Bart Royale 101: Defensive Bonus Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A new element added to our games for Bart Royale is a Defensive Bonus.  Simply explained, it’s an extra bonus of Prize Track currency awarded at the Playscape when you place items (that award a Defensive Bonus) in the “zone” around the Playscape.

So basically, it’s a simple way to earn even more prize track currency at the Playscape.

Let’s take a look at how items from Act 1 impact the Defensive Bonus because Spoiler it will change for Acts 2 and 3 as more items will be added to the craftables (and more bases are added).


So let’s start with the basic…

What Is the Defensive Bonus Area?

For Act 1, it’s a 3 square deep area around the Playscape, where you can place items that award a Bonus to increase your Prize Track currency payouts.

Anything in the blueish-greenish area is your Defensive Bonus Area.

How Do I get a Defensive Bonus? 

Simply place an item that awards a Defensive Bonus in that blueish-greenish area around the playscape to earn the bonus.

The nice thing is the item doesn’t have to be completely in the area to get the bonus.  Just a small part needs to be touching.

And you can tell if you’re being awarded the bonus because it will tell you if you’re getting a bonus based on placement….

So What Items Award a Defensive Bonus?

For Act 1 the list is…

Bare Bronze- .50% bonus (Act 1 Prize)

Dragon’s Teeth- .75% Bonus (10 Donuts)

End Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Straight Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Corner Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Playscape Barrier- .25% Bonus (Craftable 75)

Playscape Lookout- .75% Bonus (Craftable 150)

And that’s it for Act 1.

Remember MORE items will be added for Acts 2 and 3.  We’ll cover those when they get here.

So What’s the Best Item to Place?

You have to look at the currency to bonus % ratio.  Both the Trenches and the Playscape Lookout have the same  (and best) ratio of the freemium items. (.005% for 1  spent), so those are your two best items.

Based on size, I’d say you’re better off with trenches because they’ll take up the smallest footprint around the Playscape.

What’s the Max Defensive Bonus For Act 1?

Right now it’s 20%.  Once your Defensive Bonus is 20% around the Playscape you can’t increase it.

Oh and for those asking…I have no idea why it ends in the random 1 number, like this:

Just one of those weird TSTO mysteries….

And that’s it my friends! The simple breakdown for the Defensive Bonus during Act 1.

What are your thoughts on the Defensive Bonus? What percentage are you currently at?  What’s been your strategy? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

61 responses to “Bart Royale 101: Defensive Bonus Act 1

  1. Mine has stopped at 16%. I have added both a trench and a lookout station and it will not go above 16%. And they are in the area

  2. So with different craftables in Act 2….will the Act 1 trenches & fences still remain available to craft after Act 1 ends?

    I am planning on stopping crafting after I get 20% today or tomorrow. So I would have a head start when Act 2 starts. Then at the end of the entire event go back and craft as many Act 1 & Act 2 craftables as I want for general town designs.

    Is this an okay strategy? Or do I need to craft all the Act 1 trenches and fences I want now before Act 2 starts?

    • Normally he crafting currency carries over from one act to the other.

    • I too am up to 20% now. I plan to hold off on crafting anything else, till the next round. As I’m expecting the same defensive bonus in the next round. For Round 3, I plan to keep enough to build up to the 20% right away. Which is 4k, I believe. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  3. I had already crafted the boat before this article. I was unsure if it gave bonus . It didn’t. Lesson learned, always go for the sure thing.

  4. I’ve been busily digging trenches, only to discover that the ruffians (and everybody else, I assume) just walk right across them… Oh, well. They look nice.

  5. Hi, has anyone had trouble with getting the defensive bonus? Mine don’t show up and my quest line disappeared after pt 7. I am quite new to the game at level 10, so could that be it? I contacted EA but they just restored my game to a prior save. I feel very discouraged about this starting out and would be very grateful any help!

  6. Just worked out the crafting blocks total I can save for act 2, if I start today (already at 20% for the playground, so that’s done). I’ll have 757 blocks by the end of today(just got the 350 blocks from the prize track) and I can earn 510/day till the end of act 1. At this rate, I can save over 3800 blocks by act 2…a nice head start on the next defensive bonus.

  7. Is it better to “level up” on the prize levels or max out the defense %?

  8. The lookout has the same footprint as the trenches- 2×2

  9. I’m curious when act 2 comes around if we can “share” defense bonus between bases due to proximity.

    • That’s a great question…we’ll have to see, as there is nothing in the files that would tip us off.

    • I’d be surprised if we didin’t have to start from scratch with each base…I remember Alissa mentioning new crafting items for each act. But who knows, maybe some of it will carry over and can be moved to the new section at the start of act 2. I’m buying up extra fencing anyway, so hopefully I can place it at the new area…we’ll have to wait and see.🤔

      • Maybe there will be different items to get bonus at different bases? For example the trenches and fences could offer a bonus only for the act 1 base, but not for act 2 base, and there could be something else that would work only with act 2 base, and not act 1 base. That could be cool to mix things up. But those are just my thoughts 🙂

        Also I dont think its necessary to stock up on fences etc, one could always craft them at the very beginning of act 2 with saved up crafting currency. But obviously you do, whatever you want as long as you have fun 😉

  10. The weird decimal on bonus % should have been added behind the scenes and is to do with the math calculating payouts in whole numbers at an intended rate of increase would be the most likely reason.
    I’m surprised it was added to the variable used for display though.

