Currency Confusion

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in real quick with a note about The Springfield Jobs currency.  Some of you (ok many of you) are getting confused with this event for some reason on the currencies.  This event is just like every other event when it comes to currency.  There are 2 different types of currency….Prize Track and Currency.

Prize Track currency is for unlocking prizes in the Prize Track.  This changes for each Act.  So each Act the Prize Track Currency will change to something different.  (you can see each currency on the neighbor’s screen)

For Act 1 it’s Pictures…they look like this: 

This will change when Act 2 starts and again when Act 3 starts.

Crafting currency is for unlocking/buying craftable items at Plunderer Pete’s.  This remains the same for the entire event.  Crafting currency will NOT change from one Act to the next.  So feel free to stockpile crafting currency once you’ve hit the 20% bonus on heists. In fact, many have been suggesting to do so.

Crafting currency is Plunders….they look like this: 

So when people tell you to stockpile crafting currency, they’re referring to these: .

Remember, prize track currency changes for each Act.  So these  will go away when Act 2 starts and you’ll start with something else.  And crafting currency remains the same for the entire event.  So these  aren’t going anywhere until the event ends.

Hope that helps those of you having difficulty with this!  Remember it’s the same as every other event…

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  1. Total brain fart on my end. Don’t know why I was confused. Haha.

  2. Thank-you for clarifying Alissa ! I sort of asked about this the other day and still didn’t ‘get’ it. I’ve crafted everything once and am going to get more gondolas before I start stashing for Act II. What the heck is the 2nd currency – it looks like a heart transplant !

  3. perfect post! Thank you

  4. Thanks for the heads up … I thought the plunder was going to change at the end of the act so I was spending it …. but I think I will save it now so I can hit 20% the first day

  5. Why is there a new app store update?

  6. I know I’m being ridiculously geeky right now… but with the formulaic nature of these events, I sometimes find myself wondering: Did EA perhaps just take a cheap shortcut by hard-coding three columns in the user table, for Act1Currency, Act2Currency and Act3Currency? If they did, the obvious follow-up question is, what’s going to happen that one time when someone forgets to throw the switch to reset all of those fields, and a new event starts up? Will everyone who logs in fast enough just suddenly win *all* of the Act 1 prize track items, before EA realizes their mistake and fixes it?

    I know, I know… my mind goes to odd places, sometimes. 😀

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I purchased the Pope.
    And one of his tasks will be to ride in his Pope-mobile
    Anxiously awaiting that one.
    🎶🎶In my merry Pope-mobile 🎶🎶🎶

    • Cool…I was on the fence…I mean, another church? But riding in the pope mobile cinched it, now is a must buy! Thanks😀

  8. Ugh. The game keeps singing me out, then I have to sign back in and it installs the update again, and again, and again. How many times do I have to (spend data) on installing this darn update?

    • You may need to make more space on your device for the game. Re-installing over and over is the games way of telling you it is short on GBytes. (Feed me Seymour!)😁

    • I’ll echo what ebron said. (And thank him for mentioning Seymour, since I also loved the typo of the game singing you out…..If only it did. Imagine the possibilities!)

  9. Nice to know as I really like the British phone boxes and don’t care at all for more of the houses from this act.

  10. Of course, that makes sense now – thank you!

  11. What are those little fancy eye glasses for, or whatever they are? And my number for them always changes, I’ll have 14 then I’ll log back on and I’ll have 9 and start all over again. I’m not concerned because I don’t see that they’re needed for anything. I have no idea what they’re even used for.

    Also, anyone get the Pope? Said he helps to plunder but it’s not an option for me to let him plunder at this stage. Maybe he will in an upcoming act.

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