Addicts Question Corner: Christmas 2017 Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now everyone should be in the thick of Funzo smashing, town decorating, Alien encounter Christmas fun! If you’re not, well then stop what you’re doing, go to the app store and download the new update, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait….

Deck the halls w Buddy Holly…fa la la la la, la la la
Tis’ the season something jolly…fa la la la la, la la la
Don your heavy winter jacket…fa la la la, la la la
Sing like crazy make a racket…fa la la la, la la la la 

Everyone good?  Great.  Let’s move on.

It’s a new event in Springfield, and we all know new events come with LOADS of questions!  So it’s time for an all-new Addicts Question Corner.  Let’s get to it…

The Funzos are really hard to tap in Neighbor’s towns, is there an easier way?

By now you should all know about the Robot icon in the top right corner of your Springfield screen (looks like this)

That allows you to quickly locate the Robot Funzos in your own Springfield.  But finding those little guys in a neighbor’s town can be a real chore.  Unfortunately, there is no quick way to find them when visiting a neighbor…you just have to search.

The good news?  They’re only worth 30 batteries/day (1/tap, 30 actions available per day)…so really not worth going through the effort anyway.

How Does the Re-Gifting Work?

So, Safi is working on one of his famously detailed posts all about the re-gifter so I won’t go into too much detail here. (should be up tomorrow)  However, a quick explanation is….

It works just like the PolyVac did during the SciFi event. You start it up, wait for the countdown from 3 and then tap the screen like mad to clear the flying Funzo Robots before they get to your Simpson House.

It doesn’t matter how many you clear, all that matters is you prevent them from destroying your Simpson house.  So tap like mad.

To start it up, when you have 15 wrapping paper open the event hub and click the Re-Gifting icon, looks like this…

From there you’ll see if you can play the game.  If you see the Blue icon there, tap on it and it’ll launch the game

If you can’t play, ie don’t have enough paper, it’ll be pink indicating you can buy more paper for donuts. (Don’t do that) 

And from there it’ll launch the game….so just tap away!

How do Elf Lisa & Bart Earn Currency?  What do they earn? 

So, at the moment the store is a little misleading.  It says Bart and Lisa Elf costumes earn event currency.  They currently do not for Act 1. (even after the questline & no the questline doesn’t earn anything either)

They will earn event currency during Act 2.  Think boss battles against the Aliens like Halloween…

So for Act 1, no event currency.  For Act 2, yes event currency. They’re available in the store for the whole event, so if you wait until Act 2 you won’t be missing anything. (unless EA makes a change, which I will alert you to)

Holiday Bazaar

It looks like there will be 3 rounds for the Holiday Bazaar, returning premium items.  As of right now the dates are:

December 5th
December 16th
December 22nd

It does not indicate if the first wave leaves when the next one arrives, instead it just says Bazaar end date January 2nd (end of the event).  Also, the in-game timer indicates the current prizes leave on the 2nd. So that’s the assumption i’m operating under.

Are There Any Character Tasks for event currency?  You know, those 4hr ones. 

For Act 1, no.  There are no additional tasks to earn event currency.  Just tap Funzos and use the Re-Gifter.  Pat’s working on a Math Post for those fuzzy on the numbers.

As a reminder, this is only Act 1.  There’s WAY more to come in Act 2.

I Won the Ice Tiles in the Re-Gifter Mystery Box, How Do I Access Them?

Same way you get Road, Pavement, Dirt, Water etc tiles.  Once you’ve won them they’ll be included in that list…

I Won the Land Token, But Don’t See Any New Land Available.

That is correct.  For right now EA did not release any new land for this event.

The good news?  Land Tiles don’t expire.  And you don’t have to spend them immediately.  So save them, if you have no land to buy, for the next land release.  Don’t curse EA for giving you the free land, because next event you’ll be thanking them for the savings.

And now to address a few complaints we’ve been seeing in the comments.

WARNING below may contain a few minor spoilers for those worried about them

EA has given us nearly EVERYTHING we’ve been asking for with this event.  Sure, there are a few things/elements missing. But this event proves they’ve been listening to what we’ve been complaining about.

