Friday Filler – What’s REALLY Behind The Ads On This Site

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I mean it. I am really, really glad that it is Firday…as I really, really, really need a(nother) drink.  Lucky for us, this latest update is ALL about drinking, and carousing, and getting pounded…as is our right to do!  It is protected by our Constitution…right?  Or it was…until it wasn’t…and then was again. No wonder Homer feels the need to make his own bathtub gin.

But, the real reason that I am in need of some liquid diversion, is that yet once again, someone(s) decided it was important to “school us” on the annoying nature of the ads that pop up when you use this site.  And while Alissa is generally more inclined to try to explain the “why we use WordPress” and why we have ads to help pay the freight in a nice way… I am more inclined to revert to my CrankyOldGuyness…and remind people that NOTHING is free. Nothing.

This game isn’t free (although you can play for free if you are willing to not place any value on your time).  This site isn’t free (although the advice and entertainment we dispense doesn’t cost you a nickle). And, being part of a community isn’t free, even though you do have the option of sitting in the corner and just taking the assets that are offered by others, without contributing.

But, even more important…there is a true VALUE on what those “annoying ads” provide to the team here, as well as many, many others who benefit.

This is the chance to just move on…or perhaps treat the rest of this post like you would an “ad blocker,”  (which is always an option if you are annoyed by ads).  Because, I am about to be really, really, really honest about why we do what we do…and for whom.

As many of you know, I ran “another site” for years, that was in most ways, a direct competitor of this site. You can find the details on other posts…but, the bottom line, is that doing a daily site, to millions of readers, is unbelievably time consuming and tiring. I simply had run out of enough reasons to continue it…even though loads of readers were pissed…and have never totally forgiven me for quitting, and “joining the enemy.”

That last line is completely nuts. Because the fact is…when you stand back and look at the TSTO Blog-O-Sphere…to claim anything but your own little piece of this global insane asylum would be nuts.  Anyone who takes any of this so seriously as to offer advice to anyone who is nuts enough to do this daily, is even more insane than the people doing this insane job in the first place. Plenty of insanity to go around, folks.

It is thankless. It is overwhelmingly tedious.,,and yet, we do it.

When someone implies that Alissa is “making loads of money” from the site, they are making it clear that they don’t understand how “ad words” and the monetization process works.  It varies…month to month…and is affected greatly by the ebb and flow of the game. Some months it makes about as much as a poorly paid minimum wage restaurant worker would make (without tips). Other months, it makes as much as that worker with their hours cut in half.  Nobody is getting rich from this, especially if you affixed an hourly rate of return on the time invested. There are WAY better ways to make money…like collecting bottles to redeem for their .10 deposit.

We do it, because we can…and still love the game…even when we hate the game…and yes, that makes sense to anyone who plays regularly.

I have an agreement with Alissa to receive a small percentage of the monthly take, that goes directly into our work in Uganda. If it weren’t for the ability of TSTO blogging to add some sort of “Do it for a GOOD Reason” factor to all of this…I would have stopped years ago.

But, do in large part to Alissa, her Family Guy counterpart “Russian Tigger” and a very few of you who donate when asked…the work continues.

THESE are the faces of why I not only continue to write for Addicts…but, also put up with the ads (the same way as all of you) when I visit the site.

These kids’ test scores went up from 23% passing to 92% passing…because they now have books and school supplies, and clean drinking water, and shoes, and bathrooms, and more…bought almost entirely from TSTO contributions and ad revenue.  There are 273 kids in the Buyijja Village school in Uganda…who rely on funding from this site and those who visit it. THAT is worth continuing…

So…the next time you want to whine about an ad on this site…please don’t.  There are simply more important things in the world…and you don’t know the WHOLE story.

Don’t like it? Leave…or get an ad blocker. No worries. Because we know in the long run, the people that “get it,” and don’t mind a little inconvenience as payment for doing something that matters, or at the very least, saying “thank you” to Alissa for countless hours every week…will continue to be valued and treasured by those of us in the TSTO trenches.

Nothing more to say on the topic. I’ve found that truth usually speaks more loudly to those who are listening with open ears and hearts to hear it…or something like that.

Meanwhile…I’m gonna go have another drink. It’s past 5P somewhere…and it has been a week that deserves to be capped off with some suds.


60 responses to “Friday Filler – What’s REALLY Behind The Ads On This Site

  1. One of the nicest things about the TSTO app is it has way less pop up ads then when it launched. One of the worst things about the TSTO app is the opening screen is a painful reminder of missing Bunny while showing no love to Patrick or Safi.

