Currency Confusion Act 2

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Popping in real quick with a note about The Springfield Jobs Act 2 currency.  Some of you (ok many of you) are getting confused with this event for some reason on the currencies.  This event is just like every other event when it comes to currency.  There are 2 different types of currency….Prize Track and Currency.

Prize Track currency is for unlocking prizes in the Prize Track.  This changes for each Act.  So each Act the Prize Track Currency will change to something different.  (you can see each currency on the neighbor’s screen)

For Act 2 it’s Crown-Less Jewels…they look like this:

This will change when Act 3 starts.

Crafting currency is for unlocking/buying craftable items at Plunderer Pete’s.  This remains the same for the entire event.  Crafting currency will NOT change from one Act to the next.  So feel free to stockpile crafting currency once you’ve hit the 20% bonus on heists. In fact, many have been suggesting to do so.

Crafting currency is Plunders….they look like this: 

So when people tell you to stockpile crafting currency, they’re referring to these: .

Remember, prize track currency changes for each Act.  So these  will go away when Act 3 starts and you’ll start with something else.  And crafting currency remains the same for the entire event.  So these  aren’t going anywhere until the event ends.

Oh and these guys… are also the same for the entire event.  And there’s no point in saving them up.  Use them when you get them since they only pay out Crafting Currency…

Hope that helps those of you having difficulty with this!  Remember it’s the same as every other event…

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  1. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I was afraid that if I exchanged tasks, instead of sending 3 masks to a neighbor for 300 Event Currency,
    I’d wind up with a task that yielded something worthless, like donuts. 😇
    Good to know I still receive Event Currency.

    And as far as tapping Agents, my favorite Event Tapping involved tapping Government Agents – wore black suits, I think black hats and sunglasses 🕶. Two, three years ago?,

  2. Okay thank you is that also the case when friends drop one in my town?

  3. Are you talking about when I tap on a criminal in my town?

  4. What do you mean when you said the masks only pay out crafting currency?

  5. Necromantic Nightmare

    Okay, so totally irrelevant, but I have to say it… Is it just me or do the jewels look like almonds? It makes me want to go nuts and this event ; ) alright I’m done… p.s. I adore this site. Helps me make a lot of my game decisions.

  6. Bryan Sutherland

    Why is act 2 locked? I can’t craft any items? Please let me know how to unlock it

    • Did you finish the Act 1 questline?

    • There are two major glitches out there right now.

      First, a lot of us have finished Act 1, successfully started Act 2, and then suddenly found ourselves locked out from crafting the Act 2 craftable items, getting the message “Reach Act 2 to unlock this item”, even though we have already successfully finished Act 1, begun Act 2, and often successfully crafted some Act 2 craftables before being locked out.
      So while we can continue progressing along Act 2 to obtain the earnable prizes such as the Tower of London and Life-Sized Prince Albert in a Can, at the same time we are locked from crafting the related Act 2 craftables such as Phone Booth, Police Call Box, etc…

      A second major glitch is the Roll-back glitch, which resets or disables many things: the character icon in the upper left hand corner no longer takes you to the character, the Railyard is shut down, etc…

      • Looking at it further, the other possibility is that the Act 2 glitch is actually not a separate glitch, but yet another side effect of the Roll-back glitch.

  7. Do the masks pay out the crafting currency to you, or only the person running the town you visit?

  8. Alissa trying to explain in-game currency:

  9. Hey, need help. I just hit Level 40 and there is a dialogue between dr Hibbert and Homer about his shed and brother in-law, then there is a pop up about a “never before seen character, check it out in the shop” kind of thing. Checked and well, nothing. What is it about anyway?

  10. I don’t get the confusion about the event currency but I just realized the land can only be purchased through land tokens, makes me wonder what the money is good for.

  11. its not rocket science, Doh!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying!!!

  12. I’d modify the “Use them when you get them” recommendation for the masks to “save 3 for a possible daily challenge, spend the rest”.

  13. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Excellent points. I would add that it might be help to save ~3 of the Bandit/Lone Ranger masks as I have been
    prompted (?) to use three (?) when I visit neighbors.
    At least I think I have been. But then again, I’m reclining in my bed at 3:38 am local time. How can I be certain of anything. G’night folks
    And most appropriately, dear hosts and Miss Alissa

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