In Groening News….New Futurama Episode!

Good News Everyone!  There’s a new episode of Futurama out today!

And before some of you yell at me…I’m sharing this here because there are a TON of you that are both Simpson fans and Futurama fans….so those that want to yell at me because this isn’t about the Simpsons, don’t.  Just ignore this post if you don’t like Futurama and read the TSTO related posts….and don’t worry I’ll have another TSTO related post up soon.  I just thought this might be a fun thing for folks to listen to. 

So a pretty cool thing happened, the creators and voiced actors of Futurama got together to make a PODCAST (ie Audio only) version of Futurama!  1 new Double Episode of Futurama!  Pretty Cool!

So for those that want to take a listen, here it is….

I listened to it on my way into work this morning, it was awesome!   I know this really was just a big plug for FWOT Game, but this was great.  I really hope they’re able to do more of these!  It was a lot of fun to listen to and it made my 45-minute commute feel like nothing, which was nice.

And for those that want to/do play Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow, check out FWOT Addicts for everything you’ll need to know about the tie-in event for this new episode.

And if you’d like more details about how this Podcast came to be, check out The Nerdist.

Did you take a listen?  What do you think of the audio only episode?  Do you hope they do more episodes like this? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

30 responses to “In Groening News….New Futurama Episode!

  1. The most worrying thing is that Alissa has a 45 minute commute,
    That’s 1hour 30 mins every day wasted on traveling that you could spend tapping …you should save time by moving closer to work, that would also be good for the environment ♻


  2. Futurama was my favorite show ever, even more than the Simpsons. Playing TSTO got me back into the Simpsons, but somehow Futurama is my fav…thanks for posting about the new episodes, I’m going to listen in my car too.

  3. Installed the game. Really looks and feels the same as the Family Guy game from TinyCo.

    It is too bad, since the actual town design is so limited. In TSTO you can usually design seamless areas and make them look pretty. This never worked for me in TQFS, always looked like stuff just got dumped there. And then, there is the whole broken events issue. Too bad, i really love Fururama. Guess I wll try for a while.

  4. Despite it being fan service and a plug for the game, it was still pretty fun, with some decent new material here and there. Plus, they got the entire cast to reprise their roles! Awesome! (Btw, search up some videos of Billy West quoting Trump in the voice of Zapp Brannigan, it’s hilarious.)

  5. I never really got into Futurama. However I remember the Jurassic Bark episode. Fry has flashbacks about his dog waiting for him to return in front of that pizza shop. Seasons pass and the pizza store owner gave him leftovers. Loyal to the end bitter end his dog waited and waited but Fry never returned. 🙁 Hopefully there’s a tribute to his dog in the Futurama game.

  6. I thank you for posting this!! Futurama is a fantastic show. I wouldn’t have known otherwise! Still trying to find my FWOT groove but I’m giving it a shot. 😋

  7. U know, if u didnt make this post i wouldve never known about the F:WOT addicts site. Now i dont have to rely on that reddit page. thank you.

  8. Thanks so much for posting this. I wouldn’t have found it otherwise. I’m a huge Futurama fan. I really appreciate it!
    I read this site all the time but don’t post often. I just wanted to say that I value what you all do a lot. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work!

  9. So tempted to try the game as I like futurama but heard its not very good???

    • It’s ok. It’s not TSTO, but it’s ok. You get into it

    • If you played Family Guy, it’s more of the same, but with the Futurama cast.

    • I wasn’t a fan of the Family Guy game method of unlocking characters (do X number of tasks), but was going to put up with it because I do like Futurama. Also not big on using my Facebook account to create a game account, but I planned on creating one that’ll just be used for the game.

      There’s a lot more to deal with vs. TSTO…like using microchips to upgrade characters, space travel (complete with fuel monitoring), pixelated battles (which I actually liked, though I only did two), as well as the usual “unlock land, build stuff, unlock characters by doing various tasks.”

      Why I stopped was a reminder of how The Quest for Stuff works…..all about getting every dollar out of the player. It happened almost immediately with Futurama: “Spend 4.99 for a jar of Nixonbucks!”

      No thanks. I know these games need people to make micro-transactions, but it didn’t even ease you into it like TSTO. Nope, they put a task on your list to make the purchase. I’m assuming it stays there until you do it.

      Now, the argument to this could be to ignore the task and just keep playing for free. I’m just not in the market to play another freemium game that asks me to pay, and I have a feeling this is going to get worse as time goes on.

      • I’m at level 41 and haven’t spent any real money yet. I’ve only not unlocked a couple of side characters who I have no real interest in anyway. They made it a little easier to accumulate pizza slices too. I am a little tired of doing multiple tasks to unlock each character then having to individualy level up each character though. I may quit after getting Zoidberg though. I’m only a fan of the core crew.

    • Thanks guys, drzk13 I agree, playing 1 freemium game and don’t have the money to spend, on saying that might be fun to have a go, then delete when I get stuck, especially if I need to spend to progress

  10. Downloaded the podcast episode, going to listen on my drive home. Thanks for letting us know!

  11. I see a lot of people have been saying it but…Thank you!! I love Futurama and never would have found this.

  12. Thanks Alissa – I never would have found that!

  13. Pretty cool idea. Personally Chris Hardwick and the Netdist kind of annoy me now. Used to listen, now Hardwick is everywhere, and feel like his “ah schucks, I’m just a goofy nerd” doesn’t seem genuine. I’m sure he’s a great guy and has built an empire, and has a great following. I got nothing against any of them, just not my cup of tea.

  14. I love Futurama! I may be risking my life saying this here but I like it more than the Simpson’s. Lol! 😀 I am going to listen to this later while doing dishes. Hopefully someday tgere might be some more animated episodes but I will take my Fry however I can get it. Thanks for Sharing.

    • lol i honestly don’t think you’re the only one. There are A LOT of Futurama fans here…

      This was pretty good, they did a really good job with the sound effects and narration. It was nice to listen to while doing something else, and not having to focus solely on the TV

    • I do too! 🙂 Sadly, TinyCo got Futurama, and the game doesn’t hold a candle to TSTO.

      Thanks for the news, Alissa! 🙂 I was hoping for animation, but I’ll give it a listen.

  15. And here I thought it was an actual episode…

    • Well it is an actual Epsiode, just no animation. But the audio is done by the original cast and it’s written by David X Cohen. Might take a little imagination to see what’s going on…but I’m hopeful that all the screen time in today’s world hasn’t totally killed your imagination off…

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