-For years people have been complaining about the 4hr grind….it’s gone.  At least for Act 1.  Yet, some people still aren’t happy.

This is how it’s been going… Last Event “Ugh!  I HATE these 4hr grinds! It’s so boring! EA is so ridiculous, they really need to fix this!”  This event “Ugh, there’s nothing to do!  It’s so boring, bring back the 4hr tasks!”

Look familiar? I’ve been seeing comments like this in the comments for the last 24 (ish)hrs….take the win guys.  You can log into TSTO at ANY point and do something in the game right now.  You aren’t stuck to a 4hr timer.  Take the win.

-Retreading content.  This is going to be a norm for any game that’s been around for awhile.  There will always been content coming back into the game that was previously there.  It’s a chance for new players to get old content.  That being said, in past events (*cough cough* Halloween) 90% of the content has been returning content.  And that’s been a major bummer for MANY players.  That has been corrected with this one.

Sure, some of the craftables are retreads.  But out of 17 Craftables, 10 of them are brand new content.  That makes 7 retreads, for a change that’s a majority of NEW items in the craftable section.

Plus the premium content in the stores.  There is going to be a TON of BRAND NEW premium content hitting stores over the next 4 weeks.  Sure there are some returning items, but as long as they balance out new with old it keeps things fresh.  That’s EXACTLY what they’re doing.

-And while we’re on the subject of content….you guys haven’t see ANYTHING yet!  Looking at what’s upcoming (you can see characters in the character collection boxes), SO many things we’ve been asking for will be coming.  Including a SPOILER Chinese Restaurant, for those who have been asking for one.

So much great content incoming….characters, buildings & decorations…it’s hard NOT to be excited by this event.

Just look at the characters coming…including one that makes me VERY happy.  Who doesn’t love a Fat Guy in red?

And for those laughing…B.S (among other things), stands for Belief Systems (with regards to this update)

-Finally, the dialogue.  For a while now we’ve been complaining the dialogue has been stale.  The best thing about TSTO used to be that each update was a mini-episode of The Simpsons.  The dialogue used to be great.  Well, I’ve read ahead my friends.  Not only is the Act 1 dialogue amusing, Act 2 is even better!

They don’t attack religion, or lack thereof, for those worried about it.  It’s a true all-inclusive event.  (aside from calling their league the B.S. league…but this is The Simpsons, not down on the Farm with Jesus/Buddha/Shiva/Rabbi K etc…so what do you expect?) Where everyone is equally important…

This event, so far, is great and the coming act looks even more promising.  For those who have been playing TSTO for years now (4-5) this even brings back memories of the original events.  Witty dialogue, great prizes, FUN content & no 4 hr grind cycle!  Even the impossible to see Funzos remind me of “the old days” (Whacking Day Snakes).

And, as you’ve seen with recent events…we’re the first ones to call EA out when they screw up.  But this isn’t a screw-up, by any measure.  Heck, even Patric is REALLY excited about this event! Cranky Old Guy isn’t very cranky…imagine that!

So, RELAX.  Enjoy the event, and for crying out loud have some fun!  If you can’t find fun with this event, maybe it’s time for you to stop playing TSTO.  Because this is about as good as TSTO gets.  Sure, there are things that could be better & maybe we’ll see them next time…but this is a really promising start to making TSTO Great Again!

What are your thoughts on the event?  Excited about the prizes?  Premium content?  Any questions you have that weren’t answered here?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

P.S. For those asking…J.C. will be premium.  And I suggest saving 200 donuts for him…and don’t forget his Birthday.  He really hates that.

170 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Christmas 2017 Act 1

  1. Will we ever get a steam train skin for the monorail, a big royal Scotsman or a thunderously loud diesel loco, sounds like a new mini event for EA to work on, just thinking lol

  2. so, I was wondering about the funzos in act 2. some of them are flying above a character with red beams from their eyes. why is this? What is it about?

  3. I ran out of prizes to win in the re gifting machine. Will it replenish prizes if I do it again or will it be a waste?

