A Note About Arthur Fortune…

Update: An in-game update came through this morning (April 11th), and now Arthur can/will do heists.  So EA has corrected their error.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Real quick, so we don’t get a million questions/comments on the same issue.  Arthur Fortune hit our games this morning and, as of right now, Arthur Fortune does NOT help with heists(And this was not the character I was talking about in my heist character post yesterday)

Despite what the store says, he will not help with heists.  Even after you finish his questline…

Hopefully, this is something EA will correct like they did with the Pope.  But for now know that Arthur WILL NOT help with heists.  If it changes I’ll update this post to let you know.

And for those asking….yes, a Should I buy post will be written.  No, it won’t be today, and not likely tomorrow.  Loads of content ahead of him I have to write still…so please be patient.  It’ll be up soon. 

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  1. Bought him, but now I am a bit disappointed with the rather plain design of the store. They could have modeled it after one of the famous department stores in London, to fit with the overall theme of the act.

  2. I like that you a step ahead of me. I was going to ask he he can earn Heist. When I click on the building i see it can help with heist.

  3. EA fixed this. He can plan heists now.

  4. There was just an update pushed to my game (iPhone) and Arthur now *IS* contributing to heists.

    This should change his perceived value now.

  5. Thanks for the post Alissa, but it was a bit late for me as I had already purchased on the point of helping with heists. Trying to catch up due to work commitments. Very disappointed with EA in their description and feel conned out of my sprinkles. Just hope they change the code and give us the item advertised. In the U.K. Trading standards would be all over them like a rash.🇬🇧🤬

  6. Already purchased him before the post, hopefully it will be corrected as if not major boo boo by EA and disappointingly incorrect but still not bad value

  7. No interest at all in buying this

  8. Thanks for the update.

  9. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the donut store? I get a pop up, lag and then a message that the store cannot be accessed. Thanks for the help, I am on iOS 10.

  10. Thanks for the update…I had no intention of buying Arthur…since he doesn’t work yet, I have less than no intention

  11. Thanks for the information. Maybe Arthur Fortune will help in Act 3? Still for me 145 doughnuts is a good deal. Once I reload my XP Colider I’m getting this. Right now I have 145 sprinkles but the XP colider has 8hrs left on it. I’m sure EA will patch this.

    • He’s not listed in the game files as someone that can heist for any act. But neither was the Pope. EA would have to go in and correct it, like they did with the Pope.

      • False advertising ☹️🇬🇧

        • It’s a mistake. Mistakes happen. Either it’s a mistake in the store writing or a mistake in the files. There are loads of things to beat EA up about (the rollback glitch is a big one), this just strikes me as an unintentional mistake. I don’t think they’re intention is to deceive anyone with it

          • Thanks, on that basis they ought to stand by the description and fix the code 😊🤞

            • They’ve got 2 options….change the code or remove the description from the store. My guess is they’ll change the code, since it already hit stores and folks likely purchased it based on the heist thing.

  12. I am awaiting the SIBs with bated breath. I can only afford EITHER Jack the Ripper or Arthur Fortune, not both (at least, not now….)

  13. I am just wondering if you have to go through his tasks before he is able to help with heists. Wasn’t there another character that you had to go though a few quest tasks before they because available to help with heists?
    Or, maybe he is part of Act 3 heist help.

    • Like I said in this post…even doing/completing his questline won’t unlock the tasks.

      The Pope was the character you’re thinking of. And initially no, he couldn’t do heists either. Even after completing his questline. It wasn’t until EA released a patch shortly after my SIB post went live that the Pope was able to do heists. The corrected the files to allow it. (questline completion wasn’t required. It was just a coincidence for many players)

      Arthur is not listed in the files as a character that can do heists for any act of this event. The only way he’ll be able to heist is if EA goes into the system, changes the coding and releases an in-game patch to correct it. Until then (and if that even happens), he’s a non-heister. No matter what you do, no matter what act you’re in he cannot heist until/unless EA fixes the code…

  14. I know there’s a ton of premium stuff (too much if you ask me), but Alissa is human with a schedule and work. Just do the SIB when you can.

