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Friday Filler – When EA Bores You- A Master Class in 3-D

I guess if you saw the last Addicts Live, you realize that I am not a fan of this last Act.  If there was ever an argument for shorter, 2-Act events, this…is…it.

There was such a lack of continuity in this final mix-mash of content, that I kept looking up from my padular device to scream, “where ARE we????”  This of course alarmed my wife to no end, as I am approaching the age where someone who may be showing signs of CTE from too much football and rugby, may very well forget where he was occasionally.

“You don’t get it! They are giving us stuff from the Caribbean, and then a couple of casinos that aren’t part of the other casinos which might be in Miami, or Cuba…and then we go to the Hague!!!  THE HAGUE!!!! They never really went to the Hague!! And then there is a skinny version of a fat guy who ISN’T the fat guy...it’s all so confusing!!

By this time, my wife as banished me to the adult version of “time out,” which is going into the living room, and leaving my padular device on the table, while she checks the browser history.

So…yes…now I am bored. I have once again finished the event with LOADS of time to spare…and have earned a ton of bonuts…without anything I really want to spend them on from this event.

So…what to do…what to do?  Maybe create something out of nothing?? Create something WAY cooler than anything EA is giving us this event…out of a bunch of clutter from other events?  BOOM! Let’s Go 3-D-ing!

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Springfield Jobs Act III- Prize Guide – International Court of Justice

OK…we are finally getting past the half-way, and more-than-half-way point in this excruciatingly long event. I am hoping that by the time you are reading this, you are long past this point in the game, and are collecting as many Bonuts as you can grab. It’s the only real reward for events that are this long.

So. Long. So. Very. Very. Long!

But, as has become the norm with the updates these days…EA is giving us a ton of Free Clutter. And, Act III is no exception.

The 6th Prize is the International Court of Justice, which I have to say, is about as random as random can be.  Most of this act is focused on tropical climates and casinos in sun-drenched areas of the world…and the International Court of Justice is…well…NOT.

But it is a prize…and you want to know the details…right?
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