Springfield Jobs Event Act 3 – Prize Guide- $ Casino

Well kids…we are FINALLY in Act III of the Springfield Jobs Event.  If the news is correct about how many jobs a Millenial worker is expected to have in a lifetime, an average Millenial could have had two or three jobs during this event alone…

So. Long. So. Very. Very. Long!

But, as has become the norm with the updates these days…EA is giving us a ton of Free Clutter. And, Act III is no exception.

We will get crafting currency…another Free Land Token…and some really big buildings.

NEXT PRIZE up?  $ Casino!

So…by the looks of this place, it is a LOW rent casino. They didn’t even want to spring for the money to make the sign say, “Dollar Sign Casino.”  Now that’s cheap!

And it is kinda cheap looking.  It won’t be anywhere near my “schmanzy” casino area. I will likely put it near the OLD casino area, on the “south side” of my large Casino resort I had from February 2016.  It fits in with the Go Carts…and the broken down bus.

But, there is at least a short…very short…task list that comes with it, along with some dialogue, with  permanent task when you are done.

It’s worth every dollar you spent on it.

Act 3 Prize 3 – $ Casino
Size: 6×10
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $90, 10xp/4hrs
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
Permanent Task: Adults have a 4hr task to Try and Win at Blackjack

Dialogue when placed:

Big $
Auto starts
Homer: Another casino?! I bet they’ll say I can’t lose because they have the loosest slots in town
Bart: No, you can’t lose because they hired Barney as a blackjack dealer.
Barney: Ace plus ten? What does that mean? Aw, who cares? Everybody wins! *Belch*
TASK: Make Adults Try to Win at Blackjack- x3.
4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium

28 responses to “Springfield Jobs Event Act 3 – Prize Guide- $ Casino

  1. Even a low frills Casino can have plenty of Simpson’s Slot Machines to lure the masses (like me)🤣


  2. Too bad it can’t be placed in Krustyland

  3. Is this Patric’s new boilerplate image for all event reward buildings? 🙂

  4. I just now unlocked it, I feel really behind

    • How so?? by their calendar it’s a Friday prize. So you are actually a day ahead .. if you go by the calendar.

  5. Interesting that this is the second building released in this event that has a permanent job for all adults (well, most of the adults – poor Santa and Bleeding Gums won’t get to gamble lol). I like when they have these types of buildings where large groups have a task, like the Wizard School and T-Theater for the kids or Moe’s Brewing Company for the drunks. It gives characters more locations to visit, especially those whose main tasks are all at the same building. Its nice to let Number One out of the Stonecutter Lodge every once in a while!

  6. Got it today, put it along my beach/promenade with the others++++, looks ok but have to many now, would help if you could play and win donuts ect.

  7. Yay another task that I have to send a huge number of characters on manually since they won’t fix the employment center!

    • Try putting into storage and send 4 characters or how many you need on a small task, then send all your characters on a long task, take casino out of storage then send the 4+ characters on the 4 hour task, going to try this later

  8. Justin Henriks

    This one may end up in storage, with item and land limitations I will be a bit more choosey about what stays out of storage. I agree Patric that this one does not fit in with our existing ‘glamour’ casino strips so I’ll wait to see where others have placed it.

    • I played with it a bit, but it still ended up in storage…just kinda butt ugly and doesn’t really go anywhere.

      • Justin Henriks

        At least you tried to be creative, your candy crush themed building was a great idea!

        • It was fun to make, but when it came right down to it, I really needed the piece count for other stuff. Sooo…off to oblivion it goes. Hope this doesn’t become the norm, I’ve been ransacking my town and sending a lot of older stuff to the “attic”…☹️.

    • I think it fit my existing strip okay


      • Justin Henriks

        I think you’ve done a good job with the building, it’s kind of like a second rate casino so fits well next to gaming moes and homers house of cards.

  9. Is it sad when this is your nicest casino? because you only went through the last (really, really sad) event?

  10. What’s the deal with Frank Azuria maybe stepping down on the voice of Apu? I just caught part of the story a few mins ago. Something about a group of people saying it’s mocking? Is it because Frank is a “white” man and now there’s going to be a run on, if you’re not of the ethnic accent you are voicing, you’ll be subject to ridicule and be accused of bigotry?

    • Here’s a link to a story/the documentary that started the discussion in case you’re really interested. You’ll have to copy/paste and remove the space between the “.” and the “com” for the link to work.

      http://ew. com/tv/2017/11/01/the-simpsons-problem-with-apu-doc-clip/

    • As conservative as I am I do find myself getting tired of how easily offended some people are and how they expect everything to change to suit them. For me the Simpsons has a large number of characters who are parodies of bad stereotypes. Should we be worried who plays who in a cartoon? Should I be offended by Apu, or Bumblebee man, or Akira, what about Willie or the host of Irish & British characters (are those not considered harmful stereotypes too?) Should I be offended that women are playing male characters, or heterosexuals are portraying gay characters? Non jewish people are acting as jewish characters, do I need to go on? Where do we draw the line? Can’t we just enjoy a cartoon for what it is and if it offends us that much just change the station? Don’t even get me started on other shows..I’m looking at you family guy.

    • There is so much I could say on this subject. I’ll sum it up as follows.

      It’s sad that a lead VA of such an iconic show, a show that got big in large part by unapologetically mocking celebrities and hollywood culture, is now knuckling under to it like so much else these days.

      I’ve been a fan a long time but sometimes stuff like this really makes me consider dropping it all.

  11. Unlocked it tonight while I should’ve been sleeping. Insomnia is so fun. Still building but I was the least enthusiastic about this prize. It does look cheap and tacky on the track image. Not sure where it’ll go right now. Maybe the boardwalk? Have to wait until I get a good look at it.

  12. Just awesome. It’s so friggin awesome that I just had to win it twice. The second time being after my game needed to be rolled back to yesterday due to the glitch. I’m really starting to lose my interest in this game and my willingness to keep putting up with this. It’s beent the third rollback in the past month.

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