Land “Glitch”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with something….two new rows of land were added with this event.  However, it currently appears that for the two new rows (and the two new rows only) you can only purchase them with the free land tiles.  You cannot spend cash on those two rows of land.

You can, however, spend cash on older rows of land.  So if you haven’t gotten to those two new rows, you’ll still be able to purchase land for cash. 

As of right now it applies to everyone, so don’t think it’s just your game.  Some are speculating that it’s a glitch, others are saying it’s a permanent change.  Personally, I say only the coding team at EA knows for sure what their intention was.  If it changes in the next couple of days, well then it was likely a bug in the coding.  If it doesn’t, well then it’s intentional.

My gut feeling is, it’s intentional.  A way to slow everyone down in buying land…but what do I know?

Anyway…just wanted to let you know you’re not going crazy and yes, it’s happening to everyone.  And the only thing to do right now is to wait and see what happens….

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  1. Are they trying to drive people away from this game?!? Constant log in and out problems, glitches, this new Crusty Land thing (who’s bright idea was that!!!!!) and now basically “locking us out” of land expansions. I’ve been playing for about 4 years but have had to restart 4 times because of “problems” and “lost content” (I no longer spend $$$ on the game) please try harder EA don’t take us for granted!!!

  2. Can anyone confirm why we can only buy land with free land tokens. I am out of land and need to buy more. But cannot use my cash. It is ruining the game as I have nowhere to put my things!

  3. I’m late to this but wanted to put in my 2 cents. I have purchased all of the available lands with cash already BUT had several land tokens that were unused because I saved them for buying only the most expensive parcels. My concern is that in so doing I’ve lost my previous earned land tokens! Where are they now? I don’t see them when I use the editor, only the new offerings and they aren’t where I can find them in storage either. Before you could see both an offer for cash purchase or to use a token, now all I see is a token unlock, then Land Upgrade and “Buy for 1 Free Land Token” without any indication of how many I have to use.This is wholly inadequate and suspicious that they’ve robbed of those I’d saved and had already earned! I’m not liking that idea a bit. If they wanted to change rules it should have been the controversial graffiti tagging which became divisive, not this and stop making graphics so huge that we need so much land to put them on. Some are ridiculous. How about making them resizable? That would certainly help. Right now my town is sprawling so I’m not adding land until I need it but like some pointed out, a square symmetrical town is a nicer one, and I agree.

  4. Land Tokens are fine. That’s not the issue here. It makes them relevant when they offer them on Event prize tracks / wheels. If that’s how they want to make buying these particular rows of expansion available to us Tappers, that is completely fine. What IS foolish about this process is NOT making them available to buy using in-game currency. Being able to buy Land Tokens through the “City Building” tab is how they should be available to us as well, NOT just through Event prize tracks / wheels. I have 98 million and change available through in-game currency. If I can not buy Land Tokens or Land Expansions using that type of currency, of what use is it to the me anymore??? THAT is what is foolish about this process.

    Nice work EA… It looks as if you’re winning more and more of us over with your micromanaging every day.

  5. oh i thought the land tokens were intentional and used up my free land tokens as soon as they appeared. *derp* i didn’t even consider it might be a glitch. i think i will srncap the area just in case it is a glitch…. <> <<

    • plus, i would definitely like to have more ways to get “free land tokens” in-game for this newly developed area. #nodnodnod

  6. I’ve not read all the comments but… I don’t think this is equal. My town is quite a bit smaller than some others I’ve visited, but on the sea side stretch, I’ve now hit this issue. Most expensive land plot on the last stretch was 2.5m. Little annoying, hoping they are given out more often, I hate not having a square springfield 😁

  7. I think the land token issue will be permanent. It is a way to slow us down, because more and more player are probably nearing the limit of items, which i was told is 10.500. With less land available you will need to keep removing items to place new event items. I am around 10.000 now and i habe removed a ton. But i dont just want to remove all plants and trees and fences, because it would become an ugly town, and the goal is to build a springfield, not a desert with buildings.
    But they should give us more reasons to keep playing then just leveling up. Extend the terwilliger jobs. There are tons of buildings from the show you could add as multi-million credit buildings to keep us entertained.
    I hope i am wrong, but i am not gonna hold my breath,

  8. I have a couple thoughts on EA’s plan for land token only development.
    Best case scenario, that is only during an event and then cash when outside an event.
    Second I was thinking that maybe the next Cecil project for like $100M would be a land token generator. After you purchased it, you would set to generate a token like the way you make Squidport tiles and it would take a couple days each time.
    Third thought was maybe there will be bribery ring to get new land. Like upgrading the Money Mountain, you would have a series of steps for each new land token. First bribe Mayor Quimby, then bribe Fat Tony, etc.
    Last plan would be to have them at the end of the daily task missions instead of donuts or mystery boxes. Every 15 days earn a new land token. This would make sense if they just wanted to slow everyone down until they release new land.
    I’m hoping for the first or last one, but the other ones could be interesting too.

