Springfield Jobs Act III – Prizes – Fernando Vidal and his Villa

Well kids…we are FINALLY more than MidWay into Act III of the Springfield Jobs Event.  If the news is correct about how many jobs a Millenial worker is expected to have in a lifetime, an average Millenial could have had two or three jobs during this event alone…

So. Long. So. Very. Very. Long!

But, as has become the norm with the updates these days…EA is giving us a ton of Free Clutter. And, Act III is no exception.

Fernando Vidal and his Villa is the 5th Prize in Act III…and most important…the Last Prize You Need to Unlock the Scene (video) and even MORE IMPORTANT…the Last prize you need to start earning BONUTS!!  WhooHoo! Finally a reward for all of that grinding!

As I said in another post, it is funny to me that people were all Jacked Up (pun intended) for Jack the Ripper- saying that they didn’t want a murderer in their towns. OK. Your choice. But, All of the Villains in the game kill…pretty randomly…along with a ton of the gangster types.  So…all or none? Your choice.

In my case, Fernando isn’t so much a statement for stricter gun laws, as he is just another stereotype that likes Italian food.

But, finally…we have a REAL Prize worth grinding towards…a full character and building combo!

As a full character…he comes with dialogue, a task track…and permanent tasks!

Act 3 Prize 5 Fernando Vidal and his Villa

Details on Villa
Size: 6×10
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns:$150, 13xp/8hrs
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
Conform-O-Meter:Indolance +10

Opening Questline – New Age Murdr Pt. 1
Fernando starts
Fernando Vidal:Times are hard for hired killers. Although not as hard as for our victims. So much competition…everyone who’s seen John Wick thinks he can be a hit-man. So I’ve decided to retire. Tonight, I shall stay home and order take-out lasagna.

Task: Make Fernando Vidal Relax With His Pet- 12hrs, $420, 100xp

Fernando Vidal:Delivery boy, where is my lasagna?
Squeaky Voice Teen:I was mugged on the way. Someone stole it.
Fernando Vidal: Then that person must die. So ends my retirement.
Squeaky Voice Teen:So you don’t want the grated cheese and pepper packets?

New Age Murdr Pt. 2
Fernando starts
Fernando Vidal:What fool would steal my lasagna? There is no food more important to me. It was the very last meal my wife made for me before she died. Died onstage. She was a terrible standup comic. To find out who stole my lasagna, I will need a disguise. Someone no one will be surprised to see hunting for food.

Task: Make Fernando Vidal Wear Convincing Disguise- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Fernando Vidal:What can you tell me about the missing lasagna?
Luigi:It was impounded by the authorities… some very hungry authorities.

New Age Murdr Pt. 3
Fernando starts

Fernando Vidal:So, my lasagna was stolen by Chief Wiggum and the police. It will take every ounce of training and experience I have to make them pay. But pay they must. My watchword will be: subtlety.

Reach Level 17 and Build Police Station
Task: Make Fernando Vidal Murder With Precision- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Wiggum: Mr. Vidal, you are under arrest!
Fernando Vidal: So stealing my lasagna was just a way to lure me into coming here. It would seem I underestimated you.
Wiggum: No, we impound every lasagna. If a criminal shows up, great. If not, better.

Here are his permanent tasks!

OK.. That was fun. And speaking of food…TIME TO START COLLECTING DONUTS!  After you finish this questline, you are able to start collecting Bonuts!

Woot Woot!

Next Prize…The International Court of Justice! 

26 responses to “Springfield Jobs Act III – Prizes – Fernando Vidal and his Villa

  1. Fernando Vidal and his Villa – best Character / Building combo Prize in this Event (yes, these are stereotyped villains, so no problem with that in this Game App from me – but we do need more Female Characters, please)👍

  2. I got him today and just as I was placing the building my app lost connection. Now it says the building is in inventory but I can’t find it…. HELP!

  3. I unlocked him and was placing the building when by connection dropped magically for 2 seconds. Now it says the building is in inventory but I can’t find it….. HELP!

  4. I just got him and his villa today which would look nice along the beach. I would of though his 24 hour task would be at the Retirement Castle since he did bust in there with guns blazing in the episode he appeared in. Question: does anyone know if he is Spanish, Mexican or Puerto Rican because I wanted to put a flag by his villa but I don’t know which flag to use.

    • I remember in the episode they say he’s Colombian

      • Ok, thanks for the response. I haven’t seen the episode in a while and I looked on a wiki which said he was Spanish and another said he was Mexican but I just wanted to be sure. Now I’m going to look for the Columbian Flag in my inventory. 😀

    • Had the same thought! The nurse’s response is one of my favorite funny scenes.

  5. Does he help with heist? I think i have two more days until i get him. Im afraid i wont be able to get Fit Tony in time and i need all the help i could get.

  6. All the goodies in Act 2 and Act 3 are still locked for me and will probably remain locked until this event ends in 8 days. Curses go out to “The Glitch”.

  7. depending on the cooking skills of squeaky voiced teen, i’m almost more scared by the lasagna

  8. Would have him by now, but got zapped with the rollback glitch…again! I was a good deal ahead in the event, and just recently got caught up (according to the event calendar). I really hope EA fixes this glitch soon!

    • Hi…I got reglitched for the umpteenth time & it locked my act 2 & 3 crafting at Pete’s Plunder or whatever it is. Wondering if that happened to you also? So frustrating!!

  9. Got him today, he’s on his 12hr and homer on his 2nd 4hr, donut time tomorrow, I think, up to 530 donuts with all the farming and xp collider, most i have had in one go, think I will save for the next event.

  10. Looking forward to getting him soon

  11. haven’t got him yet..

  12. I read the one last job last night but did not notice the 0/3 completed. D’oh!

    • Me too! 🙄

      Doing the same task “x” times really does lack imagination and it’s especially frustrating when they are “x” hours long. I’m working on another one at the moment with Milhouse.

  13. Oh – I love that convincing disguise!

  14. Make Fernando Vidal Wear Convincing Disguise was such a funny task. I would laugh everytime I saw him as “Homer.”

    Call me not so smart but how are we earning bonuts now? I’m on the last prize and I haven’t earned any.

    • Finish the questline. Which means you have to send Homer to do 1 last job 3 times. Earns the same as sending him on a heist, but you can’t send him on a heist. You have to do it through Homer’s independent task list.

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