day for the others!

  26. I thought I would be safe doing 24 hour tasks . At least some of my main are on 12 hour.

    • If you really need a character you can try storing them, or if that fails you can try storing the building they are in. I never do 24 hour tasks anyway… the most I’ll do is 12 hour tasks.

  27. Its not live for me yet I am on Android Google play store

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      Yay! I just got it from there and updated my Android tablet ten minutes ago after I noticed my neighborino had updated. I’m in Oregon and am Pacific time zone here

    • Try shutting down and then restarting your device–and visit the Google Play store again. I was in the same situation, and the shutdown/restart did the trick.

  28. Hi,
    The update seems to have removed the option to buy festival Fences (I think they cost $220).
    It wasn’t stated these were limited time items unlike the other homerpalooza stuff.
    Also the update has changed/swapped the items currently offered at discount in my vault because the Police car I was going to get has now disappeared.

  29. Not sure if this happened before, but after update my Vault content has been changed (but countdown hasn’t changed to 7 days from this change, it’s still showing 6d 8h now, so 7 days since the change before update). So if you are considering to buy anything from the Vault, buy it before the update, or you might be disappointed.

    • Vault content changed last night at 1AM PST, so it’s likely that is the cause.

    • You’re right! Wish I read this first. Hopefully others read it in time if they had a good vault, or get a better vault with the update.

    • Yeah I was about to report the same thing. Not that I really had a lot that was worthwhile in my vault before anyway. Ferris Wheel, Stunt Bike, Cracker Fountain, and the Mini-nuke. Not that the replacement was all that worthwhile either. BBQ Pig, Quimborghini, Burning Bush, and Springfield Museum of Natural History. At any rate I still picked up one of each but if you have something you like in the vault get it now before the update. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vault changed out again with the County Fair Update tomorrow.

    • Grrr yeah I got burned by this. Was excited to see the Yes Guy in my vault this morning and was going to farm on the weekend to get the donuts. After the update he’s been replaced. Disappointing.

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