Turbo Tappin’ Springfield Jobs: Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s up for a little heist?  Nothing like robbing a Museum, Bank or Casino to brighten your Spring up huh? It’s time for the Springfield Job! Where a group of “sophisticated” Criminals…let’s face it Homer’s involved…plan out heists around the World!

As was mentioned in the rundown post Act 3 of Springfield Job runs until May 9th (when the whole event ends) and you’ll need Homer and the heisters to get things started…

Don’t forget the Questline will help you get some bonus prize currency…so make sure you complete it to earn that extra currency…also the questline is there to guide you.

Now let’s work our way through the heisting of the Act 3 questline….

Monte Burns’ Casino Heist Pt. 1
Auto start

Unlock Monte Burns’ Resort Casino- 120 

Completed Task Earns 100  and 10xp

Monte Burns’ Casino Heist Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Heisters Plan Heists- x4, 4hrs.  Payouts vary
Reach 1% Bonus At Monte Burns’ Resort Casino

Completed Task Earns 100  and 10xp

Monte Burns’ Casino Heist Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Heisters Plan Heists- x4, 4hrs.  Payouts vary
Reach 4% Bonus At Monte Burns’ Resort Casino

Completed Task Earns 100  and 10xp

Monte Burns’ Casino Heist Pt. 4
Homer starts

Unlock Fernando’s Villa- 29,020
Reach 6% Bonus at the Monte Burns’ Resort Casino

Completed Task Earns 100  and 10xp

Monte Burns’ Casino Heist Pt. 5
Homer starts

Unlock Act 3 Finale
Make Homer Do One Last Job- x3.  4hrs, Earns 30, 2, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 200  and 20xp

And yes, once you’ve finished the questline there are bonuts to earn….

What are your initial thoughts on Act 3 of the Springfield Job? Thoughts on the concluding dialogue?  Plot twist at the end?  Prizes?  Any items you’ve purchased? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

30 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Springfield Jobs: Act 3

  1. I just found this. New char for Act III or future char?

  2. I must be doing something right, ’cause I’ll have Fernando Vidal’s Villa w/ Fernando this weekend (and will start earning Bonuts)!👍

  3. Just got the orange Cash Casino…was going to store it immediately…then got inspired. The Candy Crush Casino…😄


  4. I like that EA, for the first time in MANY events, allow crafting of multiple currency-earning buildings (resort) but that thing has such a huge footprint that I can’t see placing multiples of that. Some of the past events had craftable building that were much smaller and thus suitable for a cash-farm.

    Then again, this has been an extremely generous bonut-event for farm-ium tappers like me. If you have all of the premium characters, 2x bonut rounds per-day was entirely possible. Act 2 yielded 20+ bonut rounds!

    A bit of a grind, but a very profitable event. And I like the craftables….

    • I accidentally crafted 2. I crafted the first one and couldn’t place it. I made space and then crafted again, not realising the 1st one was in storage. Forgot that crafting is different to buying is this regard 🙄

    • Agreed! I was delighted to see we could craft multiples of that one. Like you, I won’t be crafting many for design purposes but I really appreciate the gesture!

  5. Ive enjoyed the content in this event so far. I was easily ahead in the last act and are hoping to replicate that in this as I’m on holidays as of Wednesday next week and would love to have a break from the game while away overseas. Just hope they done cram a mini event in or something straight after as well.

  6. I do like the act 3 prize track. I’m excited that fit Tony is a prize rather than something I have to pay donuts to get.

  7. TallSpiderCandy

    I am loving this event, thanks EA!! Even though it does seem really long, it’s also nice not to feel so rushed. I just hope EA gets the rollback glitch taken care of soon before they lose too many players to keep the game going. I was hit last year by it and am still leary of spending actual money and live in fear of it happening again. Thanks to all you Addicts for everything that you do, very much appreciated!! Have a lovely day everybody!! : )

  8. Bonuts – I think I’ve selected the ‘3 donut’ box first once in the last few months. Every other time I’ve had to spend the $300K to do the other 2 boxes. I never get it right…even trying to remember Patric’s advice & which boxes the 3 were in previously.

    Along with doing the Cecil Terwilliger stuff, I have no game money. I’m desperately scrimping & saving just for the bonuts now!

    • The one real pattern I’ve observed is that it likes to repeat. I’ve had many, many, many repeats of 3 times at the same place and sometimes as many as 9 repeats in a row. Also, after repeats…after it changes…the next one often goes back to the repeat again for one last time. I tried Patric’s system, and it does work more often than not, sooo…I always tap the same place until it’s not correct, then use Patric’s system to make my second choice. My single guess success rate is at least 50%, probably 40% or so for 2 guesses, and rarely (10% or less) for using all 3 guesses. It’s easy for me track because I farm RTTs…hundreds in a day…and the patterns (such as they are) are easier to see after a couple hundred tries. Repeats are definitely the most common pattern.

  9. Will you be making a post about all the characters that can plan heists on act 3?

  10. I really like the buildings in Act 3. Now I need to brainstorm some ideas for an interesting design for my town.

  11. What I like about this event as like the Bart Royal event. You don’t need all of Springfield to participate. and you can still do all the farming for donuts you want without sacrificing major event players.

    • Now that I’ve picked up some premium recyclers mainly from event mystery boxes, it has become very easy to keep recycling for the five donut prize even when main characters are tied up in an event. I still have enough recyclers to zip through to the donuts. They can have other types of fun when they’ve filled up their plant to max capacity.

  12. I guess saving all that loot from Act II was a great idea and paid off. Just after I built the casino all i had to do was craft the Fountain, Statue, and Race Car statue. That gave me 20% before I even started putting people on heists.

    • Yep…anyone who was paying attention got a nice jump!

      • For me just like Bart Royal. I didn’t go and craft a ton of stuff.. just enough to get the first building to 20% and then when the second act came up I just moved stuff over and added to make 20%
        So I saved a ton of loot by just being frugal and not crafting a ton of things that would just go in storage after the event.
        I read your post and that was the way I was playing this event.
        With land only available as crafting or prize, it will cause many who have all the land plots to re think how they will arrange their Springfield’s now.

  13. Good night neighbourinos Americanos and Europeanos!

  14. Grinding through! Have crafted everything. Now I am free to craft extras. Can’t wait for the end though, these challenges are far too long!

    • For those who are able to play every 4 hours or 5 times a day.. it would seem long. But many aren’t able to play that much so for them it’s great that they can actually finish the event without losing prizes or having to pay for the last set of prizes.

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