  4. In this day and age of “political correctness” I am at a loss how Tapped Out can spit in the face of Christianity, repeatedly. Looks like they managed to spit on (almost) all the other religions while they were busy making every effort to offend Christianity. Just 70 years ago this type of disrespect would have never happened.

    Why couldn’t the developers create a Christmas update that is respectful to Christianity and other religions? Had they removed the religious figures out of the “B.S. League” (It is very clear what B.S. stands for in the context of this event) and removed the space alien that blasphemes Jesus Christ, this would have been a wonderfully enjoyable Christmas event.

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

    • Have you ever watched The Simpsons? This game is pretty true to the DNA of the show. Perhaps you’d be happier playing the Disney. Magic Kingdom (not sure if that’s the exact name), or some other game that’s not based on a show that’s known for lampooning religion, politics, and other “traditional” topics instead? And for all that’s holy, be sure to stay away from the Family Guy game… I’ve never played it, but if its DNA is true to that show…!!

    • If you cannot stadium the heat, keep away from the fire 🔥

  5. Should i save my wrapping paper for act 2?

  6. Is that a train related suit Otto has on??

  7. I’ve been searching everywhere for the answer to this question ‘re: Elf Lisa & Bart. Other than eventual event currency, do they earn a premium character % more bonus for non event tasks?

    Non related, disappointed that the update roll out was 2 days late for Amazon KIndle. Yet sOme end time. So unfair. Having a hard time catching up. Only half way to the land prize (#3) 😭

    • Premium rate yes. I haven’t done a SIB post for them yet, since they’re really not beneficial till Act 2

    • I installed it on my Kindle on day one. Are you in the US?

      One thing…sometimes you have to uninstall/reinstall to get the update to kick in. Best bet for the future is to hang out here when waiting for an update and as soon as you see that sunshine else with a Kindle has updated, go and update or, if you don’t see it, do an uninstall/reinstall.

      • Mahalo for the reply Sandra! 4 Kindles in our family. All of us kept checking the store, but wasn’t showing. Suddenly showed up for Fuzzerelli and he texted all of us to check, and it was there for all.
        Live in Hawaii. We tend to get a lot of things last. Especially TV. We can never do live vote on shows like Voice, etc as it’s all ready over. Even elections. We’re still voting here and the news outlets are already calling the races. Talk about buzz kill. Lol

  8. Is the Gingerbread House a retread or new this year?

  9. Is the Hibbert costume thing and Santa premium?

  10. In my opinion you are right. I already liked the magic Event, but just because I love Harry Potter. This Christmas event is really cool, I find it very important to always bring back some old items because there have been so many great things over all the years, that people have missed and get a second chance at.

    Does it look like to you that Santa Claus costs a lot of Donuts?

  11. I am glad you mentioned something about bart and Lisa not earning event currency, although I admit I’m a little irritated at the deception by EA.
    I actually emailed them because I thought it was a glitch, and got back a glib response that said, and I quote, ‘…we know the skins can be very frustrating, perhaps it would be best if you asked on the forums or in social media for your answer. We hope we have answered your question.’

    • Wow….. a NON answer! Followed by an obviously irrelevant question!😯 D’OH! All the characters typed could’ve actually been used to answer your question, or clarify.
      I’ve been searching for an Elf Lisa/Bart answer all over the place for 5 days and couldn’t find it. So his response was lame/unhelpful.
      Thanks to Alissa 😊 answering the popular Elf Lisa/Bart question for someone elsewhere, I found my way here where I could ask my Elf L&B question. Hopefully I can get the answer once I’m moderated which will actually determining factor for my “Should l Buy” question.

      Hmmmm…. Just realized, I only asked part of the question😞 Also should’ve asked about their active outdoor tasks, if any… not just if they earn premium % bonuses for non event tasks.

  12. Thanks EA!!!! love the timing of the event. i don’t feel like i have to devote my life to it like the others… every 4 hours… log on… tap tap tap… aggravating

  13. Does anybone know if ur only allowes to buy the holiday scratch-r once?

  14. No Ganesha? I’m crushed.

  15. I’m having problems with the regifting game, wherein I can’t play it consecutively. Otherwise the game hangs when giving out the rewards and I have to erase and redownload the app to resolve this issue.

