Springfield Jobs – Act One Calendar and Numbers to Get It All!

I’m not going to lie…(and you shouldn’t trust anyone who starts by saying that…as it implies that they lie all of the time, and this is an exception…like politicians who start off something with”trust me…”)…I already hate this event.

Why? Because they have ignored the two most requested aspects for improving the game.  First, we asked that they “Make the Events Shorter.”  Their answer?  This is one of the longest…if not THE longest events in TSTO history. It will run a full 48 days…and the acts have now expanded to 16.5 days…which for all practical purposes, should be 17.

The other thing most of our readers asked for, was reducing or eliminating the crafting in these events. What did they do? Expanded it.

But…here we are…a bunch of addicts who are going to play the update, whether we say we won’t or not. We will grit our teeth for expanded/extended grinding…and see if we can outlast EA.  There are LOADS of new items…without actually increasing the item limit enough for most of the longtime players to add them without “device issues.”  But…that would make THREE gripes in one post…so I will refrain.

Instead…I will simply offer up the calendar(s) so you can stay on pace to GET IT ALL!!

Let’s start off by saying that this calendar is a bit wonky…because the start of the event was/is wonky.  For us in the REAL Springfield…it started on Wednesday the 21st at 7am-PDT.  However, the Act Ends at 5a on Friday the 6th…which is pretty damn long, and confusing if you are making a calendar that crosses several timelines.

So……..for the purposes of trying to make sense of this, and keep you on track…I have the calendar ending roughly 5 hours early (Thursday at midnight)…just so you aren’t caught off guard. Clear as mud?  Well…it makes as much sense as the expanded event, and the start stop time in the servers.  ERGH!!

But, here are the numbers… have fun…set your timers for every 4 hours…and Grind, baby, grind!

As always…click the images to enlarge them.

And for the “just the numbers please” set…

179 responses to “Springfield Jobs – Act One Calendar and Numbers to Get It All!

  1. omnipotentwiz

    im a solid 7k behind…

  2. I just got the update 2 days ago like many of you…way far behind and just bought the pope and sven golly to hopefully catch up a bit and make the next 2 acts easier… setting my alarm for every 4 hrs to hopefully catch up. Damn, I wondered why it was taking so long for them to make an update… oh well! Good luck to everyone….

  3. Greeeeat. I just got the update. Was excited to see it was only 4 days long. Just now figuring out that I missed the first 10 days. 🙁

    I was wondering why Tapped Out had no event during Easter…kept logging on looking for one.

    I play on BlueStacks but never had this issue before.

  4. I only just this moment got he 350 plunder. This event is terrible. I even resorted to buying the calabresi bundle so now I have almost no donuts left. I got molloy and johnny so I have all the free and four premium but I ddnt have any premium until today because the schedule has never been this bad before so I thought I would be okay like we normally are but this event doesn’t gain any momentum as it goes. 20% is nothing with numbers this small. I am disgusted by EA

    • And how do you REALLY feel? It is always odd to me, that some players are sooooo far behind, while others are way ahead. I’m ahead by 3 days…log in 4-5 times a day…but really don’t visit neighbors. So, I am not sure what you are doing…except not logging in enough. It literally takes 30 seconds to cycle the event tasks (clear and replace heists). If you are really stressed…set you phone time for every 4 hours…and clear away.

      • This is basically what I’m doing (logging in every four hours w/ a timer; either on my phone, or setting it on my Alexa devices at home & work), and not worrying too much about neighbor visits, and I’ll have my last/final prize in about an hour or two (depending on how fast the bank fills up, which I know you or Alissa said before, but I don’t really care since I’m ~3-4 days ahead, too).

        I didn’t buy any extra characters, either. Or at least none that help with the event.

  5. More than 5000 behind. Have all regular and two premium characters, play 4 times a day, bonus % is at 20. Not sure what is going on. If I miss will be the first since the Sideshow Bob plants event.

    • Yea, me too. I’m about at 26,000 as of this morning. Unless the bonuses get really good, there is no way I’m reaching the end of Act 1 without using some donuts.