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  10. I have a little different land token issue. I have been saving my land tokens the last couple events and had 6 land tokens saved up in my inventory. When the Bart Royale event update was installed, then I only had 1 Land Token with my other 5 Land Tokens deleted from my inventory!!!

    Looking on EA’s TSTO Forums this is apparently a glitch that has affected several other players too.

  11. Yet another dagger for long time players. I’m sitting on $300,000,000 + of in game currency that’s all but useless. EA is leaving me fewer and fewer reasons to keep playing this game. I still can’t understand why premium items/characters were removed and made randomly/temporarily available. Springfield Heights section never opened up for expansion. That dam project thing…
    Whatever, EA. Whattever. Smell ya later.

    • I think it is probably a glitch that EA will fix.
      Or if it is not a glitch, and they see/hear that players are unhappy, perhaps they will change the land back to being able to be purchased with game cash again.

      I agree that moving the premium item/characters to the vault and only being available temporarily is silly and I’m not sure why they did that either…

      My presumption is that EA may think players will be more likely to buy more premium items, when it appears in our vault and it is an item we want, we will be more inclined to buy it because we’re unsure when or if it will appear again.
      The way it was before, when the items were always in a premium category section and always available to buy gave us time to think about when or if we really wanted to buy it, and not feel pressured because the item was going to disappear again.

    • 300m buys a lot of donuts with the XP collider and blood banks.

      I used my in-game money to buy the follies and land. Now I just bank the money and turn it into donuts every few weeks.

      • Orbtastic, how do you convert in-game money into donuts with the collider or blood banks?? My XP collider only converts donuts into more XP.

        • If you have lots of money, turn the collider on and buy lots of blood banks. You will print donuts. I can’t remember any exact stats as it is down to RNG but 10 million would buy you at least ~250 donuts. So yeah, 300m is going to buy you a LOT of donuts.

          • Turn the collider on with money? I think it runs on donuts. And from what I have read, you can make the spend donuts back and more, but it will take several hours per day, 6 or 8 is what i read, to get that.
            Anyway, the amount of credits you have does not let you turn the collider on. Getting the donuts is more about leveling up quickly.

          • Yes, you need donuts to turn on the collider. I didn’t say they ran on money, I said IF you have lots of money, turn it on. You would get 5 free donuts easily in a week just playing the game so hardly a hardship.

            If you have 300m (lolz) then just turn it on for a day and spend a minute or so placing bloodmobiles or rat catcher trucks. I just built two rows of them now in an area 7 land areas long whilst typing this and made 100 donuts for only 10m. So yeah, do the maths.

            KEM farming is a longer, slower process that takes less money. I don’t have the time or patience for it. You turn the collider on for longer periods and build/collect the XP/sell KEMs multiple times a day.

            By way of comparison, a stretch of land twice as big as the one I just filled with BMs (so 7 x 2) cost me less than 1m but “only” netted me 19 donuts.

            If you have 300m it’s going to print you donuts very quickly with collider/BMs/RTs vs grinding out KEMs multiple times a day.

  12. Since we cannot buy land is there a way to get land tokens? I had some from the funzo game, but they vanished? If there’s a way to get tokens please let me know. Thanks

    • You can win a free land token which is the 2nd prize for act 1. On the ‘Bart Royale prize track’ presumably act 2 and 3 will also offer a free land token too. Apart from that, I’m not sure of any other way to get the land tokens. 🙁 If your land tokens you already had have vanished, perhaps it is a glitch, I won the token on the Act 1 prize track,it wasn’t showing that I had, ( I couldn’t find it anywhere) but when I clicked on a land token square of land, it let me use the token. It might work if you try that too? 🐱🌸🌟

  13. And it seems, at least on my game, you can’t place any water tiles in the 2 new rows of tiles. Anybody else have this problem?

    • That happened to the new land in the Christmas Event. EA fixed it. They will probably do the same with this new land, eventually…

    • I was having the same problem with placing water on the land next to where the new land is now, but since this event started, it is letting me place water there again now. I currently have only bought 1 square of ‘token land’ but I tried to place water and I didn’t have any problem, hopefully they will fix it for you soon. 🐱🌸😀

  14. AND, the need for in-game currency is drastically reduced. Why collect all that cash when you dont have to buy land anymore? You cant spend it on extras, THAT will MAX OUT your inventory space. Hmm…

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