  15. After this dropped, several things have happened to my game. Many of past events popped up as completed showing the last prize in the track was acquired, my tap radius is reduced to what I think was its original radius when the IRS building was first placed, I can’t click on characters with completed tasks to zoom to them, I have a quest for Pie Man (already completed those events 100% when they were around), Monorail Projects show complete for the week instead of being perpetual, and Tire Fire generates Ribbons now. I didn’t purchase this offering today, so I’m assuming that there was maybe a small update? I’m on Android, and was curious if anyone else (specifically on version 8) have had any similar issues this morning.

    • Sounds like you have the dreaded rollback glitch – https://tstoaddicts.com/2018/03/12/rollback-glitch/. Call EA and have them rollback your game to the last time you were able to play without these issues. You will lose progress, but your game will be fixed. If you’re the more patient type (and don’t want to lose that progress), you can sit tight and wait for the patch EA is supposedly working on.

    • You have acquired the “roll back glitch”. EA really needs to get on top of this thing!

    • This is awful, it seems like new people are being hit by this glitch every day. EA need to sort this. It must have been going on for over 2 weeks now. There’s an amount of trepidation every time I play my game 🤞

      • Pyanfar the Hani

        I’ve been glitched since March 9. Rollback worked…for a few days. EA refuses to rollback again and doesn’t answer support requests for updates. The way this is spreading, seems like every update is catching more users.

        While you *can* keep up with the event, there is no “play” to the game anymore. You can’t zoom out to build a neighborhood and incorporate new buildings – you know, have fun with the SIM part of the game. Rail yard is broken too. No more bonuts. I’m a player who likes the events but plays for tthe SIM so this is really painful.

        EA says they’re working on it, but I have zero proof of that.

      • It’s been going on A LOT longer than 2 weeks! I’ve had it since March 15th!!

  16. I hope this gets fixed soon. I’d been on the fence about buying Westminster Abbey so when I saw this I jumped straight in and bought without hesitation, so more than a little miffed that he’s not earning event currency – my sole purpose for buying 😤

    • You passed at spending 30 more donuts for 2 characters?

      • Yup, it’s a design consideration. The ghosts and Abbey just didn’t appeal. I’ve been a bit of a “plopper” of late (sorry Patric) but I do like design and I think I’ll find this easier to fit in plus there aren’t that many “corner” buildings (which I like). In short, it appealed to me straight away whereas the Abbey hadn’t, I’d been mulling it over for days, so on that basis it was the right decision for me 😊

    • IMO, the design possibilities of the Megastore are better than the Abbey because we have LOTS of Christian religious buildings now if you’re a premium/farmium player. The game already had Notre Dame of Springfield and Medieval Cathedral. Now we have Old Cathedral, St Paul Cathedral, Westminter, and Basilica.

      It’s like the castles – how many can we really fit into a well designed town?

      • No castles in my town (my real town) and we like it that way…☺️. All those Dukes and Duchesses are a real pain to deal with – always trying to check out in the “10 items or less” aisle with at least 15 items! Like they are “entitled” or something!😆


  18. A lot of non premium characters have a premium task at the store, (freemium baddies). I got it straight away – gotta spend those sprinkles on something.

  19. Just take your time to write these articles.

    • To write the one i already wrote?

      • I think he was being nice and letting you know that we can be patient and that you can take your time to write upcoming articles. Maybe too many idiots and rude people have jaded you (understandably). Don’t forget though, that not all of us are jerks and some of us understand that you have a life outside of this site.
        Maybe I’m wrong and he was being a jerk, who knows.But don’t let that be your go-to assumption. If it is, maybe you need a break.

        • Oh I wasn’t, I was just trying to figure out what he was talking about lol It said “these articles” so I was perplexed…

          But it is amusing in a post where you’re telling me not to make assumptions about what someone is saying, you’re making assumptions about what I’m saying…lol

          And yes, i know you’re just trying to be helpful. But if I couldn’t laugh I’d go insane…and that made me laugh

  20. I’m in no rush for a SIB on him because I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna get him. Maybe you can change my mind but for now I’m not worried about it.

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