Invasion B4 Christmas – Act I- The Math to Getting It All!

Let’s just get the whining out of the way… Let’s all scream altogether now.

There…feel better now?  No?

Well, yes, the little buggers are hard to see on white backgrounds…but, let’s remember how many of you wanted these updates to be harder, and not just a mind-numbing grind. Right?

Well…there is a lot going on, with a wide variety of ways to GET IT ALL…and the math is a little less friendly than in the past. But, it is doable…

Let’s break down the Math…

The primary thing we are after in regards to “Getting The GOOD Stuff” from the Prize Track, are the batteries.  You need them to earn the main prizes from the prize track...and as the Calendar points out, you need 1,265 batteries a day to stay on track to get the Mrs. Kodos Claus bundle.

The Most Important Currency for Act 1….

 Rigellian Batteries (Prize Track)

Wrapping Paper (Special Game)

As I said, the primary tool to getting the good stuff, is batteries…which are found when you tap the RoboFunzos (RF).

Each one tapped IN YOUR TOWN…will earn 12 , 1  and a chance for 2 

Alissa has reported, “It looks like they spawn 1/18 minutes.  Max of 20 in Springfield, bank of 60.”(I have confirmed this with regular activity).

However, if you do the basic math…at one every 18 minutes, you are only going to see 80  per day, in a 24 hour cycle. So, the 60 battery bank becomes moot, if you are logging on regularly. But, as each RF gives you 12 batteries, you should be able to earn between 800 and 960 batteries per day, just by tapping RF in your town.

MATH TIP: You can still log in every 4 hours, but just know that you will only have 13 or 14 RFs to find.  EAsy…do that 4-5 times a day (event with 8 hours of sleep), and you are golden.

Here is my payout for a Day’s Worth of RF zapping…

  • 6 AM- 26 cleared (bank from overnight)
  • 10A – 14 cleared
  • 2P- 14 cleared
  • 6p – 14 cleared
  • 10p- 13 cleared
              81 total @ 12 per = 972 RF neutralized and collected.

So…where do the other 300-400 batteries come from?

You can earn them in daily challenges…
My first one today paid out 400 batteries!

You can also earn them by playing the “Re-Gifting Game.”

Blast all of the invading RFs, and you will earn game currency!

So…Collect the Wrapping Paper, to prime the gun…and BOOM! You are getting bonus batteries!

ReGifting Game Tip:
Clearing all of the RF when you play the game is even easier than the old Surveilence Post/Drone Scan game.  All you really have to do when the countdown goes from 3 to zero, is lay your padular device on the table, or your knee, or a bathroom counter if you are doing this during “break time” at work, and tap like crazy all around the Simpson House. Just tap anything that moves…As the old marine saying goes, “We shoot ’em, we’ll let EA count the bodies” or something like that.

You should be able to acquire and play at least three times a day, maybe more. Do NOT buy wrapping paper…you DON’T need it!  You’ll collect enough each day to play a few rounds, by just Tapping RFs. So- 2-3 rounds will net you another 150-225 batteries.  EAsy…just don’t drop your padular device in the sink or toilet!

And another “DON’T BOTHER” (especially if you are already bummed by finding RFs in your own town)…Finding and Tapping RFs in your Neighbor’s Town is a complete waste of time. You can only do 30 actions (RFs) per day…and they only count for ONE Battery each.   There is no “EAsy finder,” so you are stuck looking for little gray blobs on a white, snowy background. Not worth the time…at all.

JUST HAVE FUN!!  I will say this again…this update is going to get even better in Act II…so hang in there. Log in every 4 hours…clear what you can…play the game if you can…and keep on RFin’!

Any tips you would offer?  Let us know!




86 responses to “Invasion B4 Christmas – Act I- The Math to Getting It All!

  1. “Do NOT buy wrapping paper…”
    Ok, I get that (and completely agree), but what should we do if we get it as one of the Daily Challenges? Should we accept it, or ‘X’ it out and hope for getting batteries directly/outright?


  2. In my town, I use the robo-funzo button to locate them, in my friends town, I use my facebook friends, we all have friends who tried the game, started a town, but stop playing so their town are small, it’s easier to find the robo-funzos 😉

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  3. Tappin and Arfin’ (RFing?) RF, RF, RF!!
    It’s a good event so far, but I can’t wait for the Religion Friends to assemble.
    Too bad Muhammad is always so busy elsewhere, maybe he is helping out with Ramadan.


  4. I don’t get why people say things like “Sometimes you have to wait until they clear a building” or “Sometimes I have to make buildings transparent to locate them”.

