Fine Arts Museum and Game Freezing

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick note.  I’m seeing more and more comments come across about your game freezing when you unlock the Fine Arts Museum (first prize of Act 1) in Springfield.

A couple of tips to try first…..

-Make sure you have enough land open to place the museum in Springfield.  When you unlock it it’s searching for a plot of land to be placed on, if you don’t have one available the search won’t stop.

-Wait when you unlock it.  The game may seem frozen but give 30 seconds to a minute (in some cases longer).  My game appeared frozen for about 30 seconds but then it allowed me to place it.

-If it is, in fact, frozen, try a hard close and restart and wait again.

If those steps don’t help Contact EA.

Thanks guys!  Hope those tips help out!


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  1. Coincidentally, I tried the same thing as Hannah… The daily missions window appeared, and I decided to press on it. This somehow passed by the museum dialogue box, and game was working. Then, I bought some land and found the museum there.
    Not sure if there was a “behind the scenes” fix from EA, or if this procedure was there all the time.

  2. Just thought I’d shared how I got mine working again

    – I opened the app when I knew there would be a task there
    – the task came up before the screen in which it frozen on (the museum)
    – next when I started the task I clicked the land expansion and bought a set of land
    – then I was able to close of out the land and task
    – and finally place the museum, unfreezing my game
    – took me a couple of days to figure this out ( I wasn’t even planning on getting around it- It just happened) – the gist of the steps I took

  3. xaris4711 – Im a six year player.. started freemium, went semi premium, went KEM farmer (thank u safi) and now with 2400% bonus and 300 playing characters I just play the game with the collider on and donuts arent an issue. Now Im premium by choice, without needing to be. Im an addict, I love this game and always paid real money (every once in a while) to keep this game going and show my appreciation for my favorite pastime (Im with Patrick on that one). Ive spent hours upon hours designing my town making it as realistic as possible without leaving any of the crazy-out-of-place stuff out.
    Never had an issue..
    Up until now.
    For four days Im dead in the water.
    We had 6 communiques back and forth with EA and nothing.
    I did all the known troubleshooting steps but to no avail..
    They even suggested to reset my game back a few days to when my game was working properly, right before I was awarded the Museum of SFA and everything froze, I confirmed and still waiting, that was some 40 hours ago..
    Now they tell me to sit tight and wait and check frequently for an update.
    Truth is, this is the first time in six years that I cant play the game and I kinda hate that freaking elusive Museum.
    They game me 35 donuts for my trouble..
    (And dont get me started about the land tokens fiasco)
    The time to call it quits is drawing close.
    Anyway, to all of you reading this facing the same issue keep sending everyone for event currency through the brown house and have patience.
    Thx to our hosts, Ive been reading this site as long as I play the game, you guys are amazing dealing with our (all the addicts’) craziness..

    • Some people say a solution can be found through daily challenges, by sending characters on a certain misión, in that moment pressing menu in order to buy the necessary land to place the museum.
      I tried today but I chose to send Martin on a mision. Since Martin wasn´t free, the game froze again the moment Martin´s job was finished, so I´ll have to wait until tomorrow and try again.
      I´m losing hope EA will release an update soon. This is just frustating.

  4. I can play, but I was never rewarded the Museum. I did discover that I can continue to plan for heist by clicking a brown house. Hope this helps somebody.

  5. Already contacted ea they,have told me there looking into it and it is in fact frozen I am sad 🙁

  6. Hi, i have had the same problem over and over and tried everything. But finally i have the solution. Once you get the notification, don’t press on receive. I have a samsung and allows me to press the “back” button next to the home button. The museum then just popped in my inventory and the game didn’t froze. Sorry if my english is bad.


    • I have tried the same, but here it didn’t work. It is really a pity EA is taking so much time to solve this.

  7. They need to fix this soon. I am not able to create a space because the game saved right at the point I unlocked it, so every time I open the app up I’m immediately put at the place where it freezes with no chance of doing anything.

  8. I also had my game frozen and force closed/restarted my game. I never noticed until today that I dont even have the museum. I have the free land tile but not the museum as i was trying to set up a bonus by setting the canal to it.

    Did anyone else not receive the museum after force closing and restarting?

  9. This is becoming sad how it’s still frozen for a lot of people. Ea should some how make up to the people that’s missing out.
    Thanks for your time on this page Alissa

  10. I wonder if everyone who got their game frozen had the same problem; lack of free land to place the museum. It was my case, but if it is really everybody´s case, I can´t quite understand why don´t we have a fix yet, since the problem´s root is known.

    • Michael Tameling

      Not my case at all. I had a huge block of open land (4 square) waiting for something to be put on it, and my game still froze.

      • Thanks for your answer. Now I feel less silly for not having free land enough, lol. Ok, I understand the problem must be waaaaaay bigger than I thought. I hope they won´t take too long to find a fix. I really had good vibes about this event. (sigh)

  11. Tried everything and this is still not working for me! Would hate to lose everything after working so hard for 6 years. My town is pretty awesome not gonna lie lol! Any other suggestions please let me know people!

  12. With all of the glitches & broken games all over the place…really,really,REALLY wish they’d patch all these rips before it comes apart at the seams!!!

