North Pole Station Glitch

Several of you are posting about the glitch that is showing up regarding the North Pole Station. This is clearly a “skin glitch” (they should have that looked at by a dermatologist!), as it has affected not only those who purchased it new with this update, but those who already had it in their game (like me).

As I already had it, I can’t address those who are trying to place it, but…some testing proved that it is a bit of a “Mirage” at this point.

After the update hit, the station appears to be two clicks out of whack with the track.

However…the monorail runs perfectly fine, as if the tracks are connected!!
The full size train, pulling into and out of the station is the tip off that all is well…even though it looks weird.

HOWEVER…when I adjust the station to match the track…it suddenly behaves as if it is NOT connected, and I get the short, two-car monorail, just bumping back and forth.

I suspect this same anomaly has something to do with the attempts to add the new station, and have it keep saying you need “7 more pieces of track.” It is confused…to say the least.

SOLUTION?  WAIT IT OUT. EA will have to fix it. Look for a bug patch before too long…it is widely reported.

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  1. when are they gonna fix the character box up n the left corner to actually work, n put the tax collection back to where I had it spending a ton of money to upgrade. and my stupid heights part all reset as well.

  2. Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I can’t store North pole station pieces, can anyone help?

  3. Another glitch is that Burns’ Mansion when in the both wings mode has no snow. Snow only appears if you have it in Summer Mansion or West Wing mode.

    • If you spin your Mansion so that it is perpendicular to the water it will have snow, if it is parallel to the coastline it will not.

  4. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it yet, but they fixed the glitch this morning. You can now align the station with the tracks again.

  5. Not sure if anyone else has noticed but the North Pole Monorail Accessory Bundle gives a 4% bonus (1% for each part) and you can buy as many as you want. For only 35 donuts each this is a bargain if you want to boost your multiplier.

  6. Had this one too. Try to place this station separately and connect with line of several rails from each side (around 10 maybe), not necessarily to loop it. It’s gonna work this way. After this check return this station item wherever on your existing monorail line.

  7. Now if only they’d fix the orientation on their monorail staircases. One more example of not being able to place it in a way that fits with the rest of the station and track.

  8. Did the patch adjust anything else, like being able to bulk up on extra pagan fences for first time purchasers? I was planning on taking advantage of this but I don’t want to waste the sprinkles if it’s not working anymore.

  9. EA just sent an update, this issue has been fixed in my game 🙂 Yay!

  10. In-game update has just been released that fixes the North Pole Station glitch 🙂

    • Yep, the patch fixes it…
      But I had to move my station to link the track up 🙂
      First world problems, definitely…

      Well done EA!

  11. Thanks! I was like I can’t be this stunned that I can’t count.

  12. I think there is also a glitch with the cheering crowds, they’re moving to fast..

  13. Please clarify – this is and actual station, or a skin for an existing station?

  14. IT worked by offsetting it back the way I found it !! Thank you so much!!


    my working version

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