infinite Loop Bug (FIXED)

UPDATE: Appears this bug is now fixed!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I’ve left work and I’m driving to pick up the Tiny Addict (don’t worry i pulled over)  and I’m seeing a ton of comments from you guys about a new update and an infinite loop bug that’s happening with the dialogue.  It’s impacting the ability to play TSTO. (Pretty much everyone is impacted by it)

I’ll dig into this when i get home, but for now use this post to report issues or anything you’ve heard about it.  Just to keep everything together on one place.

I’ll add more when i can…

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  1. Hello. I tried magic scratch r and suddenly the scratch r appeared glitch (not complete scratch r screen like it used to before). And when i tried to logged back in, the glitched scratch r keeps appear and i cant scratch them. Please help. I’ve logged in, and tried to uninstall & reboot my android tablet many times and i’m stuck now.

  2. My tapped out updated yesterday. Since then I can’t use the job checker in the left hand corner to go to the characters when they are finished with their jobs. Any idea when it will be fixed?

  3. No glitches here – did finish the questline a few days back!

  4. My problem after the IOS 11 update is that my phone doesn’t seem to store the whole game. It used to take up about 700 or so MB. Now it takes up 64MB. So when I haven’t played for an hour or so, I have to reload the whole game ( which takes a while since it’s over 700 MB), and log back in. Very annoying. I checked to make sure it isn’t automatically offloading. Not sure what is happening.

  5. Today is a new day, and the Infinite Loop is fixed, and we (and by ‘we’, I mean ‘I’) have a new glitch.
    Game works just fine on my Samsung Galaxy J7 phone (but such a tiny screen) and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (but really horrible aspect ratio which cannot be fixed).
    The less than 6 months old 6th Gen Kindle Fire?
    Not so much.
    Did a complete reinstall, screen loads updates start downloading, then BAM! the game closes.
    Every stinkin’ time.
    Yes, I have turned it off, and back on again.
    No, my storage is nowhere near filled.
    This is the downtime between events that I have been waiting for, to blow up my town and redecorate.
    Why does EA hate me?
    Melodrama Queen, over and out.

  6. Infinite loop gone after last update, but 2 odd things now:
    1) Where do I find more corn fields, wheat fields, and plowed fields? They were offered ONCE, I was only allowed to build ONE at that time, and now I can’t find them at all, in the Event area of the store, or the rest of the store either. Is this a bug, or intentional, or am I missing something?
    2) This may be OK: nothing in my Task List (since the Event is complete?)

  7. Carmen (gameid5000)

    One think one of the recent updates seems to have done is removed the ‘Get Down at the Anvil’ task from a number of the Springfield kids. Now Maggie, Patches and Poor Violet, Renaldo and several other kids are stuck with their boring 4 hour tasks…. no more sneaking into the club to see what the adults are doing at all hours of the day?

  8. Realised there was an issue last night so just left it hoping it would be fixed this morning and now I can’t get in to my game. Trying to log in but says my password is incorrect, but I know it’s correct 😩 anyone else???

  9. I assume the bug was a problem for those not finished with the quest line? I have finished the mini as far as I can tell. Got two updates today with nothing the worse.

  10. I haven’t had any of The Issues People Have Had With Logging In Etc. Ive Had Two Updates In Three Days On Kindle Fire Erasing Tab For Springfield Heights. Only A Few Items Remain To Purchase in Regular Items Tab. Of Course My Daily Challenges Have All Been For Chairs Or Pills Or The Like Which I Have Maxed Out And Not Able To Spend. Havent Seen Anyone Else Comment Yet On This. Anybody???

    • You can finish your daily challenges (related to Springfield Heights) with Googolplex theater even if you’re maxed out with all items otherwise. If you don’t have Googolplex theater yet, try to grab it from returning items whenever this might take place (or perhaps it is available to buy with donuts all the time – hard to tell as I already have it)

    • Did you know you can X out the task for another one? You get one reroll a day. Never settle for heights loot. I usually reroll for donuts. Occasionally I have to settle for one of those stupid cash tasks because the employment office won’t let me mass task everyone until it’s done. Not hand tasking 190 characters…

      • How about managing 269 characters? 😁 Playing started just before the Aztec event in 2012.

      • I think you actually get 3 chances at a daily task…if you dont’t like what’s offered, hit the “X” for a new task…if you don’t like that one, wait 12 hours and you’ll be offered another “X”. That’s it, tho, you’re stuck with the 3rd option(a pretty good chance one of the 3 will be for donuts).

        • Not sure if this is entirely accurate; I don’t think I’ve been forced into a task in that fashion. I’ve had a few instances where it was simply impractical to bypass a cash task, as Brian and Rudolph described, and I’ve had instances where the task was instantly completed simply by clicking on buildings… but no instances of, “Why won’t this task just go away???”

  11. land error still, cannot play

  12. I just logged onto my game and the loop ended.

  13. never had any issues done mini event now i wait 4 halloween

  14. I still have the loop bug, the update did not fix it. Anyone else?

  15. New in-game update seems to have fixed it.

  16. Wow…what a great day to lose track of time and not play for 10 hours…missed all the excitement🙃. There was an update when I signed in tonight…was curious why it appeared to do nothing. Finished the game yesterday and placed all my corn fields already, so I guess I had nothing left to go glitchy. Guess I’ll just have to go tap the Paralyzer and blow something up…I feel left out 😁.

  17. I never had an issue. Probably just an Apple issue?

  18. Can’t place corn fields, etc and have the barn already built, the infinite loop stopped but I can’t progress the storyline……… what do I do????

  19. TO still not right since last event, called EA, had me re-install the game (which I’d done) didn’t work 1st time nor second: character in top left corner, which “flys” you to the character doesn’t, Mr.Burns Money Pile appears not finished l, but I did, & not sure it works. The tech said he could SEE that everything that’s supposed to be there, IS there. I CAN’T and the issue is THAT and SOME things aren’t functional. And now we’re all in a loop????? I love TO, but it’s just not as much fun when there are glitches that seem to be unfixable. Please help us love this game as much as we used to. The “support” dept gets a fail. I want my game back. Pease?

    • In my experience the support team have been exceptional when I’ve had problems in the game.
      They will sort u out, please be patient.

  20. I’m not getting any update.

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