    • I have been playing since 2013 I would normally be 3 days ahead and am currently 3 days behind. The only difference with this quest is I always used the crafting button to find the walking quest characters this quest is the first time I have not been able to so I have been missing some characters each time. I’ve finally got Primo and I’m on holiday so I’m hoping I will catch up.

  6. Due to the roll back glitch…..i lost 3 days. Luckily due to farming I have a few extra premium characters helping with the heists so now I am day behind, so I will catchup by the end of Act 1.

  7. I got Primo this morning and he is helpful for getting the currency, finishing the main questline and starting to work on getting bonuts (bonus that the ‘do it’ button in the task book goes to a justice agent). Does anyone know a way of getting exactly 20% bonus at the Museum? By this I mean what crafting items in this act add up to the total bonus to 20% exactly.

  8. Missed 3 days, the opening was the jobs one but nothing else for the event. Never going to catch up now

  9. I’m really frustrated with this event, the game didn’t when let me know I had an update until Friday. Two whole days after the event started. I’m trying to log in five times a day, mostly hitting four and I cannot get ahead.

  10. I’m getting rather concerned about this one too. I have the glitch whereby the whole game needs to load every.single.time. so I can only play x2 a day, once in the morning at home, and once again in the evening (the guest WiFi connection at work / cafe WiFi’s if I go out at lunch are too slow to load the game.)
    Hopefully with the four day Easter weekend I can catch up a bit with four hourly play.

    • In terms of that issue, it’s most frequently caused by not having enough space on your device. EA advises having at least 4GB free. If you have that, then it may be something else but if you don’t – and can create some space, which I know can be a nuisance in itself – then freeing up space may be worth it.

  11. I’m finally back on track today thanks to the bonus %. This is the first event that I can remember that I was behind for even a day, and I started right on time.

    Maybe I’m just noticing it more because I was behind, but it seems like more people are behind than usual. I wonder if it’s due to the strange update without the event start they rolled out this time. Or maybe that just shifted everyone’s perception of the timeline and we’ve all doing as well as usual.

    Either way, yay! Back on track!

    • Again……. as I have stated numerous times…the Calendar is based on a 24-hour clock. So, it reflects where you should be after 24 hours of grinding…or the FULL number listed in that day. Many find themselves “behind” in the morning, but back on track by the end of the 24 hour clock. Because of the weird extra hours/day on these Acts, there is a slight buffer built in, before the Act actually ends. So…”behind” is relative. If you are two or three days behind, you are behind. If you are hitting the mark, even on you first couple of cycles on the next day, you are fine. Capiche?

    • Could be a combo of things. This is definitely an event designed to be easier the further you get into it (ie build up your heist bonus). If players aren’t doing that they’ll have a harder time for sure

  12. I’m a 100+ level player and I’m behind for the first time ever!! I’m only on 15800 and am into 2 of my 4 daily login as normal lol. Confused about time on this one, I’m in the UK and this event started at 2pm for me so is that when it will end??

  13. This is a weird event, I felt like I was behind too, as sometimes I still do (but i made a spreadsheet, so I know I’m not) I think it could have something to do with the fact people could “start” the quest first thing in the morning, but not really start earning til act 5 or 6 of the quest line …

    which could take all day depending what your characters are doing (I don’t think I actually started til around 8-9 at night) ….

    by my math u can get 3390 a day – (10 hiesters no bonus 5 times a day, collecting friends and doing challange) which means there should be no issue catching up if u are behind …
    this calendar only needs 2589 a day to stay on pace should be easy enough to do even with missing a character or only hiesting 4 times a day and missing some tappables

  14. I am totally confused as to how I’m behind – I’ve been signing on at least 4 times a day, I started on the first day (albeit in the evening instead of the morning), I’ve been visiting friends towns, and have 12 characters planning the heist – but I’m still 2 days behind the calendar. Hoping to get more bonus items to up the intake, but I have no idea why this is moving so slow. It’s super frustrating.

