Super Safi’s Fun Filled Footwear Forecast 2

Friends, Fans, Followers of Footwear or Foot Fetishes,

(Today’s post is sponsored by the letter “F”)

You’ve seen over 600 episodes of our favourite family! You’ve seen them walking around your Springfields! You’ve seen them on our Posts! But how much have you been paying attention?

Here’s some characters footwear. Can you recognize the character?













Which ones do you think you know? Any easy ones? Which ones are real head scratchers? Which character needs a wardrobe update? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


18 responses to “Super Safi’s Fun Filled Footwear Forecast 2

  1. A) Bart
    B) –
    C) Krusty
    D) Kearny (not sure if that’s spelled correctly)
    E) Shauna
    F) Comic Book Guy
    G) –
    H) –
    I) Patty? (Whichever twin it is that wears pink)
    J) Martin?


  2. missdblue2185

    I am supposed to be working, but I have my tablet in my lap looking at feet !?! Boy, do I have my priorities in order or what? Good one Safi.

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  3. Enda Sheehan

    H Helen lovejoy

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  4. Enda Sheehan

    A Bart
    B ned
    C krusty
    D dolph
    E shauna
    F comic book guy
    G otto
    H Mrs quimby
    I patty
    J greta

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  5. Lol I’m going to try 😆😂🤣…
    A) Bart
    B) Fat Tony (maybe😆😂🤣😉)
    C) Krusty
    D) Dolf
    E) Shauna
    J) Martin (or some girl 😆😂🤣😉)
    Lol well I tried, that’s all I could think of haha🤣

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  6. c) Krusty
    e) Shauna
    i) Patty or Salma
    h) marge
    I am sure i got everybody wrong!
    But it was fun! Thanks


  7. A) Bart
    B) Ned
    C) Krusty
    D) Dolph
    E) Shauna
    F) Comic Book Guy
    G) Otto
    H) Mrs. Muntz
    I) Patty
    J) Greta Wolfcastle
    The difficult two for me were B and H because there are a few characters that have the black shoes and grey trousers and I don’t know which character stands like H so I chose Mrs. Muntz.

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  8. OK, challenge accepted!
    A) Bart
    B) Flanders

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    • (and accidentally posted before I was finished…)
      C) Krusty
      D) Dolph
      E) Shauna
      F) CBG
      G) Otto
      H) Ms. Krabapple
      I) Patty or Selma, never can remember which is which…
      J) Greta

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      • Nice try. 7.5/10 (0.5 for Patty or Selma)


        • Hmm, interesting… H is definitely wrong (Ms Krabapple wears green shoes), but the others I feel pretty confident about – no idea what the other wrong one is. Might be B because the men’s feet are generally not that distinctive, but Ned is one of the few wearing grey trousers. Maybe it’s one of the lawyers? Copyright / Blue Haired? This is driving me nuts…

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  9. Giggles! 😂
    That was so much fun… thanks sooper Safi 😙

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