    If you use the Finder thingy, it will center the Funzo exactly in the center of the screen. Tap there and you’ll get the Funzo. You don’t have to actual visually see them. Tapping the top portion of a building isn’t actually tapping on a building, it’s tapping on the space/area behind that part of the building.

    Having said that, if you do use the Finder and don’t get the Funzo right away and it moves then when you click the Finder area it’s not going to re-center the screen onto the Funzo. It will just keep the screen on the current area.

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    • Yep I use the finder, tap center-ish, fuzo cleared.
      If I can’t seem to locate or tap on the correct location , move screen, use finder to recenter


  5. I keep getting depressed by these events… tipps are nice, but if the update arrives late nothing helps to catch up. Looked daily in the play store, nothing till thursday (european timezone) so I now tap my b*tt off login in 4 times a day or more just to still be 2 days (around 2k points) behind the calendar and likely not making it to the final price, once again. So frustrating. If they can’t release the game same time to everyone then requirements should be lower js, and also a note that there IS an update without browsing the store or visiting neighbors – which been the only way I got any updates, so far, playing around a year now – would be a real improvement :(.


  6. I tapped a Funzo on the water. They are almost everywhere. Mostly hidden. I use the Funzo finder and tap in the middle of my screen. Sometimes you have to wait until they clear a building, but it’s much faster than searching for them by the naked eye.

    The tapping is more interactive than clearing them all with one button and more fun, even if you can’t see the little buggers. Lol. Make a silly noise too.

    Another thing i noticed, they are faster to clear away than the last bunch. Last event it was annoying to tap them in neighbors town because you had to wait for each one to actually “go” before you could tap on the next one. Not so this time. 😊

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  7. Thank you for the write-up.


  8. A tip from tapping in your town. I just zoomed in on my iPad, hit the find Funzos square, find and hit the funzo, hit the find Funzos square, then hit the same spot on the screen, repeat. Get a good rhythm up and it takes no time to hit them all. Works even if funzo is hidden.

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  9. I was wondering how often to tap the Funzos in my town and every 4 hours looks like a better plan than just once or twice a day to stay on track. I agree about tapping Funzos in friends’ towns is pointless and wish that EA could add an arrow or an indicator over a Funzo in a friend’s town to make it easier to see them.

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    • Also, a tip for finding Funzos, they don’t walk on Cobblestone Roads but they can be seen on Regular and Dirt Roads so if you or your friends’ towns have a lot of Cobblestone Road placed then the Funzos will be much harder to find.


      • Sadly, they do walk on cobbles, and in a recent redesign guess what I used for ALL roads ?!!
        See about 5 posts down on the “Older comments” page, I mentioned this, and then added a pic.


        • Oh, I did not realise that they can walk on Cobblestone because I visited one of my neighbours and most of their town was Cobblestone with one corner having Dirt Roads and I spent a while trying to find a Funzo on the Cobblestone but could not see one and there were a bunch on the Dirt. I seen that comment and if you didn’t spend time looking for the Funzo you would not have seen it. I still wish they were easier to find in friends’ towns.


          • Note to self – chuck a few dirt road tiles by the saucer.
            I did try a little patch to limit trolls, but it didn’t work so I cleared that and moved the lairs.


          • I did try, and hope my neighbours have better luck, but can you find the one in this pic ?? …

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          • Sorry for the late reply, I also added the Dirt Road around my spaceship to see if it attracts Funzos but so far all it attracts is wiccans, beasts and monsters and golf carts. I can see the little funzo heading towards the IRS probably to pay his taxes early like Ned Flanders does before the Springfielders leaves it to the last day. 😂


  10. Whenever visiting neighbours’ towns during events, the tappable characters congregate around roads… I never find them hard to find.


  11. The funzo button in the top right centres your game over where the funzo is, just tap it, 9/10 you will hit whatever it is you can’t see. It’s way way too time consuming for me but that’s the quickest way I’ve found.


  12. Josephine Kick@$$

    Thank you for putting it out there about the neighbor visits… that was a major fail on EA’s part. Definitely not worth the time it takes, & does nothing to help the neighbor 🙄


  13. I know you haven’t posted a “should I buy the Bart and Lisa skin,” but I finished the quest line and don’t see an option to earn event money. Any ideas?


  14. There’s an easy finder for the little dudes now. A button in the upper right hand corner zeroes in on the area where a robo-funzo is. Sometimes I have to make buildings transparent to locate them but they move out into the open pretty fast. Much easier than using the crafting area as an intermediary as before.

