Episode 26- The Addicts vs. The 18th Amendment

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The booze is out of Springfield!  It’s a battle of Homer vs. the 18th Amendment, with whiskey on the line! In this episode we’ll be breaking down the latest mini event to hit TSTO (Homer vs. the 18th Amendment), discuss how these prizes are WAY better than the last major event’s prizes and see if Patric breaks out into his golden snitch gear!
Plus, it’s been 3 weeks since we last checked in with Super Safi and his nuclear rebuild, has progress been made?  And, as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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32 responses to “Episode 26- The Addicts vs. The 18th Amendment

  1. I’m a little late to the party but Pat, I was a little hurt you didn’t wear the gold & green suit I made for you. 😉

    Like Safi, I also love that they gave us our Canadian Border crossing but a little irked such poor thought went in to how we can actually incorporate it into the current roads. The rest of the mini-event is okay but I’m also one of the few who really enjoyed the Apocalyptic event. I’m still rebuilding my nuked town so haven’t really decided how to use all the items yet but I crafted like a maniac.

  2. I’ve tried making wine before. It never turned out amazing. I just decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

  3. Guilty Pleasure(s) –

    This Game App (been Tapping since Xmas 2013, I still love it, sometimes I hate what EA has done to it, 300% Bonus XP, Kem Farms, invested $50 so far)

    I live near a Chocolate Factory (Ethel M’s to be exact, they’re apart of M&M / Mars corporate)

    I also live near a Distillery (Las Vegas does brew a salute to Area 51, but shhhh don’t tell the Feds)

  4. Beer AND wine.

  5. I just want to announce it here. I’ve been a premium player for 5 years. I have a 475+% bonus, I constantly have the 10 day XP grinder on and I’m sick of this game. Over the years I’ve spent over $300 (I don’t want to admit the real amount) on this game just to build a junkyard. It stopped being fun years ago just like the show did. I’m out and it feels liberating.

    • I feel the need to comment on this, if for no other reason to show a different perspective. I’ve been at this game for over five years me own self, and it’s still engaging to me. There have been so many improvements: Quest jobs are highlighted, you can find specific characters via the Town Census, the radial burst that helps one collect monies from numerous taxes and completed jobs simultaneously.

      Me, I’ve spend less than a hundred dollars and have a bonus of 270% (and, i only discovered this feature in the Conform-O-Meter just yesterday, no kidding).

      I do the daily tasks, save doughnuts, see what’s a value, and check out the Vault for premium characters. Since i earn rather than spend I feel more of a sense of accomplishment I reckon. My town has a complete monorail circuit, hidden farms (putting houses behind Springfield Heights buildings), and possibly funny pairings (like the convenience stores by the strip clubs) with dedicated districts (like Hollywood or mansions).

      One can certainly make the argument that The Simpsons show isn’t as funny as it used to be, but don’t overlook the fact that The Simpsons themselves first pointed out that fact a long time ago (Season Eight, when Poochie is introduced, and Roy). Oh yeah, how keen nice is it that the game shows when certain buildings and characters appeared?


      • I have been playing since October 2013, I have 182.8 on the conform-o-meter and i have never spent a dime on this game and i never intend to, atm my end game is to play until I have bought all the premium items that are regularly in the shop so the only thing in there is the vault stuff, current event items and premium items you can buy multiple times…i am not too far away from my endgame(at current rate about a year and a half).
        I mostly play the game for something to do but it still find some of the events fun, however I have not actually read a questline in over 2 years, I just tap through the speech bubbles.
        – Rcurtin9

  6. Loads of land but expensive 3 million each, am with safi want a straight line of land, so i use the tokens for that until its all bought

  7. I never made home made liquor but my great-grandfather did. Schnapps. I used to use a sugar to drink it because schnapps is strong. He even gave us his last bottle. Which my mother knocked out and broke accidentally. That su##s.

  8. Lol! Yeah, thx cranky… who needs water when we can drink wine 😊 hugs from a neighboureeno
    Thx guys, first time ever I got to watch this. And managed to catch the last bit live. Awesome job all! (For addicts and for the live broadcast and for the kindness to humanity!)

  9. I’m happy I get so many holiday ads ❤

  10. I’ve been to Napa Valley and they do the BEST wine I’ve ever tasted 🖒🍷

  11. Hehe… I’m outside the US so gonna get “snooty” and say South Africa has better wine 😊

  12. Oregon has some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world.

  13. Are you off to clean windows with that contraption Pat??? 🤣

  14. “whiskey” is a generic term for spirits made from a mash. The brown color comes from aging in burnt out wine barrels

  15. Gin is made with neutral spirits. Vodka is considered to be a neutral spirit (unflavored).

  16. Safi … I nuked Krusty land and filled it with green beer 🍀🤣

  17. Funny poll. Yes. I’ve actually made my own Gin. I start with Vodka, and infuse it with botanical’s (some home grown) to make a Dutch style gin. (recipe found on internet).

  18. Hated the last event. Liking the current mini event

  19. My dad used to make bath tub gin and I kid you not he almost blew the house up when I was little!!! 🤣

  20. Sorry I’m late … hi addicts 😙😙😙😙

  21. 6 week events used to be fine. But I think what makes them feel too long now is that they aren’t 6 week events, they are 60 week events because the structure is the same from the past 10 events (or more). EA needs to just drastically change the things you have to do during a 6 week event to get event currency (and make more enticing final prizes of the act) and we’d be ok.

  22. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Your survey is flawed. I haven’t ‘brewed’ or fermented alcohol from scratch.
    I have made CHERRY BOUNCE
    Layers of sugar, cherries, cloves,, cinnamon and drenched in good quality Jack Daniels.
    Knock your socks off if you do more than sip.

  23. Howdy Ya’ll, Interesting poll. Growing up in Oklahoma meant only 3.2 beer from grocery/convenient stores and never on Sun which explains why so many Sooners brew their own. I had an Uncle who made his own wine but you never knew what it was until you took a sip. His cantaloupe or rhubarb wine is still talked about at family gatherings to this day.

  24. I’m glad the previous event is over. I didn’t play at all the last act. I’m disappointed in this mini event as I don’t drink, nor do I use other intoxicants. I think I’ll abstain from this one too and just play normally

  25. I’m really glad the Bart Royale event is over. I thought it was okay but not great. I’m enjoying the mini event and am looking forward to the episode tie in. I know in the teaser for the take down event they teased about the clown college which I thought they did a while back as well I would really love to see that next Springfield heights part 3 or something good for Easter even something for Passover would be nice also being Jewish I feel like they don’t really acknowledge the Jewish holidays much in the game we got a Kwanzaa skin for dr hibbert and we have rabbi K in the game so I just really wish Jewish holidays are more acknowledged

  26. Used to make some mean “Apple Jack” in college from fermenting Apple Cider with yeast. We would mix it 50/50 with hot Constant Comment tea…yum! 👍🤪.

  27. Just something fun while we’re waiting…this month’s page out of my Simpsons calendar…go Marge!


  28. I took your advice and bought St Patricks mystery box and I am ecstatic to say I finally won big.. I won Barneys bowlarama woop… Well chuffed as normally I never win a character so cheers for the rundown of prizes as the only one I didnt want was the liner.. Cheers guys happy tapping.. 😀

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