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  2. With the money going to such a great cause, I don’t mind the adds on the site. And I appreciate all the help each of you give during the gameplay cause sometimes I get held up on things or you show me shortcuts to achieving the goals. Thank you, thank you!!

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  3. Just want to say THANK YOU to the Addicts team!! You all do an awesome job with this site! Honestly if it weren’t for this site I probably would given up on this game a long time ago. Patrick THANK YOU for the work you do supporting the children in Uganda. In the long run THAT truly is what’s most important!! Fingers crossed that one day EA will send you all some big checks in the mail!! 🙂

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  4. There are currently 5 ads on this page, which to me is a perfectly acceptable and non intrusive level of ads. Fingers crossed, but I’ve never had a pop up yet.

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  5. A question I’ve always had was if someone uses an Ad blocker and never sees the Ads compared to someone who sees the Ads and never clicks any of them do you guys as the hosting site get the same revenue? Or do you only get revenue from clicks on the Ads?

    As someone who has talked to and listen to alot of internet/computer security specialists I will NEVER EVER click on an Ad. You can never tell if the Ad is safe.

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  6. ALSo, aren’t the ads a person sees based on what they personally look at on their phone? So to the person complaining about an x rated ad (I think that’s what the original troll said) maybe you should take a minute to reflect or at least use your phones incognito mode.. just a thought


  7. I just have to say, hats off to you addicts team! The fact that this little site based on a little mobile game brings so much help to children who desperately need assistance brings tears to my eyes. You have hearts of gold and you have my utmost respect! To go from 23% passing to 92% is no easy feat and this site makes it possible. I’ve lost interest in the game recently, but if continuing to read on about it and deal with ads (WHICH ARE NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL I DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE COMPLAIN) will help in any way then I am happy to do so! Is there any place I can donate directly to those children?

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  8. Maybe it’s because I only view the site from my phone, but I never get the pop ups people complain about, or anything making any noise. Most days it’s ads for sites I’ve been to. Things I’ve viewed on Amazon, the latest sale at DAVIDsTEA, things that manage to get me to click through to investigate at least once a week, but nothing at all bothersome.

    That said, even if they were… in what world would the internet be ad free when TV and radio aren’t? The people who create/provide the content have to pay for it going out in the world somehow. I don’t even understand the point to complaining over such a minor inconvenience when the help this site provides has been so invaluable to me since I found it.


  9. The ads have never bothered me, and I allow them to load. The screen hijacking one I just refresh the page. Love this site as it helps makes sense of the events and offers a wonderful community to be a part of. Thanks to everything that you at TSTO do otherwise I think I would probably not still be playing this game. Ignore the few nay sayers and know most get why things are the way they are. 😎🌹

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  10. Very happy to help, knowing the revenue from Family Guy Addicts goes to such a good cause will keep me blogging as long as I or the game allows.


  11. I see the ads but they never really bother me. Does one have to click the ads to help the kids in Uganda? Or their presence in the website enough to do so?
    Anyway, i appreciate the work you guys have done here. and the whole tsto addicted community who chip in as well. But now i found out that somewhere in africa, kids are getting better lives, i dont care if i suddenly get pop up ads or whatever! Keep on keeping on and stay golden, patric, alissa, and supersafi, and everybody!

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  12. being a beer reference, i thought for sure you would squeeze in the term firkin.

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  13. Well said Patric, thank you. As if to emphasise your point, the ad that popped up just before I started reading your post was for The Nature Conservancy, a fine non-profit organisation that has done a great deal of very good work for the well-being of the natural world. Not all ads that pop up here are commercial dreck.


  14. Cranky Old Guy, talking sense on the Intertubes – is that allowed? 🙂

    ( I hpoe so, because I’m 50 next year!)

    There are sites I visit frequently that have the ad-blocker turned up to max, so that I have a faint chance of finding the info I need, but this is one of the many, almost all fan-run (in the best sense!), sites that had the ad-blocker disabled the second time I visited…

    With the ads on, I find it amusing to split the ads into three categories:

    1, stuff that I know where I was looking at it
    2, stuff that is a plausible extension from 1,
    3, “Where the bleep did that come from”

    So you shouldn’t find me complaining about them – I understand the need for them, and I get a few seconds amusement 🙂

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  15. Advertising on this small scale doesn’t bother me. The ads don’t cover contents and most important,… no annoying sounds!

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