App Store Update Available: Homer vs. the 18th Amendment Mini Event Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

An app store update is available on ANDROID at the moment (iOS we’re still waiting…Amazon you’ll have to let me know). Here’s a look at the description:

This will remove the Bart Royale update from your game & introduce a new Mini Event Homer vs. the 18th Amendment. (You won’t see the mini event unless you download the removal update)

It’ll kick off with a 6s task for Homer and 5 Springfielders. And it ends on March 21st..PERFECT for St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ll be back with more as I go through it….. Details below the fold….

First up you’ll be able to buy the Ruffians as a package, just in case you want a memento of Bart Royale….

they’re 50 Donuts for the trio.  They leave stores in a week, so on the 14th.

Now onto this update…

As I said at the top the update ends March 21st, so 2 weeks.  This not only contains the Homer vs. the 18th Amendment content but also St. Patrick’s Day…the two do go hand in hand together.

As an FYI there’s also an episode tie-in associated with this update. BUT it’s not slated to hit until the 15th, so I’ll talk about that content then (since it’s not currently available)

Here’s a look at what the store contains…


Leprechaun Statue- $25,000

Shamrock Topiary- $10,000

Green Beer Fountain- $5,000



St. Patrick’s Flag- 10 Donuts, 5 Donut rebate.  NET 5 Donuts. .25% Bonus on cash and XP

Stack of Beer- 35 Donuts, 15 Donut Rebate. NET 25 Donuts. .75% Bonus on cash and XP

Taste of Duff Beer Truck- 45 Donuts.

Stoner’s Pot Palace- 60 Donuts

Pride of Ulster Banner & Northern Irish Leprechaun- 80 Donuts

Nighthawk Diner & Rex Banner- 90 Donuts

Duff Party Van & Lady Duff- 50 Donuts (Lady Duff is a SKIN for Duffman, offered if you have Duffman)

Duff Brewery, Duffman & Lady Duff- 190 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 150 Donuts.  Offered if you do not have Duffman.

Nature Bundle- 100 Donuts (includes Greenhouse, 5 Apple Trees, Butterfly Tent, Bird Bath, Kodos and Kang Topiary, 5 Orange Trees, 10 Rose Bushes & a Tree Swing)

Relaxation Bundle- 120 Donuts. School Bus & Otto & Greenhouse.

New Stuff

Hooch City- 50 Donuts, Generates 20 /4hrs

Poppa Wheelie’s- 150 Donuts.  Earns $200, 22xp/8hrs. Comes with Ramrod (who will have a job to earn drinks)

Circle of Death- 165 Donuts. Earns 4.5% Bonus on Cash and XP.  Comes with Meathook (who will have a job to earn drinks)

Mystery Box

St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Box- 70 Donuts/Try.  Chance for:

Wishingwell & Leprechaun
Sham Rock Cafe & Yupprechaun
Notre Dame of Springfield & Shamus
Blarney Castle
Duff Party Liner
Duff Stadium
Duff Center Arena
Bowlarama & Barney
Lotto n’ Liquor & Dewy Largo

As is typical for mini events, follow a questline to unlock prizes.  The questline to follow is Puff, Pass, Pass.  Here’s a look at the prizes you’ll unlock…

Duff Puff & Unruly Crowd

Bathtub Brewery

Canada Crossing & Land Token

Destroyed Simpson House

Howard K Duff

Duff Float

And that’s it my friends!  All of the details behind today’s mini-event update!

What are your thoughts on the new content?  Any items catch your eye?  Prizes you’re excited about?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

239 responses to “App Store Update Available: Homer vs. the 18th Amendment Mini Event Live

  1. i got a free st patricks day float. whoot. and i still need a calendar though because i think im behind on this mini-event. *le sigh

  2. Found the perfect spot for the Canadian Border

  3. Xavier Marin Garau

    Does anyone have a problem launching the game in the iPad? It works fine on iPhone but since the last update it won’t open the game in the iPad. Tried everything I could but nothing works

  4. Has anyone bought the ruffians bundle? Does the character have jobs or just walk around the town? Thanks!

  5. Now I understand why I had the unruly crowd in my inventory, it came along with the first prize but wasn’t placed with it for some reason. I have a pile of rude crowds in inventory so didn’t realize this was different when told to tap it. I already had placed the Duff puff boxes by Moe’s Express…

    The unruly crowd is now fighting in front of the ranting radio show guy, that seemed much more appropriate. He looks like the kind of person who likes to incite violence. Speaking as a lifelong teetotaler (I was an extremely unsatisfactory teenager, not only didn’t inhale but didn’t know how it smelled until my 30s): The weed doesn’t really put people in a fighting mood, it actually inhibits violent responses. If fights break out, they’re also drinking alcohol or using other drugs….

    🎶 “The more you know…” 🎶

  6. Why can’t I find the nature bundle? I don’t think I have any of those items yet, so that shouldn’t be the problem. The relaxation bundle shows up though.

  7. The animation for Meathook duels Homer at The Circle of Death is hilarious!

  8. Once placed the unruly crowd can not be moved or put away, or at least I can’t. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Go to a neighbor and back, that seems to unlock them.

    • Yep I’m the same. Tried everything trouble is I can’t move on in the quest now as tapping on them is the next task and it wont let me do it 🙁

    • I had no trouble moving the unruly crowd, so that’s not normal. Mine wasn’t placed along with the boxes but was in inventory. The game took me to it in inventory when it told me to tap them. I placed them and tapped, then later moved them to another location.

