Time is Up on Springfield Jobs & Something New is on the Way….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time has expired on the Springfield Jobs!  Yes, the plug was pulled officially at 10am ET (about 20 minutes ago).  No extending this one!

Already longing for something to do in TSTO?  Have no fear…another update is on the way! Yes, the next mini event has hit the files (but it is NOT live in the game yet….so don’t ask me where it is, it’s not here yet).  This one will run for 2 weeks…ends May 23rd…so it’ll give you fun stuff to do while we wait for the next big event to hit TSTO.

Curious about what’s in the mini event?  Here’s a clue…

Thoughts?  Questions? Comments? Concerns? Share em below, while we all await the next update!



86 responses to “Time is Up on Springfield Jobs & Something New is on the Way….

  1. Someone probably mentioned it here somewhere, but I JUST discovered it today… on the 3 buildings from he last Crime Event, if you tap building, it has a pop up that show finale collections.. click go to and you can play act 1, 2 and 3 scenes again. Thought that was a cute add on.


  2. We can store items in groups now! That should be helpful to anyone doing a redesign without nuking.


  3. is there a way to move multiple items without picking up roads and pavement?


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