Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) Prize Breakdown: Springfield Scale Model

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As 2018 rolls on through so do the mini-events.  We’re now into our third mini-event of the year and this time around it’s a revival of the classic, Who Shot Mr. Burns?  Yes, we’re tackling the never before seen Part 3 of the Simpsons classic.  With a few interesting (read that as weird) twists and turns along the way.  Of course, as we’ve said over the last few years, mini-events have become low stress “events” so you can enjoy some relaxing downtime in TSTO, but still have something to keep you tapping every so often.

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) questline, you’ll have to earn  via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of the second prize, the Springfield Scale Model.  What it does and how you unlock it…

The second prize unlocked during the Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) Mini Event is the Springfield Scale Model:

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) Pt. 2
Make Skinner Buy Computers for the School- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Make Skinner Buy Gloves to Cover His Finger Scars- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Mine Burnscoins- x400.

Once you’ve completed that task you’ll automatically be awarded the model and you’ll have the choice to store it in your inventory or place it immediately in your Springfield (choose to place it, you’ll need it for the event)…

And here are the basic facts on the model…

Size: 6×5 and low to the ground.
Earns: Nothing.  Just a decoration
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Can be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach
What Does It Do: Nothing really.  At least not until you unlock the next prize.  Otherwise it just sits really low to the ground (and is really hard to see) and does a whole lotta nothing in your town.

And that completes the details of the second Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) prize!

What are your thoughts on the Springfield Scale Model? Will you be using it in your Springfield or storing it once the event is over?  If you have placed it, where have you placed it in town? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

47 responses to “Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) Prize Breakdown: Springfield Scale Model

  1. Springfield Scale Model

    It was funny for a hot minute …. and then it got stored (ouch! I thought that Mini-Event from years past with the burning Olympic Torch parody was bad, but I think EA just topped that – queue waah waah waah sound) ☹️

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    I wish that it either had a bonus %, was a little bit more visual, or even had some form of task attached to it (can’t really think of one that would fit). Right now it sits in my playground/park area. It might end up in storage, or stay there, I haven’t decided yet.

  3. Waiting for the game today, I was staring at the default Splash Screen, and I wondered why the Main Street of Springfield is covered in grass?

  4. Just discovered that L.T. Smash will activate the Laser Tag building with his 1hr task – Shop for Doomsday Supplies. Lasers and lights flash inside and Lasers come out of Abe’s eyes…good fun!

  5. Is anyone else still having tremendous lag issues? Do we know if anything is planned to fix this? I have lost menu access, I cannot move in my town and the event is slowly passing me by. Any thoughts?

    • Completely close down your device to clear cache…it helps a little. This is clearly a programming issue- that showed up when they added the ability to store roads and rivers. But, the actually issue is device memory brought about by bad code. Hope they fix it.

  6. I know this is a comment

  7. Not sure if I missed it. I couldn’t find it the SIB on foreign cops and robber bundle. I wonder whether they are full characters or not. sorry for the offtopic.

    • NPCs, I won’t be doing a SIB on them.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      They are NPC, both of them.
      Unless y’all are donut rich or completionist or just hanker to have ge goofy criminal in your town…..
      OTOH, if you buy them, what happen NEXT Event when we have these guys?

  8. Honestly….these mini event prizes make me happier than the 12 year long event prizes☺

  9. I really like this little prize…It does actually have an animation when you tap on it, the little sun blocker comes out for a few seconds. I expanded the iron fence around Mr. Burn’s summer mansion (where he is also keeping his money pile and the statue of justice he bought in the Monorail Episode) to put the model in that area.

  10. It has a fun animation when tapped!

  11. This prize was “meh” 👎👎

  12. Prefer this site over reddit! so yeah I made an account specifcally for some tsto addicts >:)

  13. It is really tiny! 😂

  14. Due to my personal worries, I don’t have the spiri anymore t to play the game anymore.
    Cranky is so right!

    • Awwww. Booooo😞 Come on…..chin up😉

    • Sorry you’re feeling blue…you have made me chuckle so many times, would hate for you to disappear. Maybe just take a break, and re-charge? I know there’s nothing I can do, but please know that you have friends here…and we hope you feel better soon💋💋👍.

    • Rudy…The game, life and this blog are not the same. Know that no matter where the game goes…how good or bad an update may be…this community is a safe place. We are all friends…we give each other a razzing now and then…but in the end, the familiar voices and screen names and posts are more like family than a commercial enterprise.

      Take a break from tapping if you need it…but know that you are always welcome here, and we care about you.

      • Thank you Cranky for these kind words.
        I have returned to my former church and was welcomed by all of that community. Had a good talk with one of the elders of the church. It felt like a warm bath.

        • Well said Patric I Try to read all comments and it’s nice reading them from the people that post on here often yes they seam to be part of our life. I try not to say a lot on here but look forward to reading what the regulars have to say and I really thank this site for all there hard work they do for all of us. Reading this blog give me a lot of joy. Yes rudolphovanwijk we would miss you if you leave. To everyone that post comments thank you for being there for us that don’t have to many people in real life that talks to us.

    • You dont know me nearly as well as the others here, but we’re all here for you

    • I really hope you’ll feel better soon. Like everyone else said – we would miss your contribution to this community. We’ll happily listen to your worries, and offer comfort to get you through this rough patch. But if you really think you can’t stay, at least take my best wishes for your future with you.

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