Homerpalooza Removal Update is Live (New County Fair Mini Event Coming TOMORROW)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time for Homerpalooza to officially be removed from our pocket-sized Springfields!

Yes, the app store update to remove the event is finally live…

So check out your app store to download the removal.  As far as what’s new with the removal…..

Not much.  No new, real, content.  The fans/lawyer are now part of a premium NPC pack you can purchase…

For 50 donuts you can have permanent reminders of the Homerpalooza Event wandering around your Springfield forever….

I’m not going to do a Should I Buy on these.  They’re NPCs…you like them, but them.  You don’t pass. They’re purely for aesthetics in Springfield, no real benefit to your town. They do come with some dialogue (and they’re animated when tapped)

Groupie: So, does anyone remember where we parked the van
Hipster: As the most dedicated fans, I was assuming we would be the last to leave so it would be the last vehicle in the lot.
Millennial: I thought we took a –
Lawyer: *clears throat*
Millennial: *Smart device ride-share service.*
Lawyer; Phrase approved

And they complete their own character collection group…

Now as far as What’s Next?

It does look as if there is a County Fair Mini Event scheduled to start TOMORROW September 13th.  

And of course…you can see a sneak peak at what’s coming…

So for tonight, this is it.  But look for a new mini event to hit our games tomorrow, bright and early!

What were your thoughts on Homerpalooza? Get all of the prizes?  Excited for what’s next? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


68 responses to “Homerpalooza Removal Update is Live (New County Fair Mini Event Coming TOMORROW)

  1. Update is not working for me. I’m stuck in the app store unable to open my Tapped out. Very frustrated! I tried logging in earlier and got the update available notice. It sent me on a circular which brings me back to the same screen. Sent a message, anyone else struggling?


  2. I play Tapped Out on my tablet, and after the last update my game has switched from tablet to phone view. This means that the zoom levels are a lot closer than before (can’t see as much of my Springfield as I used to do) and the HUD / icons are a lot larger than they used to be. Happened a couple of times during Homerpalooza, but I fixed it by restarting the tablet. This does not work anymore. Has anyone had the same experience?


    • Same with my Samsung S7. The dialogs are hardly to read, icons are very small. Allthough I like the possibility to zoom in more than before the update menus and text are just too small.


  3. I updated my game and now it won’t open. Just says “Can’t connect to server”. Come on, 😣 I want to play!


  4. Sigh. My vault was changed once the take down update occurred… after a period of time filled with annoyance, frustration, and sadness, I decided to go on living and move forward. Surly the items I missed will return another week. I started saving donuts for the items in the new selection provided. Mini update occurred and I happened to check my vault – the selections have changed again!

    Dang it EA! “I’ve got no time for your demented parlor games!”

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  5. My update also made me able to zoom out really much in tsto… Is this just a bug for me och is this really happening?


  6. I was wondering why my hootinany barn was giving me 6 ribbons instead of cash this morning. Must be part of the new state fair mini event 🙂


  7. Just cleared my town, and got a brief glimpse of a rosette/ribbon pickup from one of my buildings. Disappeared too fast to get a good look, but I think it said 6 rosettes. Intriguing!!


  8. Most of my premium choices are gone after the update. I was thinking about getting Quimby’s girlfriend and the hotel. But she’s not there. Has this happened to anyone else?


  9. I guess that the County Fair event currency must be ribbons. I noticed that, after the take down update, the Hootenanny Barn is now earning 6 ribbons instead of regular currency every 4 hours. I was curious what this currency glitch was from. Makes sense that a fair would use ribbons.


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