Bart Royale and Homergeddon – Act One Calendar

As sometimes seems to happen (more and more) major event releases sputter and pop to get started.  This time, those of us on the West Coast took the “late hit” and had to wait a few hours longer to banish the snow and get to battling over play structure territory. I didn’t get the update until almost 10PM, a full 6 hours after Alissa notified me that it was “in the files.”  Bummer.

However, as the Brits used to say during WWII, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”  Which reminds me to mention that if Gary Oldman doesn’t win the Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the “Darkest Hour,” something is very, very, very wrong.
He. Was. Amazing!!  But, I digress…

Bottom line…even with the delays, I have every belief that I will catch up, and cruise into the “get everything I want” mode, with time to spare.

Let’s break this thing down in nice, easy to digest, 4-hour blocks (sound familiar??)

Act One Currency for the Primary Prize track is Duff Beer. OK. So, it is an adult game? You bop the bad guys ( who look more like Mad Max characters than squatters), and you get beer? Kinda weird and sadly mean to the concept of the homeless and disenfranchised…but this is the Simpsons.


MATH BITS… (compliment of Alissa)

When tapped (in YOUR town) they earn 10  and 1 

They spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes.  Max of 30 in your town at once and a bank of 30.

Remember…this is what the files are indicating but it may not be 100% accurate.  So don’t shoot the messenger. 

Neighbor Actions
Planet of Escapes Part 6 also unlocks neighbor actions.  Where, you guessed it, you’ll also tap the tappables.   For each tappable you tap you’ll earn 10  and 1  and you’re allowed 30 actions. (basically 10 neighbors, at 3 actions/neighbor)

TIP… In YOUR town, the ugly buggers will tend to move toward, and congregate around the play structure. So tap a couple and wait…they will start showing up.

In your neighbor’s town…you just need to find them. But, we’ll see if visiting neighbors in search of beer and debris (which often comes hand in hand with too much beer) is really worth your effort.

BONUS % returns for placing debris barriers are pretty self explanatory.  You are asked to place a variety of barriers in the Defensive Bonus Area of the play structure. It is confusing as to if you are trying to keep the kids out, or the adults in…but, it doesn’t matter. Placing stuff in there increases your Beer Bottle Yield. And who doesn’t like “free beer?”

HERE ARE THE CALENDARS and the Math needed to hit the Primary Goal of Pyro!


And for the Non-Gregorian types who just want the numbers…

I’m calm about this. I’m already near my first day’s goal and it’s still mid-morning. So…no sweat, no worries, Keep Calm and Have a Beer!








104 responses to “Bart Royale and Homergeddon – Act One Calendar

  1. Can someone please tell me how to get land tokens so I can unlock the new land. I already used the free ones I got around Christmas. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


    • Wait til EA offers them as prizes/rewards etc. My guess there will be one in each of the next two prize acts.


    • Shannon, land tolkins are only given out during challenges or in some mystery boxes. You have to earn them during a challange to get them if they are available. If you don’t have any tolkins then you will need to save up from. your building earnings and character jobs and buy the land outright. Hope this helps. Good luck!


  2. You show 36,000 accumulated on 1-30 but you then show General Bart as being earned at 35,900 on 1-31.


  3. omg i literally just got this update yesterday so im like 6 days behind :/ i hope to catch up 😥


    • Here is your calendar.
      1/29/2018 0
      1/30/2018 9000
      1/31/2018 18000
      2/1/2018 27000
      2/2/2018 36000
      2/3/2018 45000
      2/4/2018 54000
      2/5/2018 63000

      I hope you have donuts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thankyou very much 🙂 yeah i dont have many donuts im so annoyed its a good 1 but it didnt update 😦 but im pretty far in now so the little i have i might get all fingers crossed 🙂


        • I wouldn’t worry too much. Pyro will probably return in a Mystery Box (haven’t seen much to really want in him). If you don’t KEM farm, if you start now you will have plenty of donuts by the time he returns.

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          • I sometimes kem farm depending on coins im trying save up for the magnifying glass but thinking i might do a kem run im 147 lvl bout halfway i normally gain few levels on kem farming then need save up coins again :/ takes ages for coins to come :/
            Cheers for you help and info its very helpful 😀 Yeah i will wind up trying for him later in the mystery box (hopefully)


          • When you use your cash to KEM farm/ MB (increase bonus) your cash will increase faster. In less than a year I went from 1 million to over 140.

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  4. Perfect timing on General Bart!
    Thank you for the calendar!


  5. I might get to finally stop looking at the calendar and worrying on a daily basis, WOOHOO! Looking like I should catch up to the calendar tonight, as I’m only 2k points behind and it’s early morning. Nose to the grindstone folks, we will get that gladiator Pyro!


    • Patric’s calendars are great, but if you start late if gives you the sense you are always behind, causing some people to spend donuts to catch up. This is especially true if the awards increase as the game goes along.

      If C = your current count, D = the number of full days left, G= Goal.
      R = (G-C) = Remaining to get. So R/D = Daily Average = A.

      For example on this Act, on this Sunday, according to the master calendar you should have 22,500+ and 27,000 tonight.
      If you had at the end of Saturday 22,000, you may feel you are behind.
      G = 63000. C= 22,000 D= 9 therefore R = 41,000 A= 4556.
      So at the end of the day you should have C+A ( with the understanding the you will probably collect more tomorrow than you did yesterday).

      Days Left = fulls days left at the start of the day
      Count value is goal at the end of the day.
      The calendar adjust to
      Date Days Patrick You
      1/27/2018 22500 22000
      1/28/2018 9 27000 26556
      1/29/2018 8 31500 31112
      1/30/2018 7 36000 35668
      1/31/2018 6 40500 40224
      2/1/2018 5 45000 44780
      2/2/2018 4 49500 49336
      2/3/2018 3 54000 53892
      2/4/2018 2 58500 58448
      2/5/2018 1 63000 63004

      You can now recalculate your calendar any time as needed.

      BTW, a couple of times on the daily challenge I received 2000 vs 1500.

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  6. Yay Act One Calendar (thanks Patric)

    Good thing I never stop Kem Farming, I may need to use Bonuts to keep up with the daily amount (I notice most of my Neighboreenos are way behind me, too)

    I don’t see any Premiums that benefit increasing hourly amount of Event Currency / Crafting Currency (good thing EA gave us more Land) 😀

    Keep On Tapping 👍


  7. To be fair with you saying that the tappables look like characters from mad max I thought this event was going to be mad max/dystopia based especially seeing as the vehicle chasing homer on the loading splash screen is definitely a parody of one of the main vehicles from fury Road with GK Willie standing in for the guy in the film who was strapped up playing a flame shooting guitar.


  8. Are there duff bonuses on the spot lights? I just placed my previously crafted spot lights around the playground and it light up to encourage me to put them there but no bonus. It’s the next thing I unlock so do they become bonuses when I unlock them?


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