Christmas 2017: Holiday Character Budgeting

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here’s a little early Christmas gift for some of you…(and if you celebrate Chanukkah, well then this is right on time)…I’m going to help you plan ahead for the coming days of the Invasion before Christmas with your character donut budget.

While I won’t always do this, Christmas puts me in a good mood (and this update is really good)…that I wanted to do something nice for you guys.  Getting a lot of questions about if characters will be premium or not, so I figured…why not?

So let’s get to the list!  (make sure you check it twice!)

MINOR SPOILERS ahead, if you don’t want to know don’t look below…

Note: I’m only doing this for the characters because we already know (from looking in the character collection) what’s up aheadso don’t ask me about buildings or decorations. As the spoiler policy remains on those…we won’t discuss until they’re physically in the game.

By now we’ve all seen the character collection, so we all know roughly what’s up ahead for us in the coming days.  If not here’s a reminder:

And here’s the breakdown for you….

Should be Free, Don’t Worry About Saving Donuts for

Santa Claus
Jack Frost
Kwanzaa Dr. Hibbert (costume)
Conductor Otto (costume)

Should be Premium, Save up those Donuts

Shiva (less than 100 donuts)
Christmas Tree Ralph (costume, less than 50 donuts)
Jesus (you’ll need about 200 donuts)

Also, another quick note.  I’m intentionally waiting to do Should I Buy posts on Elf Lisa & Bart as well as the Peak Inn and Lyla.  They’ll play a bigger role in Act 2, when they’ll actually earn the event currency they claim to earn, so I feel it’ll be more important to talk about the once they’re used at their full potential.  So look for those posts shortly after Act 2 hits.

Again, as a reminder, these are only what we currently see.  Everything is subject to change by EA until it physically hits our games.  So take the info with a grain of salt…and don’t yell at me if changes are made.

Thoughts on the list?  Which premium characters will you be picking up?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


93 responses to “Christmas 2017: Holiday Character Budgeting

  1. IF you don’t click on Gil, he will remain if you leave your town. So if you if you are waiting to buy Jesus, don’t click on Gil. On one of my games it says Gil is still there and says you have 5d 12 h to get him.


  2. IF you don’t click on Gil, he will remain if you leave your town. So if you if you are waiting to buy Jesus, don’t click on Gil.


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