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  15. Update says my s7 is incompatible. And now I can’t even find the game in the store


  16. A very helpful post Patric. Thank you.

    I did neighbor visits this morning and noticed it was a lot easier to find them than yesterday. A more fine tuned eye for them now or a slight game tweak from EA? I also found it went much more quickly (with less frustration) if I just aimed for 1 funzo per each of 30 neighbors..

    I agree with Patric – is this hunt in neighbors’ towns worth it for only 30 batteries? No. Unless you’re like me early in an event and trying to glean any stuff for an edge on the main prize track. However, I am sick this week. Sick enough to have only moderate (and fuzzy) brain power but well enough to be bored out of my mind while sick. So at this point I figured, what the heck. Tapping is about the extent of my abilities today, so I’ll experiment with neighbor robo funzos and report here.

    I went back into neighbors’ towns and cleared the robos in my remaining towns. A great many had them clustered at the landing point and/or running toward it, so clearing them was a snap. The remaining towns were impossibly slow to clear. I didn’t observe any consistent traits per town to explain it – size of town, level of player (ie number of characters/buildings/decorations,) or complexity of design. I collected a reasonable amount of cash and XPs. And 2 donuts. Was it worth the effort? Only a fuzzy brained sick person would say it was.

    Btw, I accidentally released my Gnome In A Home. Any handy tips and suggestions for capturing that elusive nuisance are welcomed and much appreciated!


  17. Speaking of math…

    I noticed that it now seems to take three attempts each and every time that I level up now (via KEM farming). I don’t know if it is just bad luck or if the recent update today changed something. I didn’t get three donuts until the third “guess” after each post-939 level up.

    Is it just my imagination or temporary bad luck? I usually average just two attempts before hitting the three donuts following a level up.


    • It must be different in each game. I’m finding it much easier now than when I last was playing a few months ago. I usually start with the middle box. There’s kind of a pattern or maybe two patterns to decide which direction to go if that’s wrong. But often they repeat the same box in the same session, so I always start with that box in later tries.

      You might keep track for a while to see if you can spot any pattern in your game.


    • I think the game conspires against you. I used to always tap 1 then 2 then 3 and came to the conclusion that the 3 donuts was more often than not in 2 or 3. So I changed my pattern to 3 then 2 then 1, now it seems to almost always be in 1 or 2. I think no matter where you tap you will always feel as though you are losing more often than not.
      I agree with jwoolman, it is usually worth tapping where the last set of 3 donuts were as it quite often repeats the same place. One time I had it repeat the same box five times in a row.
      I asked Safi if he had spotted any pattern yet but no reply. I suspect there is one as most things on this game are based on patterns rather than true randomness.


      • I replied in the last Addicts Live. There is no pattern in the coding. However, you may notice patterns. These are just random patterns that are inevitable when a specific action with limited putcomes is repeated over and over.

        Flip a coin 1 million times, and you will have times when you’re convinced it’s always head-tail-head-tail-… or it’s always head-head-tail-head-head-tail-…

        Same with the Donut Boxes. Once you pick a box,the next box only has three choices: same box, box to the right of it, box to the left of it. If you play the Donut Boxes a million times, you’ll definitely have short repeating sequences within it that will appear as though the game is on a fixed pattern. But in reality, it is completely random.


        • Thanks Safi, I didn’t watch the last AL. I’ll have to catch up. I have to say I am surprised if it is truly random as almost everything else in this game is based upon repeating patterns (or am I mistaken?).


  18. I feel the Daily Challenges are the ONLY way I’m reaching a benchmark per day earning Event Currency (visiting Neighboreenos is a waste of time, I still feel not enough Robots are spawned per Hour) but bravo to Patric for a well written post 😳

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  19. I actually found tapping the funzos with the gun game is easier by putting the Simpsons house in an area with nothing else around it. This only works provided you have the empty space. I have also noticed that 22 funzos seems to be the max one can tap. When tapping the other funzos in town if I am having a hard time seeing them I just click the build button and make all things invisible so I can see the “not so fun-zos”.


    • I have hit 23. Using an iPad, I place my left hand just inside the left border and randomly tap. With my right I randomly tap with four fingers around the top, right, and bottom borders. If one get through I tap it. My house is surrounded, it does not effect anything.


  20. I’m on track to get the final prize early for act 1, so no worries there. However, my biggest beef in this event is the having to grind through 6 of the 7 prizes BEFORE finishing the storyline. C’mon, EA, give us something to do in between, we’ve got hundreds of characters at our disposal, so why have the storyline go like gangbusters & then come to a screeching halt to finish it? This is The Simpsons Tapped Out, not The Simpsons Grind It Out. 🤔

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