    • On the other hand, that extra one Duff Beer per 1,000,000 earned is pretty sweet.

    • Anthony put it simply: it’s to fix a rounding error
      Good luck getting to a million beers though, maybe that’s the next act bonut target ?!!

  11. Is it possible to overshoot the max bonus on purpose? Say be sitting at 19.75% and then craft the playscape lookout for .75% to get to 20.5%?

  12. Great to see Bart taken the lead, good event and the dialogue from Bart is priceless 😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂

  13. I know why it ends in 1. It’s a rounding error.

  14. When it comes to Bonus per Size, the barriers are the best:
    like many other fences they may overlap at the corner.
    So you can arrange 4 barriers in a tiny square of 2×2 with a total of 1% bonus.

    Personally I craft things I would use later. 4 lookouts are enough. Trenches are currently my favourite, could be useful in later designs.

    When I’ll reach 20% I’ll stop crafting. No reason to rush things 😀
    Barriers will be the next in act II. They can be used as dividers for a garden café or simply fancy fences.
    Some dragon’s teeth for my private Maginot line will be fine (for my villain area?)

  15. I’m at 15% Defensive Bonus using Barriers and Lookouts (and should be at 20% tomorrow).

    I used Bonuts to rapidly Craft (while Kem Farming to quickly replenish Bonuts spent).

    I must admit leveling up that % Bonus yields more Duff Beer Bottles per 4 Hours (which works in your favor if you can’t check in every 4 Hours in a 24 Hour time frame).

  16. Does it seem to anyone else that the corner trenches are messed up in certain orientations? The shadow seems to be wrong if placed on the far lower left or far upper right corners.

    • Yes I fully noticed that as well. The shadows are wrong with them. Kind of makes me wish I just put an end trench there instead and just started a new trench line.

      • I noticed it & it annoyed me so greatly that I put the one I crafted in my B game in front of the Bart pants down statue; That way it looks like he might be peeing into the trench? Having done that I didn’t craft one for my A game.

    • This has happened on mine too. I’m guessing at some point it’ll be put right.

  17. Any strategies for catching up or should I just buy the premium items. I just started on Bart’s character today.

    • How many beers do you have? How much time left?

      • I currently have 30645 with 6d 17hr 45min left

        • Try to get 2000 instead of 1500 on the daily challenge. You should be able to calculate how much many visit you need to make.

          Should be quite doable. Here are two possible calendars.
          Per Day
          Avg -> 4623 5393
          1/29/2018 30645
          1/30/2018 35268 30645
          1/31/2018 39891 36038
          2/1/2018 44514 41431
          2/2/2018 49137 46824
          2/3/2018 53760 52217
          2/4/2018 58383 57610
          2/5/2018 63006 63003

          • How do you impact what you get on the daily challenge?

            • You can refuse the Daily Challenge by clicking on the cross at the top right. You will get a new one. This one could better or… WORSE.
              I is a gamble and… remember, the game is run by Fat Tony.

              • BTW, thanks. I completely thought that refusing the challenge just cleared it off the list. I didn’t think it gave you a different one. (insert favorite face palm picture here)

                Sigh, I should probably have read the article. I will file this under RTFM.
                And I would double like the comment if I could for the commentary on the “management” of the daily task.

    • i am just about to get the training grounds, i think as long as i keep building up the bouns and play ever 4 (waking) hours I will get everything done.

    • If you don’t have the Hellfish bundle, that would be my choice…adds two playable characters to the playground earnings.

  18. What’s the strategy here? Should I max out the defense bonus or should i save up to buy the higher ticket crafting items without defense bonuses to have different unique items? I like to know if playscape defense bonus plays a part in act 2.

    • I’d max out bonus

    • I plan to max out on bonus and then bank all subsequent craftable-currency until Act 2 starts.

      As noted, there will be different craftable upgrades in Act 2 but the crafting currency stays the same. We’ll probably be able to get a head start on Act 2 bonus that way.

      • Smart strategy…all the larger craftables will be available thru the whole event, so no hurry to pick them up. Having extra crafting currency at the start of Act 2 will give you a head start towards building the next items’ bonus %. Between that, and saving 3 days of daily tasks, you should be pretty comfortable at the start of Act 2.

  19. Some programming languages like Java (I think TSTO is made with) sometimes has this weird thing with decimal numbers where they aren’t quite accurate. They really should have just shown the first two decimal places, as the extra percentage doesn’t really affect anything.

    • This occurs with ALL programming languages — it’s a relic of the hardware itself. A good programmer will only display the numbers with a meaningful accuracy, though. 😉

  20. Have bonuts to burn, I already have maxed out the bonus percentage by buying Dragon’s Teeth.

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