Springfield Jobs – Act III Calendar and Numbers for Getting it All!

WOW…Act II was long. But, it was also EAsy…in that I had more than a full week of grinding for Bonuts, after I finished the quest line, and collected all of the prizes.  I have a sense that Act III is going to be the same way…

I wish I could say that I am looking forward to the great prizes in Act III…but, the fact is, I am still working on making my London layout everything it can be, and don’t care much for a rehash of Burns’ Casino, that isn’t the same Casino, from a legitimately great Event (Burns’s Casino), that gave us a ton of gambling/resort related stuff.  This feels like a retread…and is yet another argument for MAKING THE EVENTS TWO ACTS!!!!

OK. Rant over.

As I said, if you have been storing up a cache of Crafting Currency, and did the wise thing of not collecting your Daily Challenge currency for the past three days, you are going to come out of the blocks quickly. If not, I don’t think it matters…you will still “Get Everything” as it pertains to the Prize Track.

Let’s take a look at the numbers…

I had so much cached…I was able to Craft everything I wanted, and bump my Bonus to 20% in the first minutes of the update.  I have a sense that I will be in “Bonut Bonus” land very quickly.  That’s fine…my life is complicated right now…

Here are the numbers…as always, Click the Graphic to Enlarge

And the Digital Version…

As I said…complicated period in my life…and for those of you who have been following along… a BONUS…first pics from the latest addition to my progeny…
Jacob (Jake) Patric McGuire! Katie and Ryan’s son…born yesterday after a full weekend of “I think he’s coming!” and then making us all wait!

Will be flying out to see him the first week of May…so excuse me if I don’t seem “jacked up” for this retread of  Act III. Meh…

But, then again…everything is “meh” compared to this!


53 responses to “Springfield Jobs – Act III Calendar and Numbers for Getting it All!

  1. I was 8 days ahead on Act II, not sure why and how; now I’m only 1 day ahead on Act III, seems I’m getting tired of this event I guess


  2. I must be doing something right, ’cause I will have Fernando Vidal’s Villa w/ Fernando by this Saturday (hey congrats on the Grandkid)👍


  3. Congratulations Patric on the new addition to the family. I have a good start on the calendar being a day ahead and an early birthday present from EA by getting the $ Casino today instead of tomorrow which is my birthday. 😀


  4. Congratulations on the new addition to the family, he is so adorable!


  5. Despite getting a good leg up with the start of this act, it’s wed. & I’m right on schedual with the calander ……. I’m sure it’s due to my lack of empathy and commitment to this act over the past few days.
    I’m driven to compleate the prize track for the feeling of accomplishment but I’m done giving a……. for this event.


  6. That baby is perfect! (except of course for the missing cap with an “O”)


  7. Adriana S Ranta

    Congratulations! Just enjoy the new grandbaby.


  8. Congratulations! Beautiful babies can make us forget meh updates, and an oh no! World by giving us the gift of hope and thankfulness!


  9. Congratulations! He looks just like you… 😉


  10. Congratulations to Patric & family! Such a cute baby boy! (Much nicer than the newest English Prince I’m sure!)


  11. If I am playing catch up what Premium character should I buy?

    The Plato Casino, the one with Arthur, Nag & Weasel? I bought the two ghosts. Not sure which one more I should buy


  12. Congrats


  13. congratulations patric, he looks adorable


  14. Congratulations and best wishes to your family on the birth of baby Jake!
    The last whole day of the English Act and your new grandson is born the day between the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II that of her newest great grandson, which also happens to be St George’s Day.


  15. Wow! Sooooo cute! Congratulations! He’s a beautiful baby. 🤗😃

    Liked by 1 person

  16. suprisingly, i need a lot more crafting material


  17. Congrats! What a great looking kid!
    Lord or Count of Springfield! Lol


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