Springfield Jobs Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Those of you on iOS may have noticed you got an update today for the next TSTO Event, Springfield Jobs.  (Android, from what I can tell, hasn’t hit yet…It’s now on Android, same details apply.  Nothing will actually happen in game until tomorrow) While you’ve gotten the update NOTHING is different in Springfield.  Why?  Why can’t you start the new event?! Why?! WHY?! WHYYYYYYY!?

Well, EA is doing something a little different this time around.  Maybe to combat those who get the update a day late, maybe for other reasons… But this update won’t officially start (i.e. you won’t see changes in YOUR game, even if you’ve downloaded the update) until TOMORROW March 21st at 10am ET (1400 GMT).

So don’t panic!  The new event will be live before you know it.  For now, just relax and check out this awesome new Splash Screen! Shoutout to Super Safi for sending it over to me, as my Android doesn’t have the update just yet…

I’ll be back tomorrow once the update goes live with the rundown.  So don’t panic if you don’t see our usual 6:30am (ET) post on the site…I’ll have all the content ready to go once the event actually launches.

Feel free to use this post as an Open Thread to speculate…but remember this is still a Spoiler Free site.

P.S. Here’s the current app store description (thanks again to Super Safi)


124 responses to “Springfield Jobs Update

  1. I’m disappointed EA waited until Wednesday evening to push out for iPhone.


  2. Anyone else having a problem with the game freezing when collecting the 1st prize? I rebooted my iPhone and still freezes at same point when the first prize is collected.


  3. I’m having problems with the redwood tree thingamajig. I’m on level 8 and it says ” done ” I don’t have the option to continue upgrading the darn true ! Any suggestions. Thanks all.
    Btw, this started last night.


  4. I was a little annoyed by this TBH…I had yet to purchase the last St. Patrick’s Day item from the MB, and saw this update in the Playstore, and naturally panicked because I thought an event had started without me, so I instantly hit the update button, only to find that they end the 18th Amendment mini event if you choose to update…a day before the deadline. Maybe they ought to program in the end date for the prior event if they choose to do it this way again.


  5. It’s live!


  6. I had the rollback issue in November and got it again now. It’s important that you contact EA and let them know you have the issues. It’s also important to list ALL the issues (not just “rollback” but list all the things that don’t work) it took them 3 weeks to fix it, but I didn’t have to do a roll back and got everything fixed.

    This has to be the worst bug short of not loading. It’s a total disaster trying to complete quests when you can’t click on the character icon in the top left. Also having an almost full map and a tap radius of 1 takes FOREVER to clear your town. The fact that they have introduced this bug on multiple occasions without understanding how to stop it is maddening.

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    • I’m curious as to whether the issue occurs more frequently on specific devices (Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Honor, Motorola, Nokia), device class (phone, tablet), configurations (app in internal storage/moved to storage card) or platforms (iOS/Android). Also, OS versions could be interesting (Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; I assume the vast majority of iOS users are running the latest version).

      @Alissa: How about a poll


  7. Thanks! I knew you guys would have the answer. Check it again after breakfast it is.


  8. Based on the buildings I saw in the spoilers, I really wish EA would open up another two or three rows of land in Springfield Heights (not to need land credit usage). I’m actually trying to have that be my fancy part of town, and I just don’t have the room up there for some of these upcoming things I want to put there.


  9. Ooooh Gee!
    Sven Golly?!!!


  10. “Currency collection is now faster due to the animation not going to the bottom-left counter but instead the currency just disappears.”

    Excellent update thank you EA!!!
    This has cut my collection time down massively! 😎

    Thanks for the info @LPNintendoITA ❤

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  11. Game rolled back yesterday (panic!!). Luckily arranged a call back from EA(UK) today and its been resolved very swiftly. Then had a panic that the update wasn’t working so reinstalled, still not working. Then noticed it won’t start until 14.00 GMT, phew!!

    Although, I wonder if we lose an hour of game play this weekend (like we do sleep) when we move forward an hour to BST (British Summer Time)?

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  12. Different platforms (iOS, Android OS, Amazon OS); and how each has received an In-Game Update faster then others (FYI I’m on Android OS Oreo 8.0.1); has obviously made this change necessary.

    Now there should be no complaints about In-Game Update (it’s all up to the Tapper logging into the Game App whenever they choose to); however; I wonder if this will solve prior Server Connection Issues, too?

    If Homer and other Springfield Characters (some new) are going to be Master Thieves, I wonder what Film(s) will be lampooned? I’m all for the original THE ITALIAN JOB starring Michael Cane (1960’s gem co-starring Benny Hill and plenty of Mini Coopers). 🇬🇧👍


  13. Just a little step for IOS … i love this game but sincerly i’ve enought… every new event i need to re-install all the game… 1399MB not peanuts! Today, in Italy, h.12,5 pm i re-install everything, waiting 30m and nothing new: waste of time! Really EA cannot do nothing better for IOS system ?


  14. I was stuck by a bunch of rolling “completed” old events and then had the 24 hour pieman task like someone else mentioned.

    The character button on the top left no longer takes me to the character and the irs isn’t functioning. When i tap it’s only one building or character instead of a range.

    Should i hope it all corrects itself once the event starts or reinstall the game now?


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  15. of course! lmao.. why even bother releasing a new update if not making tasks/quests active in-game is beyond me


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