  13. Kathryn D Soukup

    I play on iPad. I haven’t gotten the update, even though it shows it updated in the App Store. I’m not sure what to do.

  14. I am not thankfully not experiencing any freezing glitches. But I can’t figure out how to put the gondola in the bonus zone, as required by the quest line. The gondola only goes on water and the museum only goes on land. How are other folks solving this problem? What am I missing?

  15. Just got off the phone with ea support about not receiving the earned museum and land. Their response was “we’re aware of the problem and are working on it. Please be patient.”
    It’s been 36 hours since the update hit and this problem occurred, and they’re asking for patience! I think I might be done…

  16. Give up, have contacted EA, have hard started. Everything is frozen. Am on an iPad. This is the first time I’ve had a total meltdown of the game.

  17. Hey! Thanks for the update Alissa 🙂

    I was just wondering will there be a new neighbour thread? I need some new active friends haha 🙂

  18. Spoke with EA support again. They have apparently received a memo from the dev team saying that they are aware of the situation and are working on it. They have asked support to send all affected accounts to them (for those who call or email in), so that they can determine the root cause and create the fix. As part of the memo, the dev team has told support to NOT roll back any games.

    So, if you are affected, I recommend reaching out so that your info (they asked for my permission) can be sent to the programmers. They currently have no timeline on the fix however.

  19. This seems more geared towards Apple devices? My android froze for a moment and then cleared. My iPad is still frozen 20 mins later. New game B at level 31. I can see new land just up in the corner begging to be found. 🙁

  20. The issue I’ve just started having with one of my games is that it’ll crash when trying to go to the neighbor visit screen or to Krustyland.

    A hard kill/restart doesn’t help and neither does a phone reboot. ☹️

    Off to the EA forums…

  21. Btw, what does crooks do? Does sending them to a neighbors town decrease your Righteousness rating?

  22. Since this event started, tapping on the character in the upper lefthand corner does nothing anymore. It doesn’t take me to that character. Also, the radius of the collection area when I tap has significantly shrunk!

    • Yikes…you have the bug…Ea will have to roll back your game to the day before you noticed it. That means you will lose whatever you are working on now, so speed in contacting them is important. If you use the in-game help button (upper right corner on your inventory pop-up screen), open a case and chose a call-back. That seems to be the quickest way to get help. Good luck😊.

    • If your Burns Money Mountain is reset too, contact EA to do a game rollback – you will lose some progress, but your game will work again.

    • That’s exactly what mine is doing.

  23. I don’t understand what the bonus for placing crafted items in a certain area does? I placed an item and get the same “pay out” as before from tapping criminals. Does it just increase the # of criminals that are available to tap?

  24. This is just frustrating for. A long time player tried everything and still frozen. Email ea twice I hope they do something for everyone that gets behind in this act

  25. Another glitch in this event is I have no way to send criminals to a neighbor’s town. I can send my criminals to the generic springfield in our games but no luck helping my neighbors.

    • Only works if they are playing event and are passed the part of visiting neighbors to drop criminals.

      Actually good as you get bonus for sending criminals to friends when they tap them.

      • Yeah but it’s hit and miss. If you send out criminals to the wrong town (where someone doesn’t tap them) you could end up with nothing. I try to scan my town each time I play so I tap the criminals. I have no idea how long you have to tap them before they are gone.

  26. LONG time player & Sven is the type of character I’d consider plunking down some $ for but this land situation is atrocious ( I know this is covered elsewhere) Decided to plop 40 Mil on the mansion gardens just because the 75 Mil I had banked was more or less useless even with Kem Farming & had to store the entire set as it made a buggy game even more so with all the clipping, texture issues etc & really had no place to use it Should have just used it on rat trap trucks -_- EA keeps shoveling content but the game keeps suffering stability & graphics issues So why waste any real cash? I could buy a used triple A game at game stop for 10 bucks , 5 Bucks would have been the sweet spot & no need for the bonus but whatever . Trying to wrap my head around how long EA will continue with this game with no enahncements Until it’s virtually unplayable at least for Long time players This will probably be my last event after 1/2 decade or so & only because I’m calabrese & I had 1500 or so donuts from KEM farming

    • One very real use for your donuts is to take the “grind” out of these events…earn what you want at whatever speed/schedule you want and use your donuts to pay-out the balance on prizes or crafting items that you are interested in. No more stress and a good use for all the extra cash…rat-trap truck farming will make good use of it.

      • I don’t mind the Grind as much as performance issues Making adding all this new content kinda pointless but that’s a good use for them lol

  27. I’m here hoping that EA will fix this soon 🙁 My luck is that you can send the jobs in the brown house, only Ruth Powers who does not.

  28. David Billington

    I’ve noticed that when I put out a load of KEM’s for farming the last one which I don’t need to place is taking a good 20 to 30 seconds to find somewhere to position itself instead of the couple of seconds it used to take.

  29. Is there a way to do the place a gondola in bonus area task with it being an in water piece.

  30. Mine froze but it returned to normal after crashing. As what you said, wait it out, whereas yours returned to normal, mine crashed and when I rebooted the game, it returned to normal. To think of all the time I wasted before by killing the app, again, again and again……

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