The Lennys (Free Donut Alert)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In case you missed it this morning in Springfield, they’re giving away FREE DONUTS!

Yes, that’s right.  Because the Simpsons have been nominated for the Emmys again this year, EA’s giving you FREE Donuts!  Woohoo!

You’ll see this when you log into Springfield today…

Lenny: Hey Homer, you’ve been nominated for three Lenny’s!
Homer: Woohoo!  I’ve heard it’s an honor just to be nominated for things.  Wait, what’s a Lenny?
Lenny: My annual awards.  Carl usually wins, but I think you’re going to give him a run for his money this year.
Homer: There’s running involved?

At this point, you’ll be awarded 3 donuts!  Not too shabby for doing nothing, huh?

You have until September 18th to claim your free donuts.  So don’t forget to login

28 responses to “The Lennys (Free Donut Alert)

  1. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I only got one donut

  2. I went to Krustyland for my Lenny awards and only got 1 donut 😥
    But at least it’s a free donut😀

  3. I keep getting daily challenge donut tasks for Cletus – who is working on the current event – twice now I’ve had to swap out 3 donut earning tasks because he’s doing the event – only to get cash that I don’t need!

  4. I was never prompted! Do I need to do something because I never got the donuts…

  5. That was fun! And much appreciated

  6. Lenny: Hey Homer, you’ve been nominated for three Lenny’s!

    Why the apostrophe? It’s a plural, not a possessive …

  7. Not fair! I got bloody vitamins for the daily challenge! I know I need them for my health but not in my game! Booohooooo! I then went and binged on real 🍩! Just the glazed ones! Yuuuuuuummm! Oups! 4 of them!

    • You can “X” a daily task out.

      I always “X” out tasks that reward in-game cash or Heights currency. And when I get a daily task that only rewards 1 donut, I’ve got to ask myself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do I, punk? An if I am lucky, that 1 donut daily task becomes a 3 or 6 donut daily task.

      • For me, when I use “X” on tasks that reward with Heights materials or cash, very seldom they “upgrade” to donuts reward. Most of the time the new task rewards with cash as well. When I continue to use “X” on it, sooner or later it becomes “finish character tasks for cash reward”. At that point I give up and take cash, because I’m not keeping my characters not working for a whole day.

  8. wish had been more lol

  9. Posting this here as well since this is the most recent article:
    I play Tapped Out on my tablet, and after the last update my game has switched from tablet view to phone view. This means that the zoom levels are a lot closer than before (can’t see as much of my Springfield as I used to do) and the HUD / icons are a lot larger than they used to be. Happened a couple of times during Homerpalooza, but I fixed it by restarting the tablet. This does not work anymore. Has anyone had the same experience?

    • Hell yea. I bet you have some Samsung tablet, don’t you? Samsung rolls out some strange updates which might affect resolution often. The workaround is to download Game Tuner for your tablet/Android version.
      In my case (T805) I did not find Game Tuner which I could download from Google Play or Galaxy Apps so I did search for Game Tuner.apk and install it manually.
      Then in Game Tuner you can adjust resolution back to 100%.
      PS You might reach out to Samsung support or Game Tuner DEV directly.
      Good luck!

  10. I was wondering how many donuts we got.. LOVE the free donuts… but not all donuts created equal! I have been playing my son’s TSTO and his daily challenge was 3 donuts for 1 hour job.. my challenge was 1 donut for an 8 hour job… oh well. LOL! Oh well, Free sprinkles are free sprinkles!

  11. I also saw someone on this forum who says that he was given the chance again to buy space Barney for the same deal as last year.

    What is up with this?

  12. Free….my favorite 4 letter word 😃

  13. EA being generous today. Also rewarded 3 donuts for the daily challenge.

  14. Woo-Hoo!

  15. Not only didn’t it add the donuts to my total, but the 3 donuts I got for the Maggie mini-game later didn’t get added. I’ve reached out to EA. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • What I noticed was my counter for my daily activities was at 12 of 15. The Homerpalooza removal update resetted my conter back to 1 out of 15 days. Nothing major like lost content or progress.

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