    • For the 5th or maybe 6th time. The calendar is a 24 hour start. So day one, is a total you should have after 24 hours. It allows for the weird end time at the end of the event. You are likely not far behind. The key to make sure you send everyone you can…and do the daily challenges. Not sure how many characters you are sending…but, you should have at least 10 regular, non-Premium characters earning 300 every 4 hours…times 4-5 logins a day. I hit mine at 6-10-2-6-10P.

      • I know how the calendar works – I was barely rounding the 8,000 mark last night. Please don’t talk at me like I am completely naive to this process – I’m a level 939 player. I’m confused because it doesn’t make sense that I’m progressing so slowly, not that I don’t understand how the challenges work. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with my game, I might call EA today to ask. But thanks for trying to help.

        • Tap the museum and send all the applicable characters to commit the heist ever four hours. Tap alle the foreign agent and crooks. Rinse and repeat.
          A 939+++++++ level player, well over 20,000.

          • I’m doing all of those things, but thanks for trying to give pointers. I’m not sure if something was glitching with my game. My confusion wasn’t about not understanding how to play, it’s that I’m playing and not much is happening, which has never happened before. I’ll give it another day and see if things get better 🙂 Then I’ll call EA.

        • That is certainly weird. I started the event more than 36 hours late and I have almost caught up. I have only one Premium character. It definitely sounds like there might be something wrong with your game.

  15. The major thing thing that despise about this event is like what happened in the previous event, how it takes forever to save up enough crafting item currency. I wish it was a lot higher than 1 per tappable and 2 per task.

    • I remember that previous events last year used to increase the crafting currency from tap(pables) when the acts changed, for example, Act 1 had 2 crafting currency per tap, Act 2 had 4 crafting currency per tap and Act 3 had 6 crafting currency per tap. The 350 Plunder on the prize track is not enough either since you can get that after a few days, maybe if it was 700 Plunder then that could of been great. There are also buildings to craft coming in the act 2 and 3 for over 1000 Plunder each (though the cheapest one is 500) so it would be useful to save up for them near the end of act 1.

  16. Sadly, I’m not going to get the final prize at this rate. I’m barely getting any plunder, and that means less bonus photos. I’ve missed so many good events recently, and I don’t find this event entirely good. Anyways, any suggestions for a level 50 player?

    • Chillax, I’m just a level 30-ish and I’m doing fine in this event, exceeding the calendar quota by a small margin, but a margin nonetheless. Just keep pumping those 4 hour heist tasks. I agree that plunder is kind of hard to get, but that doesn’t determine whether you can get the prize or not. It just makes it easier. I’m just using 9 freemium characters on this event.

      • Yeah well I’m still a thousand points from the old cathedral, at that rate I won’t be getting the final prize. I feel like you’re lying because I check my friends towns, tap the blue suit guys, and do the heist with 6 people every hour or so. Excluding the heist, that takes 4 hours. And am behind a day.

        • Well, why do I need to lie? You may add my ID: “p2wcompany” and see how many photographs I have accumulated. I mean c’mon, how are you supposed to catch the prize when you are only sending 6 out for the heist? I mean, you’re a level 50 and I’m just a level 31 by gar, and I’m going all out with 9 characters (freemium).

  17. I started on time, but I don’t feel I’m generating enough Event Currency daily, unless I’m using Bonuts (it’s ok, I Kem Farm daily) and I’m barely 1 Day ahead …. yeah this easily looks like the longest Event in TSTO History 😜

    Plenty of New Buildings / Characters (lots of Freemiums)👍

  18. I just got the update today on my Android.

  19. Will all of the crafting items be available from act one in act two?

  20. It’s strange that I am a day behind. I updated early and have been opening the game four times a day. I went ahead and purchased a premium character today in the attempt to catch up. I’m at ~5400 right now. I almost feel as though I lost points or something.

    • I’m still 2.000 behind…. started on the first day. it’s seems to slow start. after crafting items it appears to earn more. pritty frustrating indeed…. hope to catch up.

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