TSTO App Store Update Available

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There is an app store update available in your store (iOS/Android/Amazon).  This is NOT for new content.  My guess is this is an attempt to fix the Rollback Glitch many of you have been having.

You’ll have to let me know if this attempt is successful…

If you don’t have the glitch, you’ll still need to download the update. This way your game will be on the same version as your neighbors (and it won’t impact your tapping).

Those of you with the glitch you’ll have to let me know your results with the update!

79 responses to “TSTO App Store Update Available

  1. I got the game rolled back when the robbers quest started, got it fixed fairly quick (roll back) they never told me that it was a roll back so suddenly I saw that all my progress went missing. I started to play like crazy and cursing like a maniak. What happened? The bug. Didn’t report it again… But it happened about 3-4 timea more (those pop ups with the old text) so I’m glad that I didn’t reporr it again. It would have been the end of TSTO for me. The game is “playable” barely. If they don’t fix it by june, that’s it. Shame. It WAS “life runingly fun” now, it feels like “meh” I didn’t get to buy that last expencive building since the game thought I was on the first stage while I was in third. It sucks.

  2. I have been waiting for a month now and have called support several times and my Springfield is still broken. Minigames are still broken. I am still getting friend points whne I have been maxed for over a year. Cannot do the Springfield dump so no free donuts. EA sucks. It is a simple matter of regression testing before releasing a new update/version/release/bugfix, whatever. Obviously that is too much overhead for them and their offshore contractors.

  3. I think it’s ridiculous that we’d have to roll back and lose all progress – including donuts earned during this tedious ordeal – just because someone over at EA messed up badly with the game’s code.
    I’m so glad I stopped investing money about 4 yrs ago with the chime of death glitch.
    I sent an email to EA during the very 1st week of this event and haven’t heard back since then. oddly enough I’ve been getting hit with the same glitch at least once a week. At first, I’d take advantage of the glitch and bought the free land piece with each wave of the glitch 😂. but now all collectibles form the 2nd act are locked… joke’s on me, I guess.
    I refuse to roll back, unless I get rewarded with everything I have crafted and all prizes earned.cerb

  4. There is no update in store on Google Play! awful glitch please EA mend it.

  5. arent they gonna fix this glitch??
    do i really have to contact them personally to fix this? ive got this miserable glitch after i updated the game and thought they will give us new update for fix, real fix. but it seems not. and today ive got another glitch that event iteams for 2 locked. i can not buy all items for 2. what should i do? should i really contact them to roll back and lose all items between? or are they gonna give us new update for real fix??

  6. Still no improvement. And while scrolling through my town, I discovered that my Giant Redwood Tree is gone. This crap just keeps getting better. No response from EA, either. 🙁

  7. I finally got my game back to normal. The EA rep who helped me today said that the updates should work right, but my town had been broken still, so I insisted on rolling it back. And it worked!

    If your game is still not right, I think this is what you have to do to restore it:

    1. CLEAR ALL GAME DATA and uninstall the app on ON YOUR DEVICE(S). This is crucial!!! On Android, clear cache and app data first before uninstalling the app. On iOS deleting the app will achieve both.
    2. Ask EA to roll back your town to a known date when it was fully functional
    3. Wait or persist with contacting EA for the rollback
    4. Must receive confirmation for said rollback (email, or on the call)
    5. Install the app, sign in to get a fresh download of the rollbacked save.
    6. Grind to catch up. LOL

    You must clear data and uninstall the app to make sure you will not sync a corrupted game back to the server and ruin the rollback. Must. Resist. Urge to play.

  8. I contacted EA tech support on 3/26/18 and got a less than enthusiastic response. I sent them all the required info they asked for, including my player ID, and haven’t heard back since. My game was also last updated on 3/26/18. It hasn’t changed anything. I really hope they’re working on a fix, because while playable it is very time consuming and annoying.