    Anyone facing the same problem? And resolved it? Maybe I shouldn’t try to accumulate the wrapping paper beyond 29 ☹️

  16. Has anyone noticed that you can no longer store Bart’s treehouse? When did this happen? Accidentally put Bart on an eight hour job in Simpson house and now I have no way of getting him out!

  17. Question: does anyone else game seems to be in a constant downloading update saga. Everytime I play it’s downloading updates and logs me out. It’s probably been asked but the posts on here are super long

  18. I cannot get the Jesus carpentry shop. I see the line but when I click it takes me to the store and I can’t find it. Help please.

  19. Alright, this is going to sound ridiculous,but was playing day one with a fever. Completed a quest that gave me a new Christmas decoration ( have been playing for years). Stated it would be in my inventory, never showed up and now I don’t remember the quest or decoration! Any help?

    • do you have Treestache from last event? if so, it could have been a tree prize from him which after it loses its leaves christmas lights are added to it.

  20. I’ve got a question about how the ice tiles. Do you know if they are going to stay ice tiles after the winter event is over? Or are they going to melt like the snowmen?

    • i am thinking it will stay year round like the ice walls. i say this b/c you can place certain buildings and decos on top of them. one of which being a premiuim building, the ice castle, which i am positive that all heck would break out if ppl lost a premium building, b/c the ice melted and it sank into a watery grave.

  21. I get the 4 hr grind gets old and sure I can log on and do something whenever, but that something is just tapping robots, is that really a good trade?? What bugs the heck out of me is characters not doing anything. Why can’t it just be an action and not quest related? Like having kids play in the snow. It feels like another Candy Crush game and has lost the complexity that made it engaging in the first place. I want the characters I have to participate in the events, not just keep pushing filth around.

  22. So, since this is a question corner, here’s mine….has anyone ever gotten a score higher than 23 in the regifting cannon game? I’ve gotten 23 many/most times, but never anything higher than that.

    While you don’t need a good score to win the game, I do think the score affects how much event currency you get from it, right?

    • Actually…you get 75 as long as you keep the RF out…25 if you don’t. The Wrapping paper may reflect the varying results…but 15-20-13 all give you 75, as long as RFs don’t reach the house.

  23. So, a few evenings ago I went to bed on the precipice of having enough batteries to get the toy workshop (I was under 10 batteries or so away). I was super bummed that I hadn’t been able to get it that evening. But, low and behold, as soon as opened the game the next morning I had a notification that the toy workshop was now in my inventory and that I was several batteries over the threshold. Now, my question is could it be possible that tapping those hard to find robots in your neighbor’s town might aggregate batteries for your neighbor too? That would be my only explanation for getting game currency while not playing the game for several hours. And it this is the case, it would be the neighborly thing to do to take time to tap your neighbor’s robots.

  24. Great post! Well worded and I very much agree with all of it!

    I’m excited about this one, and the new decor! TSTO truelly is the best game out there. We don’t even have to deal with advertisements!!! Not one, ever! Merry HO HO DOH!!!!

  25. Ice and 2 answers. I’ve seen can you place stuff on ice and can you join river tiles, some and no.
    I tried the festive tree on ice, no go. I thought a bit and tried the little hill and yes, so grabbed the ba’al pit coz it was nearby, then tried the tree again.
    I also laid river tiles to see if they’d join, nah.
    Take a look…

  26. There is more to 👍 over this Christmas then 👎
    4 hour grind is gone
    Not enough Robots spawned per hour (my opinion)
    EA doesn’t have to make things easy
    Just Keep It Simple / Make It Fun

    Yeah I wish you could collect enough Event Currency to Re-Gift 6 times Daily and do the Mystery Box (I’ll settle for Every Other Day so long as I get more then just Ice)

    Dialog is super duper funny 🤣

  27. I am pretty excited about this event! Every game evolves, be happy, there is something new in a game that bring so many of us great joy! And it is the Holiday Season, it is time for love and thanks for everyone we love and everything we have. We have hours of entertainment with this game and I am thankful for that and this site, the addicts are amazing!

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