Springfield Jobs Act III – Prize Guide – Monte Burns Resort Casino

Well kids…we are FINALLY in Act III of the Springfield Jobs Event.  If the news is correct about how many jobs a Millenial worker is expected to have in a lifetime, an average Millenial could have had two or three jobs during this event alone…

So. Long. So. Very. Very. Long!

But, as has become the norm with the updates these days…EA is giving us a ton of Free Clutter. And, Act III is no exception.

We will get crafting currency…another Free Land Token…and some really big buildings.

First up?  Monte Burns Resort Casino!

First of all…the whole Burn’s Casino can be confusing…as we already had an entire EVENT based around a Burns Casino.

No…this isn’t that casino, or any of the plethora of other casinos we got during the truly amazing Burns’ Casino Event from February 2016.  It was a safe bet that they weren’t going to equal some of the hilarious fun, and wild gambling options from that event.  And they didn’t…

The Burns Resort Casino is mostly just a landing spot for your casino clutter…so you can level up to 20%…then you can finish early…and earn bonuts.  So…why fight it?  Place and move on…

Act 3 Prize 1- Monte Burns Resort Casino

Size: 6×14

Earns: Nothing at the moment, when event ends it should earn income every 8hrs

Can Be Placed: grass|dirt|pavement
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +20

Here is s shot of My Casino…placed…race car statue and ATM hidden behind building…but earning full 20% Bonus.

Next Up??? – The $ Casino…(after the Free Land Token…which is actually Prize #2…but you already understand…right?)

Jobs? So…Many…Jobs!

33 responses to “Springfield Jobs Act III – Prize Guide – Monte Burns Resort Casino

  1. This is my favourite heist location because it is easy to design around and if you have the space behind it you can put the crafting items behind the casino then still get the bonus while you can design the front of the casino. Also, Mr. Burns has a task here “Use His Private Fancy Toilet” which can still animate the building after the event if there are no heist tasks here.

  2. Yes, the Buildings are HUGE (what you Craft, or earn as a Prize), so try to find space for them (and enjoy the 4 Hour Character Tasks) 😉

  3. Nice layout! Will be shameless copied! In the moment I’m a ‘plopper’, placing the buildings randomly in a free area and see where (and if) I put them later. Resort Casino is a wonderful starter for my last area in Springfield Heights, which will then be finished.

    Got the $-Casino yesterday, ugly building, and comes with a ‘Send X of kind Y to do Z’ task. Now (again) my preferred skins are gone.


    It would be so simple: I assign the three (only!) needed characters by hand an then the jobs for the rest (~300 – 3 – heisters) by UO.
    Now I had to assign ~200 jobs by hand (go on the quest icon and assign every matching character, goes faster, tap-tap-tapaditap) and my skins are then unassigned. 🙁

  4. Re ‘prize’ 2 the free land token. Where do you find them in the inventory? I have the rollback glitch and don’t know whether I’ve lost all my other ones as part of the glitch or I’m looking in the wrong places 😘

    • Try and buy some land, you will be given the option to either pay cash or use a free land token. That way you will know if you have any tokens

    • I don’t think they’re inventory items anymore. I think they’re just visible when you attempt to buy a piece of land

  5. For Casino….why didnt they include the one when Homer was a missionary? I would like Akk….or Lisa jr. Sure, it wouldn’t tie in with the event…..but…like THAT matters. 😉 oooooo….and Betty White……..

  6. I think part of the problem with Act 3 is that it appears to be kind of disjointed compared to the first two. Act 1 was Italy, Act 2 was Britain; Act 3 doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. The casino and the name “Monte Burns” obviously seems to be aiming for some kind of Monte Carlo/Monaco vibe, but looking at the rest of the prizes for this act… we’ve got Cuba, the Netherlands, Australia… I’m enjoying the event and I look forward to getting the prizes because I like the look of them, but I can’t help feeling it would have been better if they’d picked one country as a theme and stuck with it – the same way the previous travel event focused on France, Japan and Brazil.

    • Yes. When i was looking at the crafting prices I was so confused where we were going with this.

    • johnnyicemaker

      I would say that even the Britain items were a bit disjointed too. When I earned Darby O’Guzzlin’s, I placed it in my Ireland section of town, not Britain. Third phase stumps me, I moved my Australia flag to start building a new Australia area, but there is nothing resembling an Australia theme other than the founder statue. Curious choice of buildings in this event…

  7. Rome, London, casino. Totally sensical.

  8. I don’t think the buildings in Act 3 fit very well. Did like the first 2 Acts, however, so that made the length a little more bearable at least. Still highly want a change to more mini events.

    • Agreed!

    • Justin Henriks

      Yep, the first two acts had specific themes and all items/buildings worked really well together but Act 3 is a bit of a mashup… is it meant to be French Riviera, Australia or just randomised resorts? As many have said, we already have had both casinos and resorts, I was looking forward to much more unique landmarks. Oh well, plenty of time to spend redesigning and earning donuts 😃

    • how long has it been since an act 3 did fit?

    • I agree Matt.
      I have a couple items from Act 3 that will stay, but I am going to have more fun working on my little Italy and little Britain since those made a bit more sense to the event. Act 3 just seems like something that was added at the last minute for a couple items that missed the last casino event because they were not flashy enough. I could have happily avoided casino event 2.0 and gone on with a little more of a mob/heist items in acts 1 & 2.
      I have already started moving non-related Act 3 (and 2) items to new locations. That giant Ferris wheel fit great with my Duff Gardens Amusement Park. I just wish I had the ride from the episode where Lisa was encouraged to drink the ‘water’ and became the lizard queen.

  9. I don’t mind the Casinos. Wasn’t around for the first Casino event. Plus one of my Favorite episodes is Homer and Ned in Vegas. They got their butts kicked by the Moody Blues lol

  10. I am locked out of level 2 &3 crafting heist items can anyone help me!!????

    • Check all of the posts regarding the RollBack Glitch.

    • Unfortunately you have been hit by the Rollback Glitch, and there is currently nothing you can do, except craft Act 1 items.
      People are strongly advised to craft their various Act 2 and Act 3 items as soon as they can, to avoid getting the Act 2 and Act 3 craftables locked out by the glitch.
      Be especially sure to craft the Act 3 “First Prime Minister of Australia Statue,” the “Race Car Statue,” and the “Fancy Oval Fountain” if you want to get to the Act 3 Finale (and the resulting bonus donut rounds). Another priority might be crafting the Act 3 “Free Land Token” quickly.

      The only advantage to getting glitched is each time you are hit you once again will be able to craft the Act 1 “Free Land Token.”

  11. Great lay out.inspiring me to rethink my mundane lay out.

  12. I like it. The design is cool, fits in well with other “high scale” buildings in Heights. Since there’s nothing overt about it being a casino (signs, runner lights), I’m not treating it as one. Other than large footprint I’m happy.

  13. i wish i had any casinos from 2016…

  14. Dont want to decorate around this monstrosity. I won the Pow Wow casino in the mystery box and ENJOYED decorating around that! 😃👍

  15. Got more casino’s than las vagas, don’t need anymore, don’t like act 3, but will keep playing, free donuts at the end

  16. Nice job…you gave it the full “flower power” treatment!

    • ebron, when you look at my town… is there a type of area (strip, rural, airport, idk) that you think i should make, and could?

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