  9. Missy Beaucoup

    It’s still asking me to get the update, but won’t let me get the update. And my WiFi is still out because we lost our cable lines in the tornado. So my Springfield is behind schedule but we are super fortunate to be safe and to have a house! We have had an army of kind volunteers arriving in our town to help clean up. It’s amazing! Happy Easter and Happy Passover to my friends who celebrate them!

  10. Help! The game keeps telling me I need an update to play however when I go to the App Store no update is available.

  11. By 1am EST Saturday 3/31/18, update finally showed up in the iPhone App Store. At 11pm yesterday, the program still was insisting a non-existent update was needed before it would let me into the game.

  12. GEESH!! This glitch keeps getting worse. NOW when I tap a policemen in a Neighbors town, he just “blanks out” (no animation, NO REWARD)


  13. Not a fix…I did report my glitch to EA with an underwhelming lack of response. I’m sure they are well aware of this & am holding out hope there will eventually be a solution. I decided not to try the rollback as I’ve read to many people saying their games reglitch & decided I’d rather play “old school” than go through the stress of trying to deal with the EA reps….possibly many times. That’s seems worse than playing as-is.

  14. I didn’t notice any glitch, but now when I want to play it says I need a required update. When I go to the a store, it doesn’t give me the option to “UPDATE” (even though it’s in the update list), just “OPEN”, which cycles back to the message about the required update. Result, I’ve been shutout for a day plus!

    • Me, too. iPhone, iOS 11. 9:45pm EST Friday 3/30/18. Was ok this morning.

      I’ve also been getting a lot of disconnects lately during the game.

    • Me, too. iPhone, iOS 11. 9:45pm EST Friday 3/30/18. Was ok this morning.

      I’ve also been getting a lot of disconnects lately during the game.

  15. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. My game still has a glitch.

  16. Ok, so i just got the update. WOW. All my icons on the screen are smaller AND i can see way more of my Springfield when I ZOOM OUT. 🙂 Was this intentional? Or is this a side affect from “Da Glitch”? (btw, no change in said glitch 🙁 )

  17. The game is telling me to update but the App Store is saying it’s updated. I could try reinstalling but that’s a pain.

    • I’m having the same glitch as you! Not sure what to do.

    • I will repeat: I had to go to the settings -> iPad storage to “offload” app to keep data. Then go the app store to download. It didn’t take much time.

  18. Didn’t have the “glitch” before, still don’t. It did fix the Pope being able to plan heist though.

    On a side note I have noticed that when taping “Moe’s petting zoo” 90% of the time my tap radius doesn’t work at all. There are a couple buildings that when tapped the radius isn’t as large as it should be. Everything else works as it should though. This has been going on for a long time though, nothing to do with the recent update. Anyone else notice things like this?

    • You have the glitch. I still do, also.

      • Not trying to argue but I think I have something different happening. Only on “moe’s petting zoo” does my tap radius fail. Haven’t paid enough attention to figure out what (2 or 3) buildings haven’t been giving me “full” tap radius because it’s really not that noticeable. On those buildings I still have a “tap radius” it’s just like its at level 7 instead of 9. Everything else taps fine. Money mountain and red wood tree are maxed out, top left character icon works, rail yard has infinite time to complete, no daily challenge issues and no old quest starting. I do wish I could zoom out further but I CAN zoom out to the appropriate level. It’s really only “Moe’s petting zoo” giving me a problem… it’s weird.

        • Hey max… I noticed the same thing with Moe’s petting zoo. I kept wondering why nothing else around it would clear when I tapped it. Must be something to do with that building.
          I have most definitely encountered the roll back glitch, and this was going on before it. I don’t think they’re related.

    • I noticed this when I send Plopper to his silo – no tap radius if I release him. Haven’t noticed anything on the petting zoo, but I will try to pay attention next time I scroll past it.

  19. I had purchased the calabresi bundle but couldn’t t start the quests because of an issue. This update fixed the issue and can now start the quests.

  20. solved the can’t place prize buildings if not enough land is available nearby

  21. I don’t have the glitch (touch wood) but after the update I found I was actually getting glasses from tapping the dudes in suits in my town. Previously I’d only get then from visiting friends.

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