  9. I bought the Duff Brewery, Duffman, Lady Duff combo and didn’t get my 40 donut rebate. I didnt even want it, but it was cheaper than the last time, so did it. How do I get in touch with the EA folks to fix it?

  10. The unruly crowd has a .25% bonus.

  11. After a mini update lady duff and duff party van showed up in store even though I already had the van.

  12. Thanks for the mystery box list. Checked them out and I want! I want! Didn’t have any of them.

    Had enough donuts saved for three tries and got:

    Blarney Castle
    Duff Stadium
    Bowlerama and Barney!

    Barney is passed out with his friends at Moe’s Express at the moment.

    Just set up a second KEM garden to earn enough for the remaining six items in 13 days. I think my $11 million will last that long….

  13. I still can’t get the update on iOS. Any way to force it?

    • I find that going to the update section of the iOS App Store often lets me update when just going to the app page won’t. I do only manual updates, so I just look over the list until I find it. It was there early this morning.

      You might also try powering down your phone for a little bit, sometimes that fixes things.

      I’m still in iOS 10 on an iPhone SE (iPhone 6 innards in a 5s case).

    • An unsinstall and reinstall of the game should fix that.

  14. Went to the app and manage to get updated.
    Hope you can also.
    Have a great day.

  15. A couple things this morning. My radius tapping isn’t working. I have to tap on each building individually.

    And second. My KEM farming didn’t result in donuts. It just showed the XP going to 1m over and over but no bonuts..

    I’m…. Not good.

    • Is your Burns Money Mountain reset too? And if you tap on a character icon, does it not go to that character? If your answer to both is “yes” you may need to contact EA to do a rollback on your game. They can roll it back to the last time it worked correctly, so you would lose progress, but it’s better to do sooner than later, as the game is practically unplayable in that state.

    • I have an android system (Samsung 5), and the update has caused multiple issues. The tapping radius as you mentioned, tapping the character (upper left) no longer works, Monty’s money pile is back to minimum (but you can send him on a 24 hour task, and he’s climbing mid air). Friend level has been reset to 1. There’s probably others I haven’t noted yet. Pondering options (uninstall, reinstall, contact EA). Usually when EA hoses something up, I see multiple reports on this site, and it gets patched, I don’t see so many this time.

      • Spoke to client support last night. A fix is supposed to go out soon. They said a lot of people were affected globally. Fingers crossed that EA fixes things as promised.

        • I suggest you not wait for a fix because this glitch has been happening since last June. This comment on the EA forum explains your options. The longer you wait to force them to help you, the more you will lose when they do fix it.

          Contact EA as soon as possible.
          Chat or call is usually easier if you have those options.

          Good luck

          • I think you were right to suggest not to wait. No fix came so I called today and had my game rolled back. Ended up losing a lot of crafted items from last event but at least I can play again.

            • They will tell you anything to get you off the phone or chat. Very unprofessional. I’m glad your game is fixed. 🙂

          • I encountered the issue yesterday. I called today and had my game reset (losing all crafting progress). The agent was friendly but seemed completely unclear of my actual issue (kept asking what level I was at before this happened – I haven’t lost my actual level)
            Things worked fine for two checks of the game. And now; not 8 hours after getting my game reset it’s right back to where my tap radius is diminished, previously completed events are reset, tapping the top-left character button doesn’t function along with a whole host of other problems.
            I’d say EA really borked things up and needs to get focused on fixing this correctly.

          • Same here, rolled back this morning but by this evening all gone to poop again. Loads of complaints on the play store too. Guess I won’t be completing the st Patrick’s day event!

          • …and now it is broken again:(

            • This glitch has gotten worse. Some people have had it more than once. I am so sorry to hear that it hit you again. 🙁

  16. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Apple trees yield 0.5%
    Orange trees yield 0.5%
    Kudos/Kang topiary each yield 0.5%

    So the Nature Bundle yields 6.0%, for 100 donuts?
    Seems like a decent investment.

  17. Anyone else notice birch Barlow no longer has audio? Also some character skins are no longer paying at a premium rate, like Cletus rapper skin

  18. What a pointless update. Almost everything is premium. Complete waste of time. At least I get a break for a couple of weeks ☺️ BTW, does anyone else have a problem with putting rivers or water in the final four vertical rows at the right hand side of the screen? I had some water around my Outlands area and this is now disappeared and I can’t put it back.

  19. Do you know if Duffman would still be helpful in the Heights to get 60 yoga mats or no more, he is not listed there no more and I was ready to get him for that purpose. If he is still is and the 40 donuts rebate is a plus…

  20. The name of this event is very funny from an Irish point of view. There is soon to be a referendum to remove our 8th amendment. Very clever EA!

    • Symphoniodead

      In french too ^^ “Puff” can be understand as “pouf” which means b**ch in familiar language.

    • You know, although I come from a long line of alcoholics, it’s only in the non-Irish 25% of my ancestors…. The 75% Irish ones all took it easy with the booze if they drank it at all. So much for the stereotype.

  21. Symphoniodead

    The biker’s buildings are a very nice addition for the mad max zone

  22. Soo pumped! Was grinding for donuts for duff brewery and duff man – thought maybe the last event was gonna offer it, or maybe a post event Gil offer – but I think it was a pretty good deal when it showed for st paddys day!! Woohoo!

  23. Still no update for iPad!

  24. Sneaking in a St. Patrick’s Day, with a playful jab at Prohibition (some Goodies in the Mystery Box, some Goodies at Discount in the Store, too). I’m grateful for this Mini Event 👍😀🍀

  25. yes! new stuff.

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