Addicts Want To Know: Have You Enjoyed the TSTO Downtime?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s the night before an update…we hope…and not a whole lot has gone on in our pocket-sized Springfield’s for a few weeks now. While slow periods in the game is nothing new for older players (“back in the day” we’d go many weeks without new content…just our own speculation), it is something new for those who started TSTO in late 2015 and beyond.

Personally, I typically don’t mind slower periods in the game…one of the reasons I love Mini-Events…but this slow down has a been a little too much for me.  (although I’m not going to lie, I have enjoyed not having to crank out as many posts the last couple of weeks) As a Tapper of 5+ years and a blogger for 4+ years, downtime is nothing new to me.  However, this time it’s felt different.  This time it’s felt too slow. I don’t know if it’s because it’s smack dab in the middle of winter here, so there’s not a ton to do outside.  Or if the constant cycle of updates has gotten to me and I’m just constantly ready for something new.  Who knows.  But I wanted to see what you all thought….

So I thought a little poll question might be in order…

Take a moment to answer the poll & feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments below.

And bring on the next update already!


67 responses to “Addicts Want To Know: Have You Enjoyed the TSTO Downtime?

  1. Debbie Dovenbrink

    I always appreciate downtime and don’t feel any thrill or stress due to the new event because unless there is something you really want in the game, it’s completely unimportant. Since the current event is uninteresting to me, I will just play a little, but without permanently worrying if I shall play again to get more of this or that. If the theme of the event were more sci fi or fantasy based, it were more attractive to me, but soldier helmets and tanks turn me off. Things like that are everyday insanity, brought to innocent people. But that’s just my taste, no judging.


  2. I really lucked out. After coming out of Christmas with the 2% of snowcats, i ended with 1000%

    This week I got the engine bikes in the vault, so I dumped alot of donuts on raising percentages.

    Not sure if it is wise to go into an event empty on donuts.

    I raised my percent up 300% in the downtime.
    I managed to save 500 donuts, but still have a few hours on the vault.

    Should i dump them or save them?
    The vault usually changes with the update.


  3. I wasn’t playing when the Chiliad event happened.
    How do I get it to trigger?
    I finish all the deep space Homer stuff.


  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’m enjoying this a bit, actually using a few of my monorail stations that I hadn’t. Still have 3 to go lol


  5. I think a week between updates is ample. There is always plenty of time even during events to tidy up towns, farm etc. How long does it take to tap on a few characters every 4 hours & possibly some robots or other running around our streets ?
    Give us updates not rest !!!

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    • Debbie Dovenbrink

      Well, you must have much time on your hands. Enjoy it while it lasts. I remember when I had so much time, that was nice back in the days when I went to kindergarten and school.


  6. I suspect come February – we’ll have a reboot of the Olympic Games…


  7. I appreciate the breaks. I let my cash build during events and get down to serious donut farming in between. Still a long way from 939, but the levels come quicker since I started optimizing my play. 🙂

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  8. I used the time (semi)nuke my town. I manually (with the blue area thingy) removed most things and then I nuked the road and trees and such. I don’t know if anything is missing (yet). I have made a picture of my bonus percentage just in case. I am not yet up to it again but that’s because (re)building the town takes time.

    I do nuke/rebuild sometimes. Not often but this is the fourth time I think. When I get sick of having one event area after another, just in a row together, and I want to make it look better again. Now I’ve got a ski-area with Chrismassy stuff. I will make another Western/farm area. A horror/Halloween part and so on. And most important it makes me happy 🙂 building the town is one of things I love best and sometimes it just needs a make-over.


  9. When will y’all add to Kristy Land and when will yall,add more land to Springfield Heights?I love this game,but it’s been to long on the Kristy Land side with no new rides ect.


    • I agree with EVA!!! I have set up my Springfield Heights for the ‘high end
      side of town and i’m reallly getting cramped in there.
      And i’ve said it before – I wish they’d let us put more stuff in Krustyland -earning tickets or cash. I would have loved to set up my Bands there. Perfect for a live music area!


  10. It’s nice to get a break. I would like more time to fix my Springfield; I have random buildings everywhere.


  11. I love my snowy towns. I will be sad when the update hits. Of course, it has been 60+ this January in PA, so snow seems almost silly. But I still love it. And the downtime has allowed me to do some designing, and send Homer on his snow removal task on the tractor, which I love.

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  12. I am enjoying the downtime to get through the classic mini events, although I don’t want long time players getting bored. I finished Deep Space Homer last week and now mid way through Chiliad. I guess after the update no new old events will trigger? Or is there a chance I can complete all 4?


  